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Golf is Back! Obama’s 60th Outing as President

Well, the mercury has crept back up above 60 degrees here in Washington, and so it’s time once again for President Obama to head out to the golf course.

This is the president’s 60th time golfing as president, meaning Obama has spent two months of his presidency on the golf course.

The rounds usually take about five hours, including motorcading back an forth to the course.

According to statistics compiled by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps close tabs on the president’s activities, Obama played 30 rounds in 2010, 28 rounds in 2009, and two this year, including today.

George W. Bush gave up golfing in 2003, explaining why he did it in a 2008 interview with POLITICO.

“I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

Some think Obama should follow Bush’s example. But Obama clearly is addicted to the game and probably feels he needs to play to get his mind off of Washington, generally choosing the company of young administration staffers instead of lawmakers or senior aides.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is an avid golfer too, and unlike Obama, plays with lobbyists.

Obama’s on the links with his usual posse. From the pool report:

The president, in a black cap and light black jacket, emerged from the White House at 1 p.m. for what I believe is the President’s first golf outing this year stateside. A 10-vehicle motorcade departed a minute later and stopped at all stop signs and mixed with traffic for the uneventful 22-minute ride to Andrews AFB.

POTUS’ golfing buddies today include Ben Finkenbinder of the press office, Marvin Nicholson, the president’s trip director and David Katz, a Dept of Energy staffer.

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  1. That’s good news!!! Why doesn’t he just play golf all the time? Wouldn’t do any less than he is now for our country. Probably a lot more!!!!

  2. Let’s face it. He is just a pretty face for the people behind him who are in charge of running this country into the ground. He does not make any decisions and he can’t even give a speech without his prompters. Why is everyone so shocked. HE IS NOT IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING,

    Who really is running this show???

  3. As some of my friends have golfed in the past to continually try to bring down their handicap, Obama doesn”t seem to understand they were gong for the reduction in Golfing handicap’s not mental handicaps. Obama you have to see a doctor for your handicap as it isn’t on the golf course

  4. So as the world leaders come up with plans on how to handle the crisis in the middle east Obama is out golfing again. i guess the phrase here is WORLD LEADERS and thanks to this President we are no longer viewed as the leader of the free world. There has been no leadership on the economy (Biden off to finland), no leadership on the rising fuel, and no leadersip on the rising inflation( yes there is inflation, but the government does not include food/fuel in their equation). So thanks Dems for your leadership, or lack there of

  5. […] Meanwhile, Tina Brown is burning through huge chunks of Jane (D-CA) and Sid Harman’s money for this week’s redesign of Newsweek. And as Gerard writes, “Check the stack of headlines top left leading inevitably down to “Obama goes golfing…” Then check the picture and the gesture of the thumb over the main headline. Yet another moment in the news=views genius of Drudge. It’s frozen in time in the archives @ DrudgeReportArchives:” Saudi Govt Says Demos, Marches Prohibited by Kingdom's Laws… UK 'to send team of spies' to help oust Gadhafi… British Army readies for mission at 24 hours' notice… Obama goes golfing… […]

  6. Something doesn’t add up. Raining hard and windy. Something else going on. Meeting someone? Course would be soft and rough greens and carts would not be allowed on fairway. Suspicious & courious?

  7. First, golf is not limited to “rich people”. Certainly there are very high end private courses that are frequented mostly and predominately by rich people. But there are many public courses that offer golfing for everyone at reasonable prices. So stereotyping golf as a “rich man’s game” is no more wise than stereotyping people by race or color of their skin.

    Having said that, let’s be clear, though he is “rich” by most definitions of the word it is not the cost of Obama’s golfing that is the issue, it is the fact that he is spending so much time doing it.

    He could have used the time to read his own health care bill or learn more about economics, world politics, energy production and distribution, American history beyond what he learned over all those years from Reverend Wright, or any other the many things he is so clueless about.

    And let’s be clear: The reason that Obama plays so much golf, goes on so many vacations and get-aways, and has so many parties and such is that he’s practicing avoidance and denial of the realities of his job.

  8. President George W. Bush spent even more time away from the presidential mansion in the nation’s capital than Reagan. Of the 77 total “vacation” trips the former president made to his Texas ranch while in office, nine of them — all or part of 69 days — came during his first year as president in 2001, according to Knoller.

  9. The president is definetly effiminant. My daughter swings a golf club better than he does and my youngest granddaughter can throw a ball better. I think he’s a coward and a wuss. Just the way he handles our foreign affairs the same way he throws and hits a golf ball.

  10. Great point Keith. Obama should follow W’s example and bankrupt the nation by starting a war with the wrong country, implement tax cuts for the rich and abandon all regulatory control of Wall Street. But first get in over 100 rounds of golf before making the ultimate sacrifice for his country by quitting the game.
    You also forget to mention how the intellectually laziest President, Bush II, got less work done in his office than Obama does while on the links.

  11. If it were only golf … what about all the vacations, lavish menus, weekly big star White House performances, etc. This is someone whose ego is seriously out of sync with the ultimate sacrifice some are making as well as economic hardship many of us are experiencing.

  12. Funny how President Omama is criticized for golfing, yet his predecessor had no problem heading down to Crawford to “clear some brush’ time after time. I guess playing with a chainsaw doesn’t “send the wrong signal.”

