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Obama Poll || Gay Marriage – March 8, 2011

Obama claims he’s conflicted on the matter. Well, so are the American people, though the number who support is rising.

Oh, please don’t call me a cynic, but, you know, we’ll soon know if 45 percent approval is enough to end Obama’s internal torture.

Q. Do you favor or oppose allowing Gay Marriage?

Favor: 45 percent
Oppose: 46 percent

Pew Research Feb. 22 – March 1

13 thoughts on “Obama Poll || Gay Marriage – March 8, 2011”

  1. I *OPPOSE* gay marriage, and I am gay. The reason I oppose it is simple:

    1. Traditional marriage is where young children are taught and trained, to become responsible men and women. It’s worked great for the past several thousand years …. there is no need to fix it or change it.

    2. If we change this dynamic and allow gay marriage, then *EVERYTHING* will be allowed: men marrying boys, humans marrying animals, etc. There will be no end to it. Each surrender to postmodern thinking will be led by another “new discovery” – multiply, polyamorous marriages – 10 people all marrying each other. The insanity would never end.

    Postmodernism has no establishment orientation and rejects *anything* traditional. Like honesty, integrity and human freedom, postmodernism (the current M.O. of the Democrats, the left, President Obama) see’s traditional marriage as yet another roadblock of ‘hate’ to overcome.

    1. I’m not gay, but I don’t care who marries who, what, or how many as long as all are consenting adults and I’m not involved.

        1. It’s actually changed. The new (and more politically correct) terminology is now:



          I had a long talk with an old friend of mine, a Vietnam-war, decorated Marine who served at Khe Sahn, and who lives with his partner … a gay conservative who see’s an extremist tilt in the gay community:

          “What in the world does a straight man who likes to wear dresses have to do with ending DADT? These freaks. These weirdo’s. I don’t dress up in women’s clothing. I work 60 hours a week, pay my taxes, I served my country, I spilled blood in Vietnam, so some 25-year old confused man can wear a g-d dress down 5th Avenue for a Gay Pride parade? I am supposed to ‘affirm’ that? Why?”

          1. Thanks for the updated terminology.
            “what” or “whatever” is easier to remember.

            What your friend is upset about isn’t limited to the gay community; young people of all sorts seem to believe that their sexuality is of interest to everyone.

          2. SRDEM, your right.

            My sexuality is NO ONES BUSINESS. However, the left has built effective, label-driven coalitions in the gay community for the precise issue of “divide and conquer.” They did the same with blacks, hispanics, Jews, etc.

            I see this as a Marxist operation [ cue Dr. Strangelove soundtrack ] very much in tune with Madison. In Wisconsin, it was the Unions battling the Repubs. When you got down to the signs and individuals chanting, screaming, urinating, smoking dope, and having sex in the State Capitol Building you found Socialists, Communists and Anarchists.

            At almost *every* Gay Pride parade I have gone to, I notice that in the middle of the fray seem to be the usual ash and trash – Communists – handing out litereature, stirring up trouble, shouting at the Police, etc. In fact at the last Pride event we went to, a small group of Anarchists threw beer bottles at a Dallas PD vehicle (the officer was a lesbian!) for the sheer sake of causing trouble.

            To use MSGT Muldoon’s comment:

            “It does not take a bucket of bricks to fall on my head to realize that what we are looking at is Communist takeover of the world”:


  2. If gay men want to go to gay churches and have a gay marriage, fine. I have no problem with that. But when I lived in Seattle – ground zero for the radical leftist community in the U.S., and certainly within the gay community as well – I spoke with *hundreds* of gay men who were for gay marriage and at least half told me it was chance to “push back against the straights”. Remember something folks: This issue is political – it is designed to weaken the family unit in the country (as a start) and lead toward a more radical, family unit as proposed by the filfth on the left. Of course there are dedicated, hardworking gays who want to get married and be left alone – thats fine.

    But under this feel good bullshit is a typical Marxist objective: *destroy the family.* I’ve heard it at gay pride rallies, I’ve talked with Democratic operativess in the gay community; I have had boyfriends who were Socialists and told me what the real issue is: eliminate the right wing by eliminating traditional marriage. I see this as a domino issue: if marriage falls, whats next?

    I live with my partner in Dallas; we’ve been together for 7 years. We pay taxes, we both work our butts off and were happy. We don’t do drugs, we drink socially, we vote. We go out to the gay bars to drink, have fun, watch awful karoake, see friends. Were definitely the poster boys for gay marriage. But although we are political opposites, we both agree that marriage is a straight institution that must remain strong for this country to continue.

    Of course I am a dedicated anti-Communist and for me, this issue is not about gay men living with another man – its about Marxism vs. traditional American society.

    1. Equating genital proclivity with class warfare seems a bit of a stretch of logic. Gays getting married to each other wouldn’t enhance or destroy hetero’s marriages.
      Maybe I’m just missing the point or skimming over the seriousness of their goal. ??
      Anyway, Tom, reading your posts gives a different perspective of the gay community than any thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for being so open.

      1. Thanks SRDEM.

        The only perspective many have is of drag queens, porn stars and AIDS. That essentially encapsulates the “homosexual.” There are thousands like me – conservative, hardworking, libertarian, the only thing we have in common in “the community” is that we are attracted to the same sex – thats it. Nothing more.

        Last year, me and my partner took a trip to Miami. While we were there, we ventured into one of Miami’s two dozen gay dance clubs … and on the dance floor, at the ripe old age of 89 was a WWII veteran, a decorated sub-service veteran who had served on three WWII destroyers. I found this out from the bartender (himself a Navy veteran from Vietnam). This old timer’s first destroyer – the USS SHAW was sunk by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. His second boat was sunk out from under him at Coral Sea and he ended up on a corvette by war’s end. I spoke with him at length and bought him a beer. What a hero. What a role model. All the other patrons just saw him as some old man, drinking at the bar, but to me, he’s a sparkling reminder of what makes this country great. I wish the rest of America could see this gentleman. He told me: “I am no hero. I just did what you or anyone in here would have done if your country had called.”

    2. Thank you so much for standing up as for family values Tom. Coming from a gay man, that is a very powerful message. True conservatives don’t judge others by the color of their skin or who they choose as a partner. It is all about the content of their character (MLK). What someone does in the privacy of their own home is their business, not ours. All we want is to leave a free and prosperous republic for the next generation of Americans.

  3. Obama’s approval numbers move North,So says Gallop poles. They just don’t tell you by North they mean Chicago,Philadelphia, and New York city,the hotbeds of liberalism.

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