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Obama Poll || Government Should Fight Childhood Obesity

A new poll out by the Pew Research Center suggests public backing for Michelle Obama’s crusade to reduce the circumference of kids’ wastelines.

According to the survey, 57 percent of Americans back a “significant” government role in the matter, while 39 percent oppose. The inclusion of “significant” in the question seems to suggest support beyond a moral leadership role for Mrs. Obama and in favor of direct regulation and lawmaking. Mrs. Obama is taking both approaches.

But whether the first lady’s crusade will help her husband much politically is unclear, since groups that already like him tend to agree on a government intervention to mitigate childhood obesity. The survey breaks out among expected partisan lines, with Republicans opposing and Democrats supporting. Blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly want the government involved, while whites are equally divided.

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12 Responses to Obama Poll || Government Should Fight Childhood Obesity

  1. Mrs. Obama you want to fight obesity?

    Ok, I would like you to step forward in SHORTS and a T-SHIRT on the front lawn of the White House, have your WEIGHT, BODYFAT and LEAN BODY MUSCLE composition taken, recorded and broadcast to the nation. Have the White House Personal Trainer take calipers to your muffin tops — on live t.v. — and then numbers crunched to show YOUR BODYFAT. Until she and her husband are willing to BARE ALL for this nation (which has put up with so much of their bullshit) Americans should push back and tell the Worst Couple to shove it, stop interfering in our lives and have a National Fast Food Day to oppose this PR bullshit.

  2. I am still for filling the bellies of kids who don’t get enough food and say things like, “Well, you sleep ahout five minutes, then you wake up…”

  3. Not being sarcastic, but has a first lady ever being so politically polarizing as Michelle Obama? Has a first lady ever been so involved in passing legislature as Michelle Obama?

    If this is a new trend, then it is one that John Q. Public needs to consider when voting for a president, his wife will also pass her agendas as well.

  4. Ok……let me get this straight….We have more oil in the US than the Middle East …..and gas prices are getting so outrageous to the point where the people that work will not be able to afford going to work…..and there are 14 million people out of work right now and probably more than that because I am sure that is just an estimate…
    And we have a first lady (mrs. Obama) that is campaigning for Childhood Obesity? Are you serious? NO…..I mean really! Are you serious? The reason children are obese is because the families cannot afford to buy good nourishing food because there are no jobs! And because the greedy corporate executives want to give all the jobs to foreigners because it is cheaper and they can make more money?
    We have people who are losing their homes and cant feed their families ….and the first lady wants to pour millions of dollars into Child Obesity? Mrs. Obama, did it ever occur to you that childhood obesity is the least of our problems right now?

  5. I hate to point this out, but Mrs O ranked highest in a poll I saw on people the pubic had “warmth” for (hubs was fourth). I wonder if that’s I love you fuzzy warmth or I am so mad I could scream warmth.

  6. The one who needs to seriously diet is THE GOVERNMENT – starting with with the $$OOOBamas!! Cut all the fat in the administration first!! This is just another example of Watch Their Other Hand while this hand waves the obesity flag in our faces!

  7. The poll sounds too vague to be of much use. A significant role could be what people think they see when the CDC puts out an ad campaign. Anwerers are probably not thinking about having their food portions restricted at restaurants.

    How about fewer free lunches at school (drop all the kids who throw away food — they are obviously NOT hungry) and the reinstitution of daily gym classes? Maybe “kdis” who are too tired from running will not be knifing each other.

  8. The image of “children” as asked in the pollster’s question is of a elementary school child, but in reality there are very few obese children under the age of 10. The chubbies show up during the teen-age years when the child is able to purchase their own meals or snacks. None of the obese children got fat while eating the school lunch in the cafeteria.

    The legislation that MrsO shoved down the throats of the taxpayers is not about obese children at all; it’s about the SEIU and their ability to promote union membership of the cafeteria workers who will go from part-time workers to 40hour weeks. The legislation takes money from the food stamp program that feeds 40million Americans a day and gives it to the schools to revamp their menus to the satisfaction of a psuedo-nutritionist.