  13. Wow, these comments are sad. POTUS has the toughest job in the whole world, who cares if he spends some leisurely time playing golf? If I had my button on the world economy, nuclear weapons, and the strongest military in the world I would need time to calm down just to make a sane decision.

  14. For all the criticism he got, George W got this right. With Obama being “focused like a laser beam” on the jobs situation and the budget problems, where does he find the time to golf. Additionally, W pointed out what an example it set to our soldiers to be golfing while they were fighting. Far as I know, we still have troops in harm’s way.

  15. During WW II the Allies pitted the P-47 Thunderbolt against the Nazi’s German Focke-Wolf 190 S. The P 47

    ended the war with:

    * 3,752 air to air kills in over 746,000 sorties.

    * 3,499 P-47s lost.

    From 6th of June 1944 to VE Day on 7th May, 1945 the Thunderbolt destroyed:

    * 86,000 German railroad cars.

    * 9,000 locomotives.

    * 6,000 armoured vehicles.

    * 68,000 trucks.

    Mr. Reagan called them The Greatest Generation.

    Hussein Obama can’t pronounce the word “Corpsman” correctly, nor knows the meaning.

    Elections have consequences. Think before you vote in 2012.

  16. I have more respect for what I dug out of the catbox this morning than I do for this current administration. I am sickened by their disrepectful attitude toward Americans and our allies; Obama has brought nothing but shame to the office of the President.

  17. Hard work is not what this boy is all about. I say boy in the immaturity sense. He is strikingly inadequate to the tasks of the presidency. To those who gave us this P.O.S., I cannot call you idiots often enough. Your choice for our country has hurt us beyond measure. So, take your liberal white guilt, your liberal fantasies, and soccer moms, and stay home in November 2012. You are obviously too stupid to vote.

  18. Caesar fiddles while the world burns. How long before America is completely overthrown by her enemies? Not long I should think. Pity that once great nation.

  19. If he wasnt golfing, I’m sure he wouldnt be doing anything in the White House. God forbid he plays a few rounds of golf every now and then. And dont act like 60 in 2 years is a lot, thats like once a week during Golf season. 2 months of his presidency? Lets do some math. 5 hours X 60 rounds = 300 hours/24 hours= 12.5 days. Not really seein the 60 days….

    • add in all his / her vacations… while he continues to tell the people of america we must all cut back in these tough economic times.. he sure is not cutting back on his fun.. and his fat wife – telling Americans what they should eat… while monkey head enjoys his hamburgers and ice cream on his multiple vacations.. give me a break… monkey one and monkey two are in way over their heads… they show no class.. so un-presidential..

  20. So the monkey in chief likes to chase little white balls around.. whatever happened to his bullcrap speech ( more than once ) – that he is going to spend every waking moment on creating jobs for the great country of America ? He couldn’t organize a Boys Scout bake sale… he is an idiot..

  21. In all his golf playing you never hear about any of his golf scores, so guess that mean that he isn’t very good at golf like he isn’t very good in running our Country, the only thing he is doing is ruining our Country, is that right Zero Obama, you never done nothing and you are not going to do nothing except to drive out good ole USA to Socialism.

  22. I loved Michelle’s oil stained shirt as she pranced around the coast after the spill. What class. Might as well be giving us all the big middle finger. Both of them. Arrogant.

    Get out of the White House Barry.

    You are not a Christian, you are not a natural born American. You are not fooling us.

  23. Our economy is in a shambles, the world is aflame, and our illustrious leader plays golf. We deserved so much better that this buffoon!

  24. It appears as if the Obamas are on a two year vacation, golfing, traveling the world, sight seeing. They are showing their two children the world, at taxpayers expense, while they can.

    Has anyone else noticed that President Obama seems to always hold his chin up, as if he is looking down his nose at all of the citizens of the world?

    Sadly President Obama does not seem to be taking the office of President of the United States seriously.

  25. I don’t know who is worse, Oblunder or Carter. At least the Brits are ready to go when needed. Carter was a terrible President. I just think Obama is a bumbling Idiot. Thank God for the Brits.

    Boy do we miss President Reagan. This mess would have never gotten then far and Somali Pirates would be a thing of the past. Reagan put a 1000 pound in Gadaffi’s pup tent 20 years ago and the thug kept quiet.

    Obama is so incompetent. Please U.K., give us David Cameron. What will you take for a trade.

  26. Let’s not forget that Idiot Bush spent 2/3 of his presidency in Camp David, his Texas ranch, Maine but not the White House. In fact he spent more time out of the White House than any other President. I suppose that is to show America he really didn’t care about the country, which we all know he didn’t..

  27. I remember the interview right before Obama was sworn in when Michelle said that Barry was “world-class at sleeping in” !! This guy is the LAZIEST, most inexperienced, poorly prepared President that we’ve EVER had. Everything he touches (foreign policy, energy, ECONOMY,etc.) turns to shiite…..

  28. Hey- it’s hard work, ruining America. Zero needs a break. Maybe they even have waffles at the clubhouse.

    relax- the country is in the best of hands

  29. What a worthless bag of guts he is.
    The sight of him makes me sick.
    And to hear his lying, petulant voice makes me spasm into projectile vomiting.