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White House Takes to Facebook to Stop Bullying

The White House has established a Facebook page and a website for the new anti-bullying campaign President & Mrs. Obama are launching with a White House conference tomorrow.

The Facebook page includes a video from our First Couple talking about their effort. Michelle seems like maybe she’s not having a great day.

But their campaign against bullying is a good idea and the type of thing where leadership from our head of state and especially Mrs. Obama can make a real difference in terms of highlighting the problem so that it’s taken seriously.

Who among us hasn’t been bullied? Even bullies get bullied. It’s really traumatic for kids.

The concern here is that, as with Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity program – about which I was initially enthusiastic – this bullying operation will turn, under the supervision of the Obamas, into a new item in the federal budget that will vacuum up ever increasing amount so money to live and grow, and that new regulations will inevitably be on the way to govern our kids’ behavior.

7 Responses to White House Takes to Facebook to Stop Bullying

  1. Wow, an anti-bullying campaign from the guy who coined the phrase “I Won” … and who forced thru ObamaCare by threatening members of his own party … really ? Are we just suposed to ignore his past behavior and words ? What does “get in their faces” mean if not bullying ?

    If the MSM weren’t so in his pocket he couldn’t win a county supervisor election …

    The country has taken the measure of Presentdent Obama and a large percentage of them have decided he is in fact a liar … you can spin alot of things but getting rid of a liar label can’t be done with words …

    He could promise the moon in 2008 and since we had nothing to measure his words against too many people took him at his word … we will have 3 years of words and deeds to measure against in 2012 and nothing Presentdent Obama has done or is proposing to do will help remove the liar label … plus 8+% unemployment and $4+ gas will doom him, fancy speeches and all …

  2. How about a campaign about our wallets getting BULLIED by high gas prices Mr. President. I have a good idea – start a Facebook page called DRILL BABY DRILL.

  3. Keith,

    Good point. I was initially on board LETS MOVE as well, in fact a number of Personal Trainers, Coaches and Therapists were ready to support her … until we realized that this program would be another over-the-top, government-run abortion and never see the light of day.

    I talked with a PE Coach in Oklahoma yesterday and he said that LETS MOVE has sent out packets to schools (thats it), that is the same U.S. Government issued “mandated nutrition information” it sends all school districts that participate … essentially more of your taxdollars spent on xeroxing and mailing fees (take a 500-page booklet x 10,000 school districts) for a program that is top-heavy on PR but with no discernable way to judge whether the program will (ever) be truly effective. How will LETS MOVE be adjudicated? What is the testing process? Will BMI’s be mandated in all districts? Which government agency will number crunch waist, weight and bodyfat composition?

    Even though the First Lady means well (I truly beleive she does), she is part of the problem, as she saddles our representative government down with yet ANOTHER program that will go absolutely nowhere.