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Obama: Qadaffi Must Leave, Like, NOW

President Obama today said Muamar Qadaffi “has lost the legitimacy to lead, and he must leave.”

Appearing at the White House for a news conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Obama spoke in a forceful manner.

Let me just be very unambiguous about this: Colonel Qadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. That is good for his country. That is good for his people. It is the right thing to do. Those around him have to understand that violence that they perpetrate against innocent civilians will be monitored, and they will be held accountable for it.

Obama announced no concrete steps to aid the Libyan rebels, and suggested that establishing a No Fly Zone is merely under consideration.

Speaking from Tripoli, Qadaffi immediately called his own news conference and announced he was headed to Caracas.

“Before, Obama was a bit ambiguous,” Qadaffi said. “Now, not only is he being unambiguous, he is being VERY unambiguous, and I’m about as frightened as a dictator can be. I just got off the phone with a nice lady at Delta Airlines, and I’m out of here on the morning flight.”

Qadaffi also announced that his team of Hot Blond Ukrainian Chicks, who recently abandoned him, had been replaced by an equally sizzling posse of Belarusian women.

“Some of them are brunettes, but I guess I’m not really in a position to make the perfect the enemy of the good,” Qadaffi said, chuckling to himself.

14 Responses to Obama: Qadaffi Must Leave, Like, NOW

  1. Some of us feel our leader should leave NOW, too–but he doesn’t agree and doesn’t leave. So now what? Do you think this statement would make Quaddafi leave? Give up a formerly plum job as dictator?

  2. oBLAHma…What a waste of my time to listen to him speak..
    Im so sick of this windbag and his air he spews..Its our fault Mexico cant control their country?When could they?Im 40 and as long as Ive been alive Ive never known them to manage…
    A real president would of took some of that monorail money he wants so desperate to spend and completed the barrier..They climb up and over?So cover it in electrified razor wire and leave the bodies that get stuck.Im sorry we have enough real problems to deal with,it needs a quick fix.If that dont work,put 20,000 national guard troops in there and clean house. We have pressing problems…
    Lybia? A few cruise missiles in the compound,a no fly zone and a threat to any survivors will do.. 2 weeks tops…Instead you sit and beg everyone else to help you solve it cause REAL world leaders have a thing called experience.
    The terror attack in Germany…Just cant say terrorist part can you?
    Iran?Time for a blockade.Period,its time for the next step,Should of backed the green movement huh….
    The DPRK? Let them fall apart and if they try to launch anything off that rocket pad,destroy it and the Kim household, LIL Jerk needs to get knocked off too.
    Somalia pirates? Wanna be pirates huh…Catch and release overboard.Make them walk the plank.Sink the mother ships and bomb the harbors..
    But no….
    oBLAHma wants to bash Israel for building apartments,and that darn pesky WI Governor messin with my funding base,While being the pimp in chief,while his wife eats everything in site.Ill bet its fend for your self at that dinner table
    Oh yeah and the tea party is against him cause of his color…???
    No its because you cant run the government without screwing up everything single thing you touch….AND some you shouldn’t.
    Alienating friends and coddling enemies…
    The enemies of this country know he is weak and they are laughing at us.
    Wake up and do your job.

  3. the original Mike & JE:

    Listen, I don’t mind sharp disagreement, but we’ve got to keep it to the issues and not make it personal. I want everyone to treat each other respectfully on this blog, so I would ask that you keep it civil and not engage in personal attacks or insults. Feel free to personally attack and insult public figures – or me! – but not each other please. Thanks.


  4. I have explained rules for commenting to “The Original Mike” and he has indicated he is not willing to follow them, so his comments have been removed and he has been banned from future comment. I have also removed comments of others on the thread that involved him so as to avoid confusion.

    • Wow–I was about to put the Institute on Civil Discourse on red alert!

      As for Armageddon…I am sticking with the idea that we could be in midst of it and not notice…with the 24-hr news cycle and all.

      I had a weird “here’s your sign” deal last weekend. On Wed before, we have been talking about birds on Facebook and I mentioned that a Great Blue Heron had walked into my pond out back a few yrs ago hoping for a nice lunch of goldfish. Some people said ooo, they loved GBH’s etc. Then on Sat, I was watching TV and looked out and the GBH was standing 10 feet from the patiio door–he (she?) was five feet tall on land! I screamed at my kid to look outside, but she didn’t. I finally went to the door and only then did he floomp up into the tree–like a chopper! About half an hour later, when I was in my room listening to an audiobook, my kid came home (she hadn’t even been home–she has her own entrance) and screamed, “Mom! There is a HUGE bird out there–HUGE!!!” I said I know, etc… THEN, about half an hour later in the audiobook I was listening to, Dean Koontz’s BREATHLESS, a character sees a Great Blue Heron and wonders what it “means.” Pretty cool, huh? I later googled and the Native Ams thought they were a sign of wisdom, a good omen. These omens need to really spell it out for me, though–use your words, omens!