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Obama Raises $1 Million in Miami

He attended two Miami fundraisers, one for the House Dems, one for the Senate. Total take from a mere 500 people was $1 million.

Here are excerpts from pool reports by Sheryl Stolberg of the New York Times on the Senate gig. I assume by the remarks this is Jewish Miami money, not Latino.

The private fundraiser is a dinner at the home of Judith and Michael Adler.

He is apparently CEO of a large real estate company here, but please do check. Their home is quite lovely, a yellow stucco affair . . .

At 7:17 pm, Obama addressed a group of approximately 70 people under a large tent outside of the Adler home in Miami Beach, Florida, seated at seven or eight round tables.

As a recap, the fundraiser benefitted Sen. Bill Nelson, and the DSCC (Sen. Patty Murray also attended this second fundraiser).

“We’re among friends here, you don’t have to stand on ceremony,” Obama says as he goes to the front of the small tented area.

He also talked a bit about his meeting with Jewish organizations at the White House this week.

“All the forces that we see building in Egypt are the forces that should be naturally aligned with us. Should be aligned with Israel,” Obama continued.

“I told them we have to be sober, we can’t be naive about the changes that are taking place in the Middle East. Our commitment to Israel’s security is inviolable, is sacrosanct,” he said. “But we should not be afraid,” of what’s happening in the region, he continued.

Well, fine, but the Israeli leadership sure is afraid. I’ll take Mossad’s analysis of the situation over Obama’s, but I hope very much the president is right.

He’d better hope he’s right if he wants Florida’s 27 electoral votes.

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25 Responses to Obama Raises $1 Million in Miami

  1. I am not Jewish, but married a Jew, none of my relatives would vote for Obama, even those that voted for him in ’08.
    He is no friend of Israel, he seems to be pro Muslim, they hate the health care bill, even worse he skipped the funeral of the Polish President, and Moo pawed the Queen..Utterly disrespectful on both counts..
    The Adler’s should be ashamed of themselves. Most Jews are obsessive about education and hard work.They do not approve of folks who look to the gov’t to give them a life. They are probably the most charitable people on earth.
    So there we were, all those years ago, a Jewish Marine officer, and an Irish Catholic red head. Not exactly Stiller and Meara..but we have had nearly as many laughs, and they said it would never last.

    • Talking about useful idiots, here is a great book:

      EXPOSING CHE GUEVARA: And the useful Idiots who Idolize Him
      By Umberto Fontova

      When I lived in Seattle, I ventured into Coffee Messiah ( a ‘rad’ coffee shop near Capitol Hill, one of hundreds of little, coffee shops that take pride in not serving Starbucks ) where the “Women’s Revolutionary Collective” was having a rousing meeting. As I payed for a cup of coffee I overheard clapping, laughing, and very abrupt female voices. I picked up a flyer as I grabbed my coffee; the meeting agenda was on:

      “The Sexual Dimensions of Che: What it means to be Marxist-Feminist in American Society.”

  2. Surely this report is wrong.

    Democrats are supported by the poor and downtrodden. They only stockpile their money from organic grassroots donations by hard working middle class Americans. They are for the people, by the people. It’s the Republicans that rub gold-plated elbows with those iky rich people! Yuck!

    Tell me when they print the correction so I can read all about how some hateful right-wing extremist Republican hosted a dinner where they drank $200 bottles of wine, dined on short ribs and socialized with bankers, oil execs and lobbyists. The world will feel righted again once I read all about how they discussed all sorts of ways to rid the world of old, sick and poor people. And children. Sick and poor children especially. Because we right-wing extremists hate nothing more than poor sick children. Without health insurance.

    Oh wait – something about that dinner scenerio sounds awfully familiar…

  3. I thought Jews (my people!) were over their self-hatred enough to see through the Obama ruse when it comes to them. Guess not, at least when it comes to the really wealthy ones.

  4. Good for them. They have a $1million laying around that isn’t needed for their personal expenses and gave it to the Dems.
    These rich people must like the Dem agenda and taxing policies. They were probably cheering on the Dems to raise the income tax on the rich, (very altruistic of them).
    They are anxious for Obamacare to take effect so that their wealth can be redistributed to the less fortunate (very generous of them).
    They must have been so relieved when our Treasury started to devalue our dollar so that they wouldn’t have to carry the embassment of wealth.
    Kudos to the wealthy Florida Dems! Good Americans.

    • This is how I feel, SrDem, when Cavuto, that Art Laffer, O’Reilly, etc say “everyone is going to have to take a haircut, or pitch in, or suffer…” I think, yeah, in your $2000 suit…bite me.

      • LOL! Exactly.

        The super-uber rich will never have to take a pinch. We will. I am very, very, very ANTI-business when it comes to giving corporations extensive tax breaks and subsidies. They should pay the same rate the people pay, based upon the standard curve.

        GRANTED: You cannot kill the goose (the rich) that lays the golden egg (investment), otherwise you get Obamacare (death panel).

  5. By the way, the Libyan ambassador was on Shep Smith’s show (i saw the tail-end, Smith annoys me) and was begging the US to come save Libya…Smith seriously intoned–is this a formal request. Yes, Yes…Smith said he’d tell the State Dept. This is all Loony Tunes now.

    • Shep Smith is a closet liberal. I don’t mind it … because most of the time he is fair and balanced, but occassionally his liberalism does show through. He also plays for our team (like Hillary). Did I say that?

      • I heard that about Shep but I am more worried about his obsession with bears. If I have to see that bear fall on that trampoline one more time…

  6. As the Soetar…oooops, Obama adminstration is supposedly ‘the most transparent’ eveh…will the DNC even cover a PORTION of the travel expenses/local LEO charges for this little soiree???

    Yes I know…I should be writing comedy.

  7. Don’t be believe in what Obama has said in this fund raiser,He mislead you totally. How could he be for Israel if he refuses to denounce the Muslim Brotherhood and call the attack on the American soldiers in Germany a terrorist act. He still supports the Islamic idea of Sharia law and is an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who supports Obama almost 100% of the time also has not condemmed the Muslim Brotherhood either.

  8. Joe Goldner who strongly supports Israel and the Jewish community has denounced the Muslim Brotherhood and called them a terrorist group. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has not and does not truly support Israel and the Jewish community. Vote Joe Goldner for congress in district 20 in 2012.

  9. The audacity is you begging for a billion dollars
    to run a campaign for 4 more years, while only half way thru your current term/butchering of this one..

  10. While American left wing Jews are firm in their blind support of Obama, Israelis are against him 10-1. I think when your life is on the line, you see through the BS Obama sprays out. I hope our allies will consider the source of our current policies and give us another chance at national character when these Marxists are gone. Obama consistently says one thing and does the opposite.

  11. I was an English Lit major and for the life of me I cannot make sense of those last two sentences. Gobbledegook is what this is.