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Michelle Obama Sports a $1,000 Handbag

Well heavens!

Mrs. Obama was gaining a lot of traction as the fashion icon for the everywoman when all of a sudden she  stepped out of the Michellemobile – reportedly Monday – grasping a $1,000 tote bag.

Take a look-see!

Michelle Reed Krakoff tote

Yeah baaaaby!

It’s a Reed Krakoff two-tone ribboned large tote, and you can get it at Mr. Krakoff’s website for $990, plus shipping I guess. But we don’t worry about shipping. Fedex it, in fact.

No wait a second, you can’t get it, because it’s already sold out, at least in the teal color she got.

Love it with the blue slippers, BTW. It just WORKS, okay?

I don’t know, go ahead Mrs. Obama, tote around anything you want. If you’ve got the spare cash, be my guest. C’mon now, what’s she supposed to walk around with, a plastic shopping bag from the Giant?

Just, please – please please please please please – don’t put on any more cheapskate clothes and allow press coverage anointing you the Fashionista of Affordability.

A year ago Mrs. Obama appeared on the Today show in a $35 dress. You would have thought she eliminated poverty in Bombay.

Rina Raphael, writing for the Today Show, was barely able to control herself.

Just how approachable is the first lady’s style? Michelle Obama once again made her mark as ambassador for affordable fashion when she appeared Wednesday on TODAY in a $34.95 H&M polka-dot frock from the Swedish clothing company’s current collection.

Known for her fun, casual style, Michelle accessorized her dress with a red leather belt and bright yellow shoes — an ensemble that had fashionistas and fans alike praising her coordination. When questioned by TODAY’s Matt Lauer about  being called a fashion icon, the first lady responded that while’s she complimented, it’s not something she prefers to give too much attention to.

“Everybody’s got to get dressed in the morning and put on something,” she said. “I hope people find it nice, but it’s not something I focus on.”

The first lady made waves in the past by choosing outfits from popular retail companies. In 2008,  she wore a $148 black-and-white, high-waisted print dress designed by Ricco — sold at White House, Black Market — on “The View.”

Yeah, you know, because you gotta throw something on in the morning. Everyone has to get dressed, right?

A big Reed Krakoff thank you to White House Dossier reader Granny Jan, who first alerted me to this and who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

And for those who can’t afford such a bag during these times – or other times – you can Do the Hopey Copey.

And how about a nice White House Dossier bag for $970 less? Guaranteed to hold your stuff equally as well.

594 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Sports a $1,000 Handbag”

  1. The O’s are not all that rich, and that poses a problem. Either she is accepting improper gifts, or she is not paying retail, in which case, she is required to pay tax on the part for which she didn’t pay full price. { sorry for poor sentence construction,but it’s kind of hard to describe these silly ‘laws.] Oth, maybe they are planning to leave the WH dead broke, to devote themselves to community service on a beach in Hawaii.
    The last, and most realistic assumption, is that as a brilliant lawyer with a ‘surrendered’ license, she has concluded that laws are made to be broken. After all, that conclusion has worked out really well so far.

    1. p.s…. Why would they take a 15 car motorcade to a parent teacher conference, making thousands of commuters late for work ?
      Surely the teacher would go to the WH, if asked..
      It’s all about looking ‘real’ isn’t it ? The photo ops are good too..Their idea of ‘real’ must apply to an alternate universe., it sure isn’t real in the one the rest of us occupy.

      1. Probably for the same reason I had to wait in DC traffic in 1986 while the President went to the airpprt. It’s for security reasons and ithappens with all presidents. BFD…it happens.

        1. I agree it happens, but my point was in this case, the teacher could have gone to the WH. I think they are whores for the photo ops. Mo is in campaign mode, first time I ‘ve seen her smile at a Secret Service agent.

          1. You just made the poster’s point. The PRESIDENT was going to the AIRPORT. I’m guessing to conduct the county’s business.

            The First Lady went to a PTA meeting.

            See any difference any difference?
            If not let me help you again.
            Example: The PRESIDENT goes to take care of a national crisis.
            The First Lady goes to lunch. Does that help?

      2. The same reason she preaches local, local, local. That’s why they have a personal trainer flying from Chicago to the WH for workouts every week… much greenhouse gases are polluting due to the fact they don’t have a local trainer in D.C. like she preaches, “Local, local, local, because it helps your community.” Right, it’s good for us but not for her. Do as I say, not as I do.

