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Top Ten Reasons Obama Hasn’t Established a Libya No Fly Zone

1. Believes simply charging for the first carry on bag will halt flights.

2. Now recognizes he should never have secretly appointed Louis Farrakhan as “Special Adviser on Libya.”

3. Michelle objected after Qaddafi promised to launch “Let’s Move: Libya” program.

4. Figures throwing Libya off the UN Human Rights Council “should do the trick.”

5. Worried about possibility Qaddafi will retaliate by establishing No Fly Zone over Cleveland.

6. Magic Eight Ball keeps coming up with “Reply hazy, try again.”

7. Is waiting until Qaddafi’s Ukrainian nurses can be evacuated to Kiev.

8. Debate is continuing at NATO about whether to include birds in the No Fly Zone.

9. If rebels win, it will be too expensive to transport Qaddafi back to his home planet of Mars.

10. Thinks Libyan crisis can be solved by magic.

12 Responses to Top Ten Reasons Obama Hasn’t Established a Libya No Fly Zone

  1. These are all funny, but #8 deserves a Hall of Fame Award.

    My belief is that Obama doesn’t really want to do anything definite. His pattern is to disappear, wait until someone else does something, then reappear and criticize their efforts in a speech that puts the issue in lofty historical rhetoric.

    Now that Obama is in charge, he’s more or less lost the technique that made him appear to be statesmanlike.

  2. AP reports this morning:

    “Good morning everyone. Our new LETS MOVE LIBYA campaign has now begun. We are proud to announce that Col. Quaddaffi has allowed our campaign to swing into high gear in Tripoli next week where our Calorie Crusaders will help teach Libyans about proper diet and exercise. We will attempt to reduce carbohydrate intake by removing hummus from the Libyan diet [ low grown through crowd ] yes, yes, its too caloric, and we will replace that with Kobe beef flown in from Japan to Col Quaddaffi’s strategic headquarters in Tripoli. We would like to thank the 543rd Strategic Air Command Squadron for volunteering to transport this beef product to Libya …. “