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Obama Raises $1 Million from Rich Bostonians

From the pool report by Abby Phillip of POLITICO:


The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Raised: $1 million

Ticket Prices:
$5,000/person              Dinner
$10,000/person            Dinner and photoline
$30,800/person            Dinner, photoline, and VIP Reception
$50,000/couple            Dinner, photoline, and VIP Reception

Attendees: 152 guestsReception
Photoline         50
Dinner             152

Notable Guests
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
DCCC Chairman Steve Israel
Congressman Ed Markey, Dean of the Massachusetts delegation
Lt. Governor Timothy Murray
Senate President Therese Murray
Boston Mayor Thomas Menno
Vicki Kennedy
Malcolm Rogers, Museum of Fine Arts Director
Ann McLane Kuster (2010 Democratic candidate for Congress in NH-02)
DCCC online contest winner Theresa Lominy of Matawan, New Jersey, who gave $25, and her husband Alix.
DCCC online contest winner Ellen Schecter of New York, NY, who gave $20, and her husband James Altman.

3 Responses to Obama Raises $1 Million from Rich Bostonians

  1. Looking at both the ‘ticket’ price listing and also the names of the two DCCC on line contest winners…I can only think, rich or not so rich…a fool and their money are very soon parted…when any Dem pol is in mix.

    50k for a photoline with NancyPee? Wow.

  2. The “small people” (the contest winners) probably had to bus the dinner tables and were rewarded with the leftovers packaged in foil twisted into cute animal shapes.