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Obama to Make Personnel Announcement

He’ll appear at the White House at 10:50 am. It looks like this will be the announcement that Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will be the new ambassador to China. He replaces John Huntsman, who has quit, likely to run for president against President Obama.

Perhaps a new Commerce Secretary too.

UPDATE: Locke was indeed nominated. No word on his successor and Commerce.

4 Responses to Obama to Make Personnel Announcement

    • There are some heavy hitters in that photo.
      The Prez would have looked more engaged if he were sitting on the couches facing his advisors.
      Thousands of words in that photo.

      • Good points all.

        SRDEM makes a great point about the President FACING his advisors; there are some great photos of LBJ and Clinton doing this and the photos are striking – they have a “in the trenches” feel to them and you come away with a bit more respect for the Commander in Chief. Clinton always had that red-faced, hang dog look, that thousand yard stare – very presidential.

        Keith, your comment about re-election: If President Obama’s first term has been chaotic, a bit schizo and insulated from the American people with a “we dont give a damn” attitude, most likely the upcoming campaign may have the same scope and feel as well. The White House may just be sitting back saying: The MSM got us in here, lets see if they will come back on board with “their undying support.”

        Look for an underdog Dem candidate to come out the shadows . . . to upset the apple cart . . .