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Obama Set to Launch Reelection Campaign

President Obama is gearing up his reelection campaign, according to an article in the Washington Post today.

A couple of quotes from the piece.

The Chicago-based reelection team will be under the direction of campaign manager Jim Messina, who recently stepped down as White House deputy chief of staff. David Axelrod, who has returned to Chicago after two years as senior adviser to the president, will again play the central role he did four years ago.

Obama’s team, anticipating a closely fought general election, is focused on the key components of campaign machinery: money, organization and strategy. (The message was laid out in the president’s State of the Union address – win the future – and will evolve with events).

Start with money. Obama raised about $750 million in his 2008 campaign, an astounding amount. There has been talk, still speculative, that he might be the first $1 billion candidate in 2012.

While grass-roots money will continue to be significant, one of the Obama team’s first priorities is to build up its stable of major donors and fundraisers. Messina is already at work on this task.


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14 Responses to Obama Set to Launch Reelection Campaign

  1. Re-elected to what? POTUS? He’s never been one. Not even now.
    Re-elected to
    goof-off in chief. That’s about it. King of parties and vacations.

    Michelle doesn’t even come close to being a First LADY.

  2. i guess we’ll see if Americans will close their eyes and brains if they see enough pretty commercials come from his direction. oh, of course, he won’t have to sink any of that $ into the press. they all worship him anyway & will only give him good coverage while slamming any competitor. there won’t be any coverage of his incompetence in foreign policy, his debacle in gov’t money managing, his complete failure in encouraging jobs recovery, his sorry performance in uniting the people of America,and the list goes on and on and on. the one thing he excells at is “community organizing”. hence – lots of $ for his campaign. some president.

  3. There aren’t a lot of positive things for MrO to promote for his re-election.
    Not Gitmo, the Wars, the Obamacare fiasco, the Economy, the Oil crisis, and he surely can’t run against the Washington Establishment.
    All that’s left is what he hasn’t done and his promises aren’t golden anymore.
    The WinTheFuture motto is so inane and obtuse that even his supporters would be hard pressed to explain what it means.

    Team Obama blew 2 years of a solid majority in Congress by pushing through liberal programs and spending that offended and outraged a conservative public. They paid the price in 2010. What happens in 2012 depends on what happens or doesn’t change in 2011.

  4. When you look back and the stupidest thing you ever did in your life was not a relationship, a job or something–but buying a house–something has happened to this country.

  5. Re: the Obama golf outing piece
    Whew. The voters were angry last year but now they’re just outraged or disgusted. For every post that assails the golf outing, there’s one that wants MrO to stay on the golf course permanently.
    MrO’s re-election team has some heavy lifting to do to convince the 46% that don’t approve of the Prez that he’s worth another 4 years.

    • People really get outraged at signs the Obamas are living it up – or at least not paying attention to activities that could upset people – while the country struggles. I don’t know why they are not more sensitive to this, but they are not.

      • They are not sensitive about their vulgar displays of their modest wealth, because they know their ‘base’s’ key chant is ‘we’ve got your back.’ As is this was some sort of gang warfare, which, in a way, it is. Even if Obie became a convicted felon, they would still want him as president. This is somewhat understandable, as many voters traditionally vote against their own best interests. Harry Reid will get him the illegal vote in Az. Axelrod and Jarrett will sew up the unions and the banks. So it’s going to be left up to the Tea Party and others like them, to withstand the witch hunts of the media, and get the sane people out to vote.. An uphill battle indeed, especially given the current cowardice of the Repubs..Obama may win in spite of himself.

  6. The amount raised was based upon the race of the candidate; America’s First Black President. I would not be suprised that, to keep this fascade up for another four years, the Dem’s reach a billion.

    I will predict if Obama looses in ’12, you may see civil unrest on the left . . .