    2. Like her husband and the rest of the lawyer elite in this country, Mrs. Obama’s “surrendered license” is of no interest to the liberal MSM, as is Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers or Obama’s love affair with Marxism. There is absolutely *not* story here.

    3. Not rich? Well maybe not Trump rich, but last year the Obama’s tax return showed earnings in the millions of dollars, I want to say around $5 Million. Not bad for a job that only pays a 6 figure income.

      1. dear stop…His net worth, before taxes, is estimated to be around 5 million, the last I heard. Considering today’s interest rates, it is impossible for him to support their lifestyles on interest from that amount of money, including his salary.
        There’s still the mansion in Chicago to support, private school, astronomical vacations, etc, income taxes, etc.
        Even Michelle told Oprah that their accountant told them they were ‘spending too much.’ Although that may have been a hint to Oprah to go buy a few thousand more of his books, Soros will help too. I apologize if I sounded like a dilletante, but do the math yourself. Either something funny is going on or they are going broke. I suspect the former.

    4. They are not rich????? He sold millions of books that explain nothing about his life and she was a six figure executive at a hospital.

      1. A six figure salary for a job that was given to her by Valerie Jarrett. Sound familiar? Michelle Obama’s job was so important, they haven’t even filled it after Michelle O left it. Does Valerie Jarrett sound familiar? It should. She’s Obama’s “right hand woman”. His go to girl for handling everything from soup to nuts.

        1. Valerie Jarrett’s monotone speech is absolutely dreadful. I’m thinking it’s a scheme to speak like this so people will tune her out, thus assuming she knows what she’s talking about. Truth is, she is a dim wit.

      2. Not rich in today’s terms. Didn’t take Clinton long to amass a net worth
        (reportedly) over $100mm. Free jet rides, etc.are also available from paybacks when in office. Yes, to MO’s hypocrisy of dress/diet. Hospital jobs were pretty much no-show gimmee’s for Chicago pols on the way up. Much like Hillary’s move up the Rose law firm as Bill rose to Atty Gen, then Gov. I suspect the same for Bush Jr’s becoming Prez of a baseball team. It’s easy to start at the bottom when the top isn’t that far away. Pres. Reagan was paid $1MM for one speech to the Japanese, post term of office. Lots of examples of the old “it’s who you know” concept of wealth.

    5. Duhhh…. This is normal bourgeoisie Socialist Progressive behavior. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

      Socialism is for the ‘proletariat’, the ‘people’, the ‘working class’, not for the Socialist.

      1. Sophie, are you kidding???
        I just wish that she didn’t so frequently look so frumpy while being lauded for her outstanding sense of fashion.

    6. Don’t be a dope Sophie. $1,000 for a large handbag isn’t particularly out of line. I know college girls toting Louis Vuitton worth three times that. Come to think of it, my secretary who makes $65k a year has a LV bag too. Get over yourself, this is nothing to warrant criticizing her over.

      1. Mr. Lawyer, My husband is a retired corporate attorney, thanks to Stanford Law, and the generosity of the Marine Corps, he doesn’t know I’m a dope, let’s keep it our little secret, I fooled Fordham , too. But those Jesuits are such suckers for a pretty face.

      2. Well, your Secretary is overpaid. If you need to spend that much money to make a statement, then you have nothing to say. Your probably a Civil Attorney? They are like leeches sucking the green blood out of small business people and governments. Have you no shame.

      3. Hey lawyer, Maybe you should give your secretary a raise so she can buy a Chanel! Listen to yourself. Isn’t it just like a lawyer to put your underling in the underclass. You know nothing about her. She may have family money that you know nothing about. Get your nose out of the air and stop assuming what she can and cannot afford. I should know. I am a proud ex-paralegal.

        1. I doubt if you’d want to work for him. Your $65K would probably be
          a small part of the OT you’d put in helping him/her make many times that…and, of course, it all comes from clients. “It’s not whether you’re guilty or innocent, it’s if you can pay the fee.”….the unwritten part of the Hippocratic Oath.

    7. Well, he makes $500K a year as president, plus at least hundreds of thousands a year for the books he didn’t write….that can pass for rich, or at least, very well off.

    8. Another group of drudgeheads freaking out over nothing. Find me any first lady in the past 20 years, I can guarantee you all of them have bags that are over $1,000. Most have shoes over $500. Get over it. You guys are so stuck on politicians, it is almost as if you haven’t figured out they hold NO power in America.

