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Golf is Back! Obama’s 60th Outing as President

Well, the mercury has crept back up above 60 degrees here in Washington, and so it’s time once again for President Obama to head out to the golf course.

This is the president’s 60th time golfing as president, meaning Obama has spent two months of his presidency on the golf course.

The rounds usually take about five hours, including motorcading back an forth to the course.

According to statistics compiled by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps close tabs on the president’s activities, Obama played 30 rounds in 2010, 28 rounds in 2009, and two this year, including today.

George W. Bush gave up golfing in 2003, explaining why he did it in a 2008 interview with POLITICO.

“I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

Some think Obama should follow Bush’s example. But Obama clearly is addicted to the game and probably feels he needs to play to get his mind off of Washington, generally choosing the company of young administration staffers instead of lawmakers or senior aides.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is an avid golfer too, and unlike Obama, plays with lobbyists.

Obama’s on the links with his usual posse. From the pool report:

The president, in a black cap and light black jacket, emerged from the White House at 1 p.m. for what I believe is the President’s first golf outing this year stateside. A 10-vehicle motorcade departed a minute later and stopped at all stop signs and mixed with traffic for the uneventful 22-minute ride to Andrews AFB.

POTUS’ golfing buddies today include Ben Finkenbinder of the press office, Marvin Nicholson, the president’s trip director and David Katz, a Dept of Energy staffer.

544 Responses to Golf is Back! Obama’s 60th Outing as President

  1. Ok..nice what does this have to do with how our country is doing…what is the importance of telling people this? Hes human he plays sports who cares?

    Really is this what American News is about? Running stories that have nothing to do with world situations..nice use of you time guys

    feeels gooood mannn

  2. brstevens: But people are stupid and they will vote for his re-election…Obama represents the current liberal mindset — elitist, arrogant, Ivory Tower intellectual, with a hunger for power (re-election will be made possible now by his pragmatic unprincipled move to the center).

  3. Terrific. We are in a world of hurt thanks to his (and Pelosi’s) so called idiotic wacky “leadership”, we have illegal aliens pouring over our southern border with guns shooting Texas and Arizona ranchers and farmers, drug warfare and beheadings boiling over into border towns, and terrorists dressed like Mexicans bop over into California from Mexico… people losing homes and jobs…
    and the Obamanation decides to play golf.
    What a f**king sweetheart! Why doesn’t he just resign? He is worthless in that oval office. Mainly because he isn’t in it -he’s too busy vacationing!

  4. Obama golfs as Washington burns! Perhaps this is where he is most productive. It certainly isn’t in the White House! Let’s hope he spends more time golfing in 2011 & 2012 and we can run his sorry a** out of Washington.

  5. I wish I were the president so I would have the time to play golf. As sole caregiver for my school teacher wife who had a major stroke at age 44 there’s no time for anything but staying the course. I guess in a way my job is more demanding than the president’s job.
    I love the fact that President Bush gave up golf to show solidarity.
    Of course, this begs the question: do we really want Mr. Obama at his desk? or is it safer for us if he’s busy ripping up the greens.

  6. This President plays golf about as well as he runs the country. However, while hacking it around the course, he is not spending time implementing his marxist policies. This one-term embarassment cannot leave the Whitehouse fast enough, fore!!!

  7. I’d also like to see a summary of how Obama spends his “working” hours to those of other presidents. I have heard that there is very little work going on these days.

  8. Maybe being Pres. of the U.S.A. should only be a part-time pay grade as it seems like there is a lot of free time to party, golf,play basketball, campaign, and coach & attend children’s activities. There certainly shoud be some free time, but usually in the corporate world that Obama criticizes so much, they burn the midnite oil and on their limited free time they choose attending their kid’s activities over themselves. I admire Pres. Obama’s obvious love of his family and being a great father, and that he does seem to have a good sense of humor, but his lack of experience, and inability to lead, corrale the 2 parties to tackle the issues, his comments that divide a nation not build it, and his unwillingness to sacrifice some of his golf time to work on solving problems is very sad. The Pres. of the USA is the toughest job in the US, but Pres. Obama has decided to coast thru the job; being merely “present” or even absent on the tough issues. I’d take some mid-level mgr in the corp. world over him anyday, as the mid-level mgr would recognize that you have to work together, have to lead, have to let your org. know what you believe immediately not wait to see or waffle on every issue, and she/he would also know the expectations that much more will be required and feel the pressure that they signed on for the job so they will need to make personal sacrifices just to get their “9-5” job done.

