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Darrell Issa Starts Probing Obamaland

The Obama administration is about to get a new dose of accountability in addition, you know, to what it gets from White House Dossier.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who took over the investigative panel in January following the the Republican victory in November, is starting to crank out subpoenas and launch investigations.

Every administration needs oversight, and this administration has had next to none. That’s going to change.

As first reported by Pajamas Media yesterday, Issa along with Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) just sent a letter to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro demanding to know why she tapped someone to represent the agency in the Bernie Madoff matter who had profited from Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Issa has already subpoenaed Department of Homeland Security officials to answer questions about the possible politicization of the timing of the release of documents.

But Issa will have to steer clear of his own politicization. The Oversight panel is an easy tool to be used to create political circuses out of questionable allegations. If he wants to conduct investigations that have force and can resist the inevitable charges of “smear” from the White House, he’ll need to pick his fights and make sure they are necessary ones.

There will be plenty of corruption, incompetence, and impropriety in the Obama administration to legitimately root out. Not because the Obamaites are different than others who have run the country, but because they are not.

Here’s Issa’s mission statement. It’s long on sanctimony. We’ll see if he’s serious.

13 Responses to Darrell Issa Starts Probing Obamaland

  1. Issa will be in between crosshairs of the liberal media and you can be sure the White House will be pushing this.

    Issa will probably find so much corruption that it almost be impossible to prosecute; but he can shed light on it, because we have the internet, the new media and FOX. Issa needs to throw open the gates of Hell (the Obama Whitehouse) and let the people see the mass corruption, stupendous spending and insane legislation.

    GO ISSA!

    • Ooo–you said crosshairs…

      I sort of like Issa, but if he’s too heavy-handed it could make the pres an underdog.

      The NYT today is all over the so-called lower unemployment rate…the evil Republicans who stay up nites thinking of ways to make the country suffer, etc. When I see a comment about “green shoots finally appearing,” I check to see if it’s Biden’s Mom.

      • Smoke and mirrors. The unemployment rate didn’t go down, the number of people who are receiving enemployment benefits went down.
        150,000 jobs created, 50 million Americans on food stamps, 15 million unemployed and things are getting worse.

        • Well put – “smoke and mirrors.”

          I heard Rick Santelli this morning and said that the “algorithym” used to put these numbers together is simply false and I agree. Rush later expounded on it.

          • They are cooking the books. The election is just around the corner and as Rush said no other president, with the exception of FDR, has been re-elected when the unemployment rate is above 8%.

  2. Political realities are that favors are traded, patronage is rightful spoils of victory, deals are cut behind closed doors and actual corruption is hard to uncover and prove.
    The search for proof of corruption will undoubtably cross the political aisles and not many have clean hands.

    • Budweiser is the #1 beer in America.
      Guess whose wife owns the only Budweiser distributorship in all of Arizona? (SenMcCain’s wife.)

      • Not sure I am seeing the drift, SrDem..are you saying she is corrupt–Cindy? She does a lot of charity work! McCain married well, shall we say. She didn’t get that because she was married to him…

        • The corruption or political largess happened here in AZ years ago.
          MrsMcCain was the only child and only heiress to the company.
          MrMcCain was married to his first wife when he began courting Cindy. It wasn’t until after his divorce and remarriage that he was the GoldenBoy candidate.

          • Ah– I see what you are saying…And yes, I do remember that dumping one for another deal…why do so many pols do that–just bec they can?

      • I do remember the McCain saga … very Gingrich-esque in the way he left his wife, jumped ship for SS BUDWEISER. I won’t fault him, as I have never been married and to keep a marriage healthy it must be 50-50; McCain also apologized profusely for his actions and said that the marriage was a failure because of his mistakes.

  3. Will it be in Issa’s arena to investigate the amount of money that MoochMO, our FLOTUS, has spent on her staff, travels, including vaycays and trips that were billed as drop-ins to help kids move their *sses? How about her “going on the road” with “fun and excitement” to support military families? How about the numerous private parties the WH has been having? How about the cost of flying in that personal trainer several times a week?

    Is there any restriction on the amount that can be spent for personal matters such as parties by the FIrst Couple of Cons?