      1. Yeah, I know more about Sarah Palin’s outfits, how much they cost, where she bought them, what size she wears and who she donated them to than I know about our sitting President who was never vetted. Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw, nimrods, sitting across from each other asking each other, “we don’t know anything about this President, do we?” Brokaw, “No, we don’t.” They are both in the journalistic field, yet they were reporting they didn’t know anything about Obama. I could do a report on Obama and give more insight than that. It’s a shame Obama doesn’t wear dresses because we’d know everything about him then, wouldn’t we? LOL

      2. I agree, but how many of said first ladies were married to a President that was playing a game of class warfare? Demonize the rich, just don’t forget your $1000 dollar hand bag. I bet you were one of the people all up in arms over how much Sarah Palin paid for her clothes during the campaign, huh?

      3. That may be true, but this is the first wife of a president to go around preaching to us about sacrificing. And I can assure you Roslyn Carter did not have a $1,000.00 bag. Or even $500, adjusting for inflation.

      4. Of course, the pols have no power in America. They don’t have the power to spend us into bankruptcy; they don’t have the power to force you to buy their insurance; they don’t have the power to penalize small private businesses or any business for not offering their employees – who choose to work there – healthcare or for offering “cadillac” plans or for having any plan that does not match THEIR standards (for us); they certainly don’t have the power to buy private businesses and fire their CEOs. NO – pols don’t have any power at all!

        As for the secretary sporting a LV bag – I would venture to say she has not gone on national broadcast media saying “others will have to give up their share of the pie” or “tighten their belts” (and we know what a big fan MO is of belts!) and your secretary earns her OWN money, not OURS.

    9. The O’s ARE that rich. He made something like 5 mil last year or the year before. Don’t forget all the books he’s “written”.

  2. Why does this woman not understand color? You do not have to match your outfit with your shoes and bags, BUT, they need to at least have a tone that compliments each other. I can’t tell you how many fails she has had with choosing the wrong shoe for the outfit.

    Those shoes with that bag and outfit = FAIL! Of course, Huffpo readers will undoubtedly find this to be stylish.

    1. The storyline that Michelle has any fashion sense at all is hysterical! Those shoes with that bag is a monumental mistake! This continued adoration exposes the media for the brown-nosed lapdogs that they are.

  3. I bet she’s forgotten that back in February 2009, outrage in the Obamas’ community exploded after a young boy covered by Medicaid was turned away from the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dontae Adams’ mother, Angela, had sought emergency treatment for him after a pit bull tore off his upper lip. Mrs. Obama’s hospital gave the boy a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and Tylenol and shoved him out the door. The mother and son took an hour-long bus ride to another hospital for surgery. She subsequently tripled her salary for savings like these. Now you can see why teapartiers don’t trust Obama on his (Give me power I care for you little people). Obamacare

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

    Hey guys if you fought at Iwo or the Chosen
    when they stop giving your wife her meds and her last breath comes over her face
    you’ll find comfort knowing Nancy’d gladly take her place.

    1. When Mrs. O was working for the hospital at 100,000 per year, the hospital got a 1 million dollar grant from the federal government. Her salary was immediately raised to 300,000. That was shortly after her husband became a US Senator. Does the word “bribery” mean anything to you. The Bar was investigating her for improprieties but she surrendered her license to practice law at the last minute so they could not disbar her. Nobody gives up their law license they worked 8 years to achieve unless they are about to be disbarred. It’s interesting that when she became FLOTUS and left the hospital job, the hospital didn’t replace her as Director of Diversity because it was a made up job that didn’t need to be done. Also remember that they have spent about 2 million dollars to hide all of Barack’s records so they do have a lot of disposable income.

  4. While Americans are having to do without ( Remember Queen Wilhemina in 1942! ) FLOTUS flaunts faux fashion. I wonder if this handbag was purchased by Mrs. Obama, given to her as a gift or purchased off the backs of American taxpayers. This is the splash across the papers the White House wants, as Obama will begin hitting up his Hollywood donors for big bucks for 2012; the First Lady must pave the way with a fashion shock and awe campaign that all the magazines will use to sell in the check out line … interestingly, while Americans are following the President’s suggestion that we do without and cut back.

