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Michelle Avoids Ordering Red Meat or Ribs

OK, see, we’ve been picking on the first lady around here, prompting a national discussion of her penchant for serving and eating fattening meals while telling children they have to learn to consume seeds and grass.

Now I don’t know about this one. She went with the first lady of Mexico to Equinox restaurant in downtown Washington yesterday. Here’s what she ate:

Pulled chicken salad with toast cashews and frisee with arugula pesto – I don’t know what some of that is – as well as a side of macaroni and cheese and a “taste” of artichoke gnocci with black trumpet mushrooms. The two first ladies shared Lemon Ricotta Fritters and Caramel Hazelnut Truffles for dessert.

You know, it depends what they threw on the chicken after they pulled it, right? And what’s frisee? Is that like, “Hey, it’s F-in frisee in here – get me my jacket?”


I don’t know. I’m thinking I give her a pass for not ordering herself a porterhouse. But she’s got to work on the Mac ‘n Cheese thing.

You’re getting there, Mrs. Obama.

Now, Achtung! LET’S MOVE!

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  1. Run the calorie count.

    I bet you this meal was as caloric as the last hoedown she wrangled when they were livin’ large in Colorado on the people’s dime.

    I am used to running calorie counts on normal foodstuffs; I’ll try my hand at this and post what I find. If its under 1,500 calories she’s ok, as that is the accepted U.S. Government Food Pyramid standard (per meal) based upon a carbohydrate, protein and fat calorie breakdown. (I keep my clients to 900 – 1,200 calories for quick bodyfat loss).

    This hostess donut has not lost her swirls…

    1. I think you’re correct Tom. This was one of the most calorie-laden meals yet. Just take a look at the menu and add the carmelized truffles and arugula pesto that isn’t on the website. She has no sense of embarassment only a sense of entitlement.

      Gnocchi of Jerusalem Artichoke with Black Trumpet Mushrooms 12
      Florida Rock Shrimp, Haricot Verts, Piquillo Pepper ButterLezlee

      Pulled Chicken Salad 19
      Dried Cranberries, Toasted Cashews, Frisée Lettuce

      Truffled Macaroni and Cheese 12
      Elbow Macaroni, Vermont Cheddar

      Warm Lemon Ricotta Fritters 12
      Meyer Lemon Ice Cream, Mascarpone Gel,
      Candied Almonds

      1. Correct.

        I know this is going to sound bad … why can’t she take a cue from Bill Clinton, be a bit daring, wear some jeans, and go to McDonald’s in the Greater Washington D.C. area to have a Big Mac and a coke? Is the food nutritious? No. Does America eat here? Yes. Talk with the counter staff, shake hands, laugh, enjoy yourself, have a soda, play with the kids.

        Mrs. Obama is so intent on living on the largess that when people criticize here, the WH doesnt understand.

        WHO IN THE UNITED STATES eats candided almonds? Truffled macaroni? Frisee lettuce? WTF? Frisee?

        1. Right! Clinton understood to go to McDonald’s and get himself a McMuffin after his morning jog. But Michelle? I guess the two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun are not locally grown.

          1. First Lady: Yes, hi, I hope you all are having a, er, great day! [ White House press pool begins taking photographs as the crowd is held back by Secret Service; local news stations on scene; Mrs. Obama smiles, waves to camera, dressed in striking outfit by Dior ]

            McDonald’s cashier: Wow, thanks Mrs. Obama for stopping by! We appreciate you coming into our restaurant! Wow, I have never met anyone so-

            First Lady: Yes, well, uh, er, uh, hmm, ok, yes, I hope you are ALL doing well [ turns to White House aid, to say something, turns back around ], yes, well, I would like to order a … uh, hmm, do you carry Kobe beef?

            McDonald’s Cashier: Kobe- what? Kobe Bryant?

            First Lady: No! [ smile ], no, no, no Kobe beef hamburgers. You know, k-o-b-e beef – its japanese, grain fed beef in Ja- never mind.

            McDonald’s Cashier: Uhm, no. Just what our value menu says ma’am. I’m sorry. I dont know what that is. Can I get you a Value Meal on the house?

            First Lady: Well, ahum. Well. [ turns to White House aid and says something and makes striking sound against fist ] well great! Ok, I will take a Pelligrinno … you DO have bottled water, right? RIGHT? [ First Lady turns to WH Aide, following conversation captured by ABC News mic: “Get me my office. NOW. These trolls don’t even have bottled water. WHAT am I to do? Get Barack on the phone. What? He’s where? The White House kitchen? WHAT? Hot wings? GET HIM ON THE PHONE …. NOW ].

            McDonald’s Cashier: [ begins crying ]

  2. Yet Moo’s message is out there. I spoke to my 3 year old granddaughter today. Her lunch at pre school was peas, corn, carrots, a banana and a ‘brown bun.’ [probably whole wheat roll}
    Thank God she has a good mommy who brought her home and gave her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..She was hungry..She would have loved Moo’s lunch, especially the mac and cheese and chicken..Goodies for me but not for thee..or something!

