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Obama Advisers to Discuss Libya Steps Today

The Associated Press is reporting that Obama’s top advisers will meet today to outline steps that are “realistic and possible” to push Qaddafi from power.

But a Pentagon spokesman indicated no decision is likely this week, and Secretary of State Clinton said the United States is seeking broad international support for any meaningful action.

The AP story recalled a statement by Obama during the campaign that suggested mass murder is reason enough to intervene.

“When genocide is happening, when ethnic cleansing is happening somewhere around the world and we stand idly by, that diminishes us,” Obama said in October 2008 in his second presidential debate with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. “We have to consider it as part of our interests, our national interests, in intervening where possible.”

So far, Obama is talking tough. He has demanded Gadhafi move aside so that the democratic transitions like those gripping neighboring Tunisia and Egypt can get under way in Libya. And he has vowed that the international community will hold senior Libyan officials accountable for their crimes.

Yet his words have yet to be backed by forceful action. And it’s unclear whether Libya’s crisis is so extreme that it meets his criteria for a U.S. attack.

H/T to Mike Allen’s Playbook, where I noticed this story.

5 Responses to Obama Advisers to Discuss Libya Steps Today

  1. The rebels in Libya underestimated Kaddafi and his will to stay in power. Encouraged by their counterparts in Egypt, they assumed that Kaddafi would fold like Mubarak after some noisy demonstrations.

    Unprepared, unarmed and without any discernable leadership, the rebels are doomed. It’s time, not for US intervention, but for the rebels to retreat and reassess their next move.

  2. Best comment on the situation award…
    The people of Libya have already taken arms and are actively fighting their government, no one supports Goofy, and this is why he must hire MERCENARIES to do his work instead of conscripting his own people.
    The U.S. and the European Union can split the bill at 2 billion dollars for a no fly zone, 100 tomahawk missiles, and some J dams to destroy Goofys tanks, Helicopters, and Jets so that the mercenaries flee and the Rebels take hold of Tripoli.
    Believe me the 2 billion dollars would sway public favor in the middle east towards the U.S. for the first time in 2 decades and would prevent Libya from becoming another Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.
    Ill give up my 20 bucks as a taxpayer to prevent 20 years of bloodshed.

    As for everyone saying “ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS”

    Im sorry but I dont like living in a country that’s job is to be the worlds police, but unfortunately its a reality of being a superpower and it has been a staple among human history for over 5 thousand years. Your superpowers must always police world political and military affairs to prevent a complete spiral into chaos. Egypt, Rome, Byzantium, The Mongolian Empire, Spain, England, France, and the U.S. have all at 1 time in history been the worlds Superpower, and with that great power, comes great responsibility.

    Specifically being dragged into every single military and political conflict in the world. if you wanted to live in a country with half of the worlds Capital, and half of the worlds wealth, with an average income twice that of England. than You wanted to live in a Superpower called the United States, but you also have to deal with liberating 7 million people from one of the worlds most oppressive regimes for the same amount of money as you spend on a Bridge to no where……

    • Why is all this a given, Jeff? Because it’s been that way? You can do what you want with your $20–could mine go to getting your youngsters on 60 Minutes out of those motels or tarp lean-tos or cars? Or maybe could mine go to letting people in AZ already typed, crossmatched, and approved to get lifesaving surgery the promised operation?

      • I don’t mean this personally, Jeff…but when I read…

        would prevent Libya from becoming another Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

        I remember money and death of our people were supposed to prevent Iraq and Afghanistan from becoming iraq and Afghanistan