    1. With all the assistants she has, and she still looks pathetic in public?? What’s the deal, how can anyone put the colors together like she does? Oh and there are the jean shorts and sneakers? Just NO CLASS, and she is too stupid to know it!!

      1. Actually, she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Just like Obama doesn’t give a damn about his place in American history, but he is seeking his place on the “global” stage for his global history. That’s why he is not listening to the voters after the last elections, because he really doesn’t care. And Americans can’t fathom that. How could an American president not love his country? We have a President who wants to represent the world that he loves, and stick it to America, whom he for all intents and purposes hates. It’s a first on all counts for Americans.

  5. HOPE (we can get expensive goodies and throw massive celebrity parties) AND CHANGE (in a terrible way, which is okay as long as we get all the expensive goodies we hope for).

  6. The lumbering michelle has NO charm, grace, likability or style. She ALWAYS looks like she was thrown together from a rag bag. What a disgrace to the White House. She needs to take her militant attitude and booby belt back to Chi town.

    1. She does always look like trash, (and a “rag bag”, but to compare her to them is an insult to the trash and the rag bag!!

  7. It seems that the Obama’s are taking advantage of every perk and bling opportunity available to them. While the rest of the country is counting pennies, they are spending like there is no second term… LOL
    Now that I think about it, that’s probably the case.

  8. I don’t mind the “shoe” accent with that rumply outfit–but the bag isn’t anything special. Pinstripe-yawn. Most importantly–one day without a cardigan and baby doll deal going on.

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  10. Sophie: Define “not all that rich.” I don’t think $1000 for a bag when your living on their salary without any other real expenses would be hard. No food, housing, transportation, schooling, utility costs. Give me that kind of poor and I’ll stop playing the lottery.

    1. Mike, I’ll try again. People tend to confuse net worth [after tax money, with income} including those who report these things. And there is still a mansion in Chicago to pay for, including taxes, although they may have an angel taking care of that. Hell, for all I know maybe Oprah or Soros are paying the kid’s tuition as well and the fancy vacations. Yet they are not supposed to accept ‘gifts’ of this magnitude.
      They do have to contribute something to their household expenses in the WH, as do all presidents.
      I did not say they were not well off, but the interest on 5 mil is not enough to support all this luxe living..
      It isn’t as if it was just one bag, in an average week, Mo wears tens of thousands in shoes, clothing, and jewels, many of which are seldom seen again
      I really wouldn’t care, except for the fact that voters are suffering greatly and it just looks bad.. Secondly, I suspect there is a lot ‘funny’ about their finances.
      Many of us know folks with as much, or more money that the O’s, I do too, and I have never seen this level of spending in that tax bracket.
      I didn’t mean to sound snotty, I fear my earlier remarks have ben misunderstood..

    2. They pay for all their groceries, monthly, and they pay a room rate for grandma, also monthly. They also pay the tuition at the school their daughters attend. They are supposed to pay for all their own clothes too, but she is probably accepting gifts and huge discounts from designers. That is illegal, by the way. They get around paying for their parties by inviting a couple of members of Congress to the party, making it “official”. Official functions are paid for by the taxpayer.

    1. Yeah, but she’s not telling everyone to “sacrifice” while turning around and spending OUR TAX PAYER MONEY. What a hypocrite. Its like when she lectures us on how to “eat healthy”, then she goes on vacation and eats everything under the sun. LET THEM EAT CAKE!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!1

      1. Remember how they went after her because McCain’s campaign spent thousands of dollars for her and her family’s wardrobe (which she didn’t even ask for, if I remember what she wrote in her book correctly). The media acted like she went on some crazy shopping spree using campaign money.

    1. dewayne, please see above..Do you know how much actual money, at today’s interest rates they would have to have to have 5 mil. in Income ?
      I believe their net worth Is in the millions, but not their income..Two different things entirely.

    1. I really like your handle.My uncle used to call me that when I was kid. I’m 70 years old today. He was quite a character and I loved him very much. Anyway, I hadn’t heard that name in a long time!

    1. Why does anyone believe anything that pig or his b!tch have to say? They do EXACTLY the opposite of everything they say and dictate to us to do. All lying bastards from hell. Send them all back there, and their cronies with them.

  11. Either she’s color blind or fashion challenged. Bright blue pumps with a teal bag and charcoal grey suit. Did she get dressed in the dark? BTW: The hand bag looks more like a “green” shopping bag…sheesh..what an eyesore she is.

