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Obama Condemns Soldiers’ Murders

President Obama suddenly appeared in the briefing room to express outrage at the attacks in Germany today that killed two U.S. servicemen and wounded two others.

The gunman, an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo described as a devout Muslim, was shouting “Allah Akhbar” as he committed the attack.

Obama addresses the murders in Germany. Photo by Keith Koffler
Obama addresses the murders in Germany.
Photo by Keith Koffler

“I’m saddened and I am outraged by this attack that took the lives of two Americans and wounded two others. I think the American people are united in expressing our gratitude for the service of those who were lost,” Obama said.

“Michelle and I have their family and their friends in our thoughts and prayers and we are praying for a speedy recovery for those who were injured,” he continued. “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place and in working with German authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

Obama declined to answer questions, rebuffing shouted queries on the situation in Libya by saying he would take questions on it tomorrow when he meets with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

14 thoughts on “Obama Condemns Soldiers’ Murders”

  1. When I heard about the attacks I guessed it was from the ROP. I’m sure most people thought the samething whether they will admit it or not.
    I hated that we were on the side of Kosovo during the war. I don’t think it changed muslim hatred for us one bit. Unfortunately, the only thing that could possibly work is fear. They have to fear us, and that will never happen.

  2. … brought to you by the practioners of the Religion of Peace. It is always the Islamofascists.

    I am sorry … but the President’s response was *pathetic.* He took no questions, read from prepared remarks and clearly had no “fight” in his belly. Do you think he is going to go after the “perpetrators”? Absolutely not. In fact, like Bill and Hillary, Obama probably regrets having to meet the families of the slain servicemen when the bodies are returned home. All that emotional gobbledegook.

    I just read a great article today by Ruth Marcus (Washington Post) about the “Where’s Waldo? Presidency?”

    It details why this Presidency has been neither black, nor white, but opaque.

  3. I don’t recall MrO being particularly “outraged” at the mass murders at FortHood, or the murders of American citizens by Mexican outlaws or the murders of American citizens by Somalian pirates to name a few other outrages.
    It’s time for our Prez to acknowlege and proclaim that, yes, we are at war with people of the Moslem faith. They wish to kill us, all of us. What they cannot kill, the Muslims wish to subjugate by terror activities and a forced Sharia law enforcement.

    1. SRDEM, good call.

      I also remember the President being quite calm and collected after Fort Hood, but after Tucson “shocked.”

  4. “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place…”

    Obviously the Obama Regime State Run Media will arrive at the conclusion that ‘talk radio, Sarah Palin, the TeaParty, the Republican State Senators in Wisconsin and the general lack of civility” caused this ‘troubled’ young man to ‘act out.’

    (Awaiting Trademark for that standard reply).

  5. Andy from Beaverton

    I wonder if the terrorist lived on Bill Clinton Boulevard in Pristina? Or maybe he was one of the 100,000 missing according to Jamie Shea? Why would a Muslim from Kosovo kill American troops after we gave them the independence that they didn’t deserve. General Lewis Mackinzie was right about the NATO war and indepence:

    I bet Democrats and leftist who heard the news about the shooting thought one of the following:
    1. The shooter was a Nazi
    2. The shooter was a Serb from Kosovo
    3. The shooters religious beliefs had nothing to do with it
    4. What did we do to cause him to shoot our soldiers?

    1. He murdered our troops because HE was Muslim and the target was an infidel – plain and simple.

      These savages are straight out of Hell, itself. And if you think today’s Islamic savagery is bad, read the history of the 13th SS (Muslim) Handschar Division in Jugoslavia; they murdered, raped and tortured the way across Yugoslavia, to such an extent the Nazi’s were forced to disband the unit because of their cruelty and base savagery.

      Islamofascism is the new enemy; its the new Cold War. We must fight it, by killing every Islamofascist we find. When we find Osama Bin Laden, he needs to be immediately executed, not placed on trial, then drawn and quartered. Remember what happened in New York …

  6. He must have a list of those talky $10 words–unacceptable, outrageous, blah blah… Why not show some passion–“This is horrible!”

  7. I know that it’s not right to judge attitude from one candid photo, but this one made me smile bec our Fearful Leader looks SO pissed off that yet another muslim has undermined his campaign to have us see this encroaching theocracy as just a bunch of nice democracy minded people who love us.

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