  9. I honestly think he does not care and is out to have all the fun he thinks he’s entitled to. Maybe he does think all that money he has been collecting since he was elected will get him elected again. I guess he can buy lots of votes. He sure is the worst president I have ever seen. He even does beat our Carter. Never thought I would live to see anyone worse than him. When your the leader of the United States and truly care about the welfare of all the citizens here you don’t have the time to take 5 hours off as much as this man does. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we are in such bad shape. He doesn’t take the time to actually look and see how his awful administration is affecting all of us out here. Impeach.

  10. I’m amazed at this. “A 10-vehicle motorcade” which is cosing the tax payers how much??? At a time in our nation where people are jobless, losing their homes and our young men and women are overseas at war! You Sir Mr. President…have a lot of nerve!

    • He also has his own personal trainer flown in once a week from Chicago. No press coverage about that, but if he were Bush flying in a trainer once a week from Crawford the media would explode all over it. Gas is $4 a gallon and he wastes it on this. How many personal trainers are in D.C. he and Michelle could use?

      All this while he tells us to “tighten our belts and share the sacrifice”. Smacks of a royal dictator, not a U.S. president.

  11. Of course he went golfing. Giving out Awards every night. Partying with HIS PEOPLE, from Motown. Eating Kobe Beef and Iranian Caviar and drinking Crystal, every night. It takes a lot outta ya.
    Throw in F*T *SS always walking around BOWLEGGED, with that Butch Haircut, of hers. Who can blame him?
    Besides. He’s working. He sees people during the week. I know for a FACT, that he sees AFL-CIO Union CROOK – Richard Trumka , 2 to 3 times a week. And that’s what you do, when the world is on fire, all around you.
    You meet with the head of your biggest Brownshirt Organization. Your Big Donors. Your Leg Breakers.
    And then you play golf.
    Sieg Heil!

  12. Gas prices and taxes are skyrocketing, the Middle East is in turmoil, the Democrats are trashing the country, poeople need jobs, and Obama wants to play golf?? Mr. President, with all due respect, you need to pay attention to current events and show our military presence in front of Lybia. Gadhafi must be stopped. Your dithering is inexcusable, sir! Now’s not the time to play golf!

  13. You are correct; there are people who voted for Obama will vote for him again no matter what he does; sadly, those people will be around for a very long time.

    • They are the malcontents and the entitled union thugs. These are the vast American volunteer army he spoke of in his campaign speech. The funny thing is Obama didn’t know how to pronounce “corps”.

  14. the world an the us is going down in flames, an he goes an play golf.
    maybe he should take another vactio.
    wait he will have one in 2012, along one
    Herman Cain 2012

  15. Lucky for this bozo that he has a little “d” after his name. He doesn’t have to worry about liberal moonbats crying “he play golf while people are dying!” The Obamas are despicable both him and his wife seem to be relishing in the life of assumed royalty rather than public servitude while telling the “little people” that we’re all gonna have to make sacrifices. They’re nothing but hypocrites of the worst order, and January 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough. Enjoy it, Mr One-Term President. Hopefully after you’re done destroying our economy while you go enjoy your king’s spoils we can find someone who will actually want to lead. This article states that Obama is addicted to golf. What he is really addicted to is his own narcissism – as all tin pot useless dictators are.

  16. There he goes again, feeling our pain, playing while; soldiers He sent into battle are dying and 10% (actually much more) are unemployed, our nation goes bankrupt! The insular and calous hubris of this man knows no limit.