    1. Why is it when you try to say anything against Obama bunch you are a racist. Time to quite playing this damn racism card and political correct bulls—

      1. Remember if it’s about him your 50% percent racist and with her it’s only 60% because she claims to be 40% White. What do you call that?

        Got to go, the Jefferson’s music just came on the TV.

      2. Liberals are the race baiters and liars. Every time they can’t defend or debate an issue they pull out the lame race card excuse to hide behind.

        The comments have nothing to do with color, it has to do with the Obama’s hatred of America and Christian values.

        They love to hate and disrespect America so for those throwing out the race card its not working for you.

        As for a Christian not saying such things we are now like Daniel in the Lion’s den. Obama is destroying our Christian nation and trying to force Sharia Law.

        He said when he was campaigning he was a Christian, now he says he is a Muslim. How does any of this have anything to do with race other than the liberal evil filth in this country using the race card in desperation to cover for the illegal communist marxist muslim usurper who should be unseated. He is not eligible to be President and knows it by spending millions to seal his records.

        All other Presidents have produced their Birth Certificate and other required documents to be POTUS. Obama has refused to do so and therefore is guilty as charged.

        We have an dangerous illegal foreign usurper hanging out in our White House, while Liberals distract with the race card.

        The Liberal Agenda must be at the end of desperation since the race card is being played so often.

        It does not matter if O is pink or purple. He is illegal period.

        Wake up America.

  12. Obama’s have been portrayed to the public as just regular little people. They know what its like to be poor and they are doing everything for the lowly peasants across the Country. Remember they are just regular folks. Hmm. My house is valued at 160,000 and their house is valued more than a million and a half dollars. They are just regular folks, what a load of S%&# ! Reminds me of those bumper stickers “Democrats, they care about people” Really? I don’t think any politician gives a s&%$ or knows remembers what it is like to work every day and try to make ends meet for your family (if they ever did.)

  13. Sorry, but that is one UGLY saddlebag. I am guessing when you get in a position of ‘power’ your common sense and ‘taste take a nose dive.
    I equate this show of ‘style’ to the video tape of Lohan’s ‘attire’ during her last burglary job. People in the news are absolutely TASTELESS….

    1. Trite comment…boring. Come up w/something new.

      I, too, agree, by the way, that Sarah Palin would be ripped for carrying a handbag that costs $1000. My guess is a designer gifted that to her. (What is the maximum am’t she is permitted to take in individual gifts as FLOTUS?

  14. more interesting than the $1000 bag is all the work done on her heavy thighs. certainly not weight loss. I wonder how much she paid to have thigh suction and who paid for it.
    PS to the comment Obamas not rich. THEY ARE MILLIONAIRES and on way to become billionaires. Probably stealing the country’s money.
    as the welfare list grows

    1. I think she had a lipo appt in Hawaii, that’s why she had to leave early, on our dime, or course.
      Did you see her being helped off AF 1 by Malia, upon their return?
      She looked like someone with gastritis getting off from coach after a flight to Russia….

    1. Michael Moore: “I have seen this photo and realize now, based upon a report by Democracy Now! that this picture has been photo shopped. The First Lady was carrying a plastic bag with the words “K MART” on it. It is time for America to say enough! It is time … What? My stretch is here? Power to the people!”

  15. I spent 5 hours today, looking for a job. Unemployed for 6 months now. Ive lost my, Im living on my savings account and Im considering a customer sales position at Taco Bell.

    Im glad “Moochey” can stay well dressed while the country slowly starves

  16. This south side Chicago black thinks she’s some kind of Queen. Between lobster lunches, $5,000 a day resort suites and the private airplane use, all of which we pay for, charges need to be brought. It just goes to show you can dress em up but you can never take em out.

  17. Apparently the previous reports of her lack of taste and discretion did not reach her ears. During troubled economic times Mrs. Obama continues to exhibit an appalling lack of tact, taste and good judgement with her extravagance in shoes, clothing, accessories and travels. At least the gigantic bag makes her derrière look smaller.

    1. You can take the pig out of a pigpen, but never the pigpen out of the pig. What do you want with Kenyan minority pigs (antichrist) in the Oval Office spending like kids with an endless trust account at their disposal (our tax dollars)? HYPOCRITE doesn’t even touch the true meaning of what these illegal alien Nobamas are doing. God please deliver us from evil!

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