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Does Obama Have the Hots for Australian Prime Minister?

My friend Julie Mason at POLITICO noticed what in Obamaland might count for sexual tension between the president and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Obama, she notes, was “all smiles” during his Oval Office appearance with her Monday, and he mentioned how he when he met Gillard he had been “immediately charmed, as I’m sure at least a good chunk of the Australian people are.”

Then he started rambling to her about his childhood.

Later Monday in the White House living quarters, White House Dossier has learned, Michelle threatened to cut off the president’s shrimp and throw it on the barbie.

Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Obama and Gillard make passes in the Oval

26 Responses to Does Obama Have the Hots for Australian Prime Minister?

  1. Heavens.

    Where to start.

    Hmm. Well. Mr. Obama strikes me as someone who is *asexual*, not as a strong heteterosexual; some of my friends believe he is gay but there have been comments of “well, he is too feminine to be gay.”

    That comment, which I heard two years ago, is striking. I think Barack Obama is neither a strong male persona nor “one of the guys” but a loner. Someone who will spend time with the family but chooses, to spend time alone.

    I’ve watched O’Reilly’s Body Language segment and consistently they come back with “extremely frustrated” in the way he tilts his head back, use of arms, hands and legs and his ability never to fight back but to look down, find words (searching, unsure of himself) to retaliate within an arguement to win (fail).

    His body language with the Aussie PM says “I have not a clue.”

    • Thanks for the photos, Granny Jan. Could this be his idea of how a tough man behaves ? He wants to be seen as cool and tough, he is very much an actor. Pathetic.

    • Remember, the comments have come out of D.C., NYC and L.A. (at least the comments in the gay press I have read) and those of Texas Democrats, mainly rich, elite gay men who are movers and shakers in the party. They *despise* Obama but realize that if they raise their voice they will be labeled with the “racist” moniker, a nametag slapped on anyone who steps out of line. Remember how Bill Clinton was called a “racist” during the South Carolina primary?


      When I look at Obama’s silly political fellatio of a fellow politician, it makes me laugh. He inspires absolutely *nothing*. At least with Bill Clinton, women knew what to expect, “Madam, Prime Minister, the President is, of course a ladies man and has wondering hands. Just warning the Prime Minister to keep her legs out of reach.”

  2. Well, Obama does not exactly radiate masculinity. I have the impression that he has no strength of character, that he is obedient in his handlers hands. Maybe he likes Julia Gillard simply because she is kind to him and does not bring him a lot of problems.

  3. Keith…there is an ‘investigative’ story here.

    Isn’t this the FIRST TIME we have heard that lil Barry was in the Land Down Under? When did he go there? Who escorted him (mom Stanley Ann, BHO, Sr., Lolo, the ‘typical white’ grandparents?) and what Passport (citizenship) did he travel under?

    Inquiring minds you know…because wouldn’t it be fascinating to find that it was either true (and lead to all kinds of other ‘good’ finds on the blank canvas of the President’s past) or a lie…and doesn’t that ‘tell’ alot…why lie, embellish, insert yourself in a story?

    As Mark Levin would say ‘thank me.’

  4. Hearing that someone noticed their husband was interested in another woman is hurtful and mean to the wife. Seeing it spelled out in a previously friendly news outlet makes it worse.
    MsMason can forget that *exclusive* interview with MrsO she was hoping for.