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Why the Rising Price of Gas May Sink Obama

The instability in the Middle East holds a hidden peril for President Obama. As oil prices skyrocket, his reelection prospects may be plummeting.

There is strong historical evidence to suggest that gasoline prices, whether people realize it or not, figure prominently in voters’ choices in a presidential election.

According to an analysis of data from the Department of Energy, in every election but one, stretching all the way back to 1976, if the price of gasoline was higher on Election Day than four years before, the incumbent president or the candidate of his Party seeking to succeed him LOST.

The price at the pump has a lot to do with our sense of well being. It  is a point of frustration or satisfaction we recognize every few days when we go to fill up.

What’s more, gas prices ripple throughout the economy, affecting the prices we pay for other products that must rely on oil to for transport and other energy needs. And when prices rise, it harms the economy, effectively transferring billions in wealth out of the United States and into countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

The only exception to the Presidential Pump Price Predictor occurred in 2004, when the average price on Election Day was $2.03 per gallon for regular gas compared to $1.54 in 2000. George W. Bush won reelection, but just barely, and against a deeply flawed candidate – John Kerry – during time of war.

P060409PS-0053The pattern resumed in 2008, when the presidency again switched parties as gas become more expensive. The price had risen to $2.40 on Election Day and Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain.

Of course, there are many things that go into a presidential election. But a factor that has been consistent in eight out of the last nine presidential elections cannot be ignored.

The price of gasoline last week was $3.38 per gallon, about a dollar higher than the day Obama was elected.

9 thoughts on “Why the Rising Price of Gas May Sink Obama”

  1. Most people associate the rise in fuel cost with how much more they pay to fill the car or pickup’s gas tank. But, more important is how this increase affects our farmers who lose money on current crops, the trucking industry that adds “fuel adjustments” to every shipment and the ripple effect that raises the cost of everything. If fuel rises to $4 a gallon or above, we’ll see a combination of galloping inflation and economic depression.

    Who gets the blame? of course it’s the President.
    Any political opponent who wishes to retire MrO has only to promise to remove the barriers to drilling for oil on our soil or off-shore.

    1. Correct. It is the ripple effect.

      Obama will lose this election if the gas prices are high; *ANY REPUBLICAN* candidate simply has to stand up and ask: “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” The answer will be no. We vote with our dollars. And remember folks, were are at the beginning of the beginning on Middle East revolutions. There is more to come. More countries to fall, higher POL prices, higher everything.

      I think Obama’s fate has been sealed with his silence on human rights, inaction on foreign policy and domestic spending and outrageous lifestyle when “on vacation.” Americans are now paying nearly $5 at the pump and Obama is eating lobster and his wife is chowing down on prime rib.

  2. The 45% approval of our sometime president, is a caution to all opposing candidates..
    He really answers the question’ what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?’
    It seems as if the ‘racist’ cat has got the Republican’s tongue, whoever steps up first is going to be clobbered by the Race Industry. Bear in mind, if you are an inner city person, a college student, or a rich old hippie, you have bigger fish to fry than the price of gas. In fact, I will wager that a lot of folks with um..funny looking will be given gas cards to ‘get out the vote.’ Put nothing past these Chicago thugs.
    I agree with you under normal circumstances, but we now live in the Naked Emperor’s Kingdom.

    1. “Race Industry” = great word.

      The Democrats are expert at the use of Marxist innuendo and use of the straw man arguement. Unfortuantely, none of the Republicans has the GUTS to stand up to them; they are too busy swilling cocktails at Murphy’s or playing golf to give a damn.

      BTW, anyone hear the Sorkin interview this morning on CNBC? Rush played it on his show today. WOW.

  3. As I think about it, I have to say that I might be well pleased to pay upwards of $3.00 a gallon in order to send Barry packing. Even $4.00 sometime around October/November 2012, to seal the deal.

  4. I just hope the fuel purchasing man at Southwest Airlines hedged and went long in the futures market like when he did when oil went to $140/bbl. I still want to fly..

  5. Obama continues to prove to me he was to destroy America in order to create his socialist society. This man is literally killing me. The gas prices are draining me to a point that I want to scream. I am paying $20 a day to go to work and that doesn’t include tolls. That is $400 a month. I have no money for anything extra. I am working just so I can get to work. Hey Obama! Can I live!

    Obama is the worst!

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