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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 11, 2011

11:15 am || Holds a news conference about rising energy prices among other issues
2:50 pm || honor the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks in a ceremony

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10 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, March 11, 2011

  1. I just wanted to add (sorta off topic) that I have been watching the live feeds out of Japan. Skye News had a link to local Japanese coverage; the US Seventh Fleet was discussed (briefly) and a photo of our Dear Leader was on scree. It was an awful, scowling, glaring still image of Duh Won…and the caption was: American president. (Lower case ‘p’).

    It just struck me as an honest interpretation of the feeling a lot of the rest of the world has.

    Prayers up for our ally, Japan.

      • What I got out of all the reports about the “start of his day” way that he had been awoken at 4 am. Like oooooo, he is so on top of things. What a joke. What time does he usually get up? Here’s to the many people who do their JOBS at 4 am without needing the props.

    • Although I am shocked at the loss of life in Japan … it could not have happened to a better nation.

      For nearly 15 years Japan *raped* China and most of Southeast Asia … and have never paid for the holocaust they created based upon the Bushido Code.

      As I watched the waves was over that nation … all I could think was: payback.

      I have absolutely *no* love for this country, its philosophies, its people, institutions or anything else. If China were to invade tomorrow and sack Tokyo – more power to ’em.

      Think of what the Japanese did to our servicemen during the Second World War. I have heard THE most gruesome stories from my grandfather.

  2. Barry, take it easy. We don’t want you to exhaust yourself by overworking.

    Geesh! My 7-year-old niece has a more productive day than the clown in chief.