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Obamas Meet With Sasha’s Teacher

President and Mrs. Obama headed out to Sidwell Friends this morning to meet with Sasha’s teacher. From the pool report:

Obamas Go To Parent-Teacher Conference for Sasha

The president and First Lady went to Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, Md., this morning to meet with Sasha’s teacher.

The president, wearing a dark suit without a tie, and Michelle wearing black slacks and jacket walked across school yard. Obama waved.

The 11-car motorcade left White House at 7:08 a.m. on a crisp sunny morning. With streets blocked off motorcade arrived at school at about 7:25 a.m.  Pool waiting in van.

UPDATE: Obamas Return to White House

The president and First Lady spent about a half hour at the school. The motorcade left at 8 a.m. and after weaving in and out of rush hour traffic arrived at White House at 8:18 a.m.

A few blocks from White House a DC police motorcycle’s front wheel was lodged into the back of a bus in an apparent collision. No one appeared to be hurt.

26 thoughts on “Obamas Meet With Sasha’s Teacher”

  1. Eleven vehicle motorcade? Wasn’t our Dear Leader’s weekend golf outing a ten vehicle event?

    What, did Me!chelle want her ‘own’ wheels? Like the HI early arrival for FLOTUS?

    I can now start my day of work knowing that Mr. and Mrs. S. coordinated their ‘dark colored’ outfits for the ‘crisp, sunny morning’ visit with Sasha’a teacher. Any breathless blurb on what she/he wore?

  2. Imagine the inflated, heady feeling of summoning the POTUS and FLOTUS to your office to discuss their child’s progress. The POTUS must put aside the concerns of the US and the rest of the world because you want to advise him that his child is doing well or failed the math test.
    Knowing that an entourage of a dozen vehicles, dozens of Federal employees and the local PD have to be involved in the drive from the WHITE HOUSE to your office must be exhilarating.
    The teachers at this school are more powerful than the Speaker of the House, than any Cabinet member or Head of State of any country.

    1. I remember when Sidwell wanted to talk to Chelsea Clinton’s parents and she said, “Call my Dad, my mother is always busy.”

  3. I thought of his kids when I watched 60 minutes last nite. Almost one-fourth of kids in this country are now in poverty…This tore my heart out:
    Listen to the kids talk about what hunger feels like–then think of the obesity thing. Let’s help these kids now! I am not saying obesity is not a problem, but these kids need compassion and help.

    1. Star, good point.

      Maybe if we *stopped* foreign aid and gave those billions to OUR starving, things would change; put together real food banks where kids can be fed, parents who are out of work, re-trained and put back to work. When I think about the hunger children in OUR country face I get angry … while we send billions to Robert Mugabe so he can purchase a new Rolls Royce to tool around his starving country in.

  4. Our children attended public schools, and my husband and I attended many meetings with educators throughout the years. Having no experience with private schools, please forgive my ignorance. Don’t they have PTA nights for these parent-teacher get togethers, or is that only for public schools? If the meeting was called because of a scholastic issue, those were usually scheduled after school to avoid classroom conflicts and work-related problems. Nothing like disrupting DC commuters Monday morning schedules by tying up traffic with an 11-car motorcade just because you can.

    1. In DC, you do get one on one with the teacher even when the child has not misbehaved. They are just doing the parent thing…but 10 cars? That can’t be good. I do remember at PTA, in Catholic school, they served wine. That was a nice touch. But Parent-Teacher Night and a conference are two diff things.

  5. Considering all the disruption their little forays cause, couldn’t they have talked to the teacher by phone, or Skype, or something? I agree with Susan, how boorish to disrupt all of DC during rush hour (both ways) just because you can. But they are both so self-centered, it’s beyond belief.

    I’m sure glad to know what they wore, and that Mr. O waved. Wow, now that’s news!

    1. Good point, but impossible.

      Give up the motorcade for a phone call? Heavens, no. The objective of the Obama’s is to *MILK* this thing for all its worth until they are returned (on their bum) to Chicagoland.

      I have *never* seen such an abuse of taxpayer money.

      Why not goldplate the President’s motorcade? Put some bling-bling on ‘nat zingeee, ya’ knuh?

  6. I visited Sidwell’s website and saw they have Parents Association and charge a fee of $50 to $75. Maybe this meeting was a normal meeting to gauge the child’s progress. It appears to me the teacher should have been invited to the White House since the motorcade is so disruptive. Wasn’t that the reason the Obamas did not want to join a church so they would not be disruptive? .

    Sidwell’s tuition is in the $32,000 range. The girls need to go there. I would imagine the Secret Service would have a nightmare trying to protect them at a public school.

    1. I agree, and I actually like that the Obamas didn’t pretend to be considering a public school so they could make believe their children are average kids and that public school in DC should be good enough for anyone. They just said, “They’re going to Sidwell, and that’s the end of it.”

      1. Clinton went to my church–Foundry United Methodist–it was an experience–we toughed it out…the searches, the bossy-cow SS guys being persnickety over the gays that went there, etc. They did take it over. The Doles left over it and they had been members for more than a decade.

  7. My take on this motorcade is three things are going on.

    One…The Obamas want to prove what caring parents they are. They want to prove what big supporters of education they are….i.e. budget talks are coming up and no one better talk about cutting education

    Two..They like the Pomp and Circumstance of being the President and First Lady. It is theater to them. It is better than Show business. Put the spotlight on me sorta thing.

    Three…It is difficult for Obama to sit down at his desk in the Oval Office and do business. He has gotta be moving. It is disturbing to me to see the photo of him sitting in his chair with his leg propped up on the desk.while he is on the phone. I am retired but when I was working I can only image what my boss would have said to me if he saw he doing it. It would start…Are you serious? His phone call reminds me of the schoolgirl on her bed in her bedroom taking on the phone with her girlfriend.

    1. I have always thought it was #3. I have worked with people who can’t actually produce or accomplish anything so there tactic is to wander the halls going office to office, call meetings, etc to deflect from their weaknesses. That is the picture that I see when I observe BHO. The world is in worse shape than it has been in a long time and for the life of me I can’t believe he isn’t hunkered down and working on our response and how to protect America. Even in my job I don’t have time for golf, or trade association meetings or other things that detract from the business at hand and we’re not running the country. God help us!

    2. I remember the Clinton gang in the Oval Office; feet on desk, pizza boxes next to the Lincoln statue, books, papers, etc EVERYWHERE. But, they got things done. They werent the best, but after the ’94 loss, Clinton worked with the Republican majority to get things done. I dont like him, but at least Clinton WORKED (while smoking cigards and … )

    1. Since we are on the subject of education, I wish someone would find out why kids (like me) used to learn a lot in school, and now don’t. Kids don’t know anything! They have to take remedical classes even in the Ivies. Even college is weak now–they don’t learn as much. I wish someone would fix this. It’s the whole point and no one ever talks about it!

      1. I think kids used to have to sit, listen, learn, write, be quiet, and memorize things, and not have all these opportunities for self-expression and original thinking. You can’t come up with anything original that’s worth hearing about unless you know something.

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