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Nero Fiddles While Tripoli Burns

Well, we’re still studying our options here in the United States, thinkin’ on whether to have a No Fly Zone, but now there is evidence that all this studying, considering, consulting and empty demanding is actually hurting the rebels. Getting people killed.

President Obama vacillates on important military matters  but is quite resolute with respect to PURE UNADULTERATED NONSENSE like assessing sanctions on Qaddafi, throwing him off the UN human rights panel, threatening to try him at The Hague and so forth.

The result? The Libyan army is getting extra busy being brutal.

President Obama briefing room
"We're considering our options, and a panel should be ready with some recommendations by August.

That’s right, Qaddafi is pushing harder because Obama keeps suggesting he might get serious. The Desert Tyrant wants to destroy the rebels fast, before Obama finally decides to help them in a serious way, according to CNN’s Nick Robertson.

“This has accelerated the battle for them,” Robertson said last night, speaking of Qaddafi’s military.

His colleague on the ground, CNN’s Ben Wedeman, said Qaddafi’s air power is exacting a frightful toll on the rebels and tipping the balance away from them. The monkey constantly on their back is that they can be driving along and be incinerated from the air at any moment.

Meanwhile, this blather from Press Secretary Jay Carney yesterday appears to indicate that a No Fly Zone ain’t happening.

The President has been clear, as he was just as recently as yesterday, that we are considering all options, including military options.  He made reference to the meetings in Brussels at NATO.  And — but we have also already taken significant steps, both unilaterally and with our international partners.

So what I also pointed out yesterday is that there are complexities and realities involved in the adoption and implementation of a measure like a no-fly zone that we all need to be aware of as we consider it.  It is an option we are actively considering.  It is also one that carries with it complexities and other things that need to be — everyone needs to be aware of.

While we study these complexities, Qaddafi is trying to simplify things by exterminating as many real and potential opponents as he can.

Jay Carney reading
Carney studies the complexities photo by Keith Koffler

Make no mistake, there will be a dreadful massacre in Libya if Qaddafi wins. We could still prevent it, at a relatively small cost to us, while wresting a key oil producing state from a madman whose hands are dripping with American blood and who no doubt will kill Americans again if he or his barbaric sons feel it suits them.

Whether it be Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or now Libya, President Obama seems to think these grave matters are inconveniences that are not of his making and that he can somehow push to the side or solve without too much commitment of blood, treasure and time.

But these things are his things. He is involved in each and every one of them, and NOT acting is a form of action.

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6 Responses to Nero Fiddles While Tripoli Burns

  1. “We are considering all options, including military options”. It sounds very hollow coming from a man who early in his presidency told the world that the US was now a peaceful nation no longer interested in George W Bush politics. I think it is loose talk and Gates must be irritated since there probably will never be a military intervention. I think that this conflict ought to be on Europes table, especially Italy´s, but it is certainly very difficult to get European leaders together in foreign politics. I absolutely share your concern about a revengeful Quadaffi. Why are people like him so seldom assassinated ?