  17. You are assuming that none of those gentlemen are un-reported lobbyists of course … Just as Solis is an un-reported Union lobbyist …

  18. 60 * 5 hours = 300 hours divided by 8 hour work days = 37.5 days

    really more like 5 weeks of golf since we have to assume Obama works 7 days a week …

    add in the vacation days and I’m sure we are close to 3 months …

  19. The absolute arrogance of bho, moochelle and the moochettes, whim vacations, selfish recreation golf and B ball junkets, no limit celebrity concerts at the wh for close friends and themselves, expensive tax payer paid dates plus flown in personal trainers. These miserable bastrds must have blacked out the windows in the wh so they can not see the devastation they have caused out side. They remind me of the nouveau riche that go out and buy a new caddy, jewelry, big screen tvs and things they never had or needed. He needs to stay on the golf course and not come back.

  20. Why not take the day and go golfing? There is really nothing of significance going on in the world that he need be concerned with. What debt? What falling dollar? Countries in the Middle East and Europe on fire? Obama personifies the quote from Mad Magazine – “What me worry?”

  21. Just as always voting present!!! Never taking a stand on the right issues. Never leading on important and complex issues. That’s our President. Impeach him now.

  22. Of course Obama’s goofing of again. I believe he is pleased with the state of things. The free worlds opinion of America is at an all time low, financially we are a mess and our enemies are stronger and more emboldened than ever. Obama needs a break, it take a lot of energy to destroy a nation.

  23. I don’t begrudge Obama or his wife some down time, but these two are absolutely grotesque in their unseemly lavishness while most Americans are watching every penny. As we consider Obama’s policies we wonder about his political motivations. The manner in which he conducts himself shows he does not have the good of the people in mind. GW Bush is proving himself, in contrast, to be a decent man.

  24. The puppet president goes out and plays golf and when he comes back, his puppetmasters have written new bills for him that will take some more of our freedoms away.

    Obozo is having a great time spending our money like it was free. Oh yeah, that’s right it free for him and MEchelle.

    We need to get rid of this bum in 2012.

  25. He does less damage when he is not in front of a tele-prompter..Maybe if he hits an errant shot he will come across his birth certificate!!!

  26. Of course he is on the golf course. He fully understands, as do we Americans, that him being outside of the White House is good for our country and he is in the only place where he carries a semblance of competancy!

  27. Well, this is what happens when the idiot electorate elects a boy todo a job that requires a man. Voting stupidly carries consequences.

  28. Well, he has to find some sort of exercise to burn off the calories from the elaborate dinners and parties he’s having ON OUR DIME!

    So he golfs 2-3 times per month…that is when he can squeeze in golf around the vacations…..

    I have torn feelings on this….don’t know if letting this little boy go off to play is infuriating (as HE is the one who wanted to be president and there is much to do)….BUT on the other hand, he HAS done a lot…TOO MUCH….which is the reason we’re in this mess… YEP, let him go. It’s 60 fewer days of him SCREWING THE COUNTRY.

  29. The “Clueless in Chief” needs time to relax, and golfing can be relaxing. It’s a tough job destroying 200 years of American greatness. Consider how hard it is to take the most powerful country in the world and turn it into a third world debtor nation in one term.

    We should be grateful he spends so much time on the links, think of the additional pain and suffering he could cause if he was in his office!

  30. A round of golf cost me around $30. With a 10 car motorcade, security, and 4 sleeves of Titleists…what does a round cost the Prez?

  31. I could not be more disgusted by these people. Obama sanctimoniously lectures Americans they may need to delay their vacation to balance their own budgets, while he and Michelle “live large” on the taxpayer’s dime! Luxury vacations to Spain for “colonic cleansings”; expensive ski trips to Vail Colorado with Michelle feasting on, and raving about her dinners; lengthy and pricey vacations in Hawaii at taxpayers’ expense; regular celebrity bash’s at the White House for their elite friends; golf outtings; lobster; King Louis and Marie Antoinette had nothing on these people. Their arrogance and contempt is breathtaking. The phrase “peasants with pitchforks” comes to mind.

  32. When the going gets tough, present-dent Barry Obumbles gets going (golfing, vacation, party, basketball). Middle East crisis – time to golf! Economy in ruins – time for a vacation! Gas prices at all time high – time to party! You go Barry Obumbles – straight to He ll.