  3. “Frisee” — a curly endive called chicory in the U.S. or a technique in which greens are “lightly wllted” with oil. I suspect it was the latter because I find it hard to imagine raw chicory with pesto on top — though that would approximate what cows eat.

    They shared TWO desserts, so essentially each had a full dessert.

    This is phony healthy eating.
    I’ll give MoochMO a C+ for trying to fake the appearance.

  4. In keeping in the spirit of all things Me!chelle Antoinette Obama…I too am eating Mac and Cheese.

    My local Tar-Jay had the Kraft tall, skinny (oops, I am being sizest?) blue box on SALE for .89 each!!!

    A culinary DELIGHT in the ObamEconomy!

    1. I love mac and cheese and the only kind I’ve had in the last 10 years is Lean Cuisine. It must be one of the most calorie and cholestrol-laden dishes around. I would literally die of hypocrisy, if there is such a thing, to be MO and be seen eating it in public.

  5. Lemon Riccota Fritters; lemon flavored cream-cheese dipped in batter, then fried.
    Artichoke Gnocci; artichokes mashed into a potato based paste, then baked.
    Caramel Hazelnut Truffles; a brown sugar candy-like syrup with chopped hazelnuts formed with a sugar based fluff into a round shape.
    Mac & Cheese; no explanation needed.
    Pulled chicken salad; poached or baked chicken meat pulled from the bone and mixed with some sort of salad dressing.
    Lots of fat, sugar and calories in this lunch. Bet it was yummy, too.

  6. Every time I see the hypocrisy of the ruling class, it riles me up. How can anyone get riled up after reading this? I’m learning so much about how the other half lives. Thanks for the frisee explanation Anonna. Next time we head into town, I’ll have to ask the restaurant waitperson if they have some of that frisse for me to try. Hope it tastes better than it sounds.

      1. I wonder if Michelle left a tip….

        Liberals are known for either *not* tipping, being chincy and leaving only 10% on a large order or bitching at the management to get a free meal. Back when I was a Stonewall Democrat – the leader of our group would show us how to get out of tipping, by arguing about the quality of the food to get a free meal. This was called “egalitarian noshing” he said. Later, I called it “robbery.”

        1. I used to wait regularly on a senior, very liberal Clinton aide at a restaurant in Georgetown. Gave 10 percent every time. One day when he was unhappy with the service he gave $1, just to rub it in.

          1. Cheap bastards. Liberals are the worst, by far. I found that the *best* people who tipped were AMWAY salesmen (while they tried to get you into the ‘circle’), Pastors and evangelists and …. wait for it … Jews! Yep, I found that some of the best tippers (and most gracious) were little old Jewish couples who came in to eat. They appreciated great service and tipped well above the standard rate.

            I used to work at an Italian restaurant in Houston to make ends meet. Every week this enormous, globulant creature (about 350 lbs) would come in with his ‘buddies’ and they would torture the restaurant for 3-4 hours: get this, get that, not enough water, coffee, tea, more pasta, more this, more that …. bitch, bitch, bitch. And they *never* left a tip. Nothing. No cash, no credit card, just paid the hefty bill and left. This went on for a month.

            They returned a week later and our manager stopped them at the door and told them to go somewhere else. Mind you these were *powerful attorneys* – VERY rich, very powerful, well connected. They simply could not beleive it. We cheered the manager when he came back in. We lost a couple hundred dollars in revenue but we refused to put up with non-tipping clientele. Wait staff we are, slaves we are not.

          2. The best tippers are former servers and bartenders. I laughed recently at Chelsea Handler when she said she had never spit in anyone’s food during her years as a server–“No one would know,” she said, “what are you going to do, high-five yourself?”

  7. What does Michelle Obama eat behind the scenes? Dishes of ice cream?
    Orders of fries from the WH kitchen?

    What she eats in public or lets known to the public is just the tip of the massive iceberg.

  8. Michelle Obama didn’t order a lobster. She probably thinks she deserves a Nobel Prize for that amazing restraint.

    1. I ran a quick calorie count on everything (including dessert) and came up with 2,340 calories total. Mrs. Obama is over her required calories by double (and this includes the dessert) if we accept the current USDA standards for caloric ingestion:

      …. and in a related story, the Associated Press has reported today that the White House, with the consent of First Lady Michelle Obama, has established the position of “Calorie Czar”, to be held by:

      1. Hmmm..Calczar…calzone….well, this is how my mind works, what can I say? Hey, Michelle, Sat was my birthday and I had ice cream, here’s to ya!

  9. When I see Mooshelle and imagine her eating it reminds me of the skit on SNL with the Gap girls..( Spade,Farley,and Sandler)When they was eating/sharing the french fries in the food court and Farley stuffing his face, breaks from the girl character and goes”LAY OFF I’M STARVING.”)
    It’s the only way I can look at this woman with out that feeling from when you cough and throw up a lil in your mouth…Tasty
    Yeah,Something maybe wrong with me,but Im not the one trying to become the king round here am I

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