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Hillary Tailors U.S. Policy to Suit Nutjobs

Get me my smelling salts please. I almost passed out when I saw this, and there’s still a chance I will faint. I’ve placed pillows around my desk just to prevent injury.

We are now trying to conduct foreign policy while cowering in a corner wondering what the maniacs of the world will think of us.

This is what Hillary Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday.

If you follow, as we follow, all of the websites that are looking at what’s happening in the Middle East, you see a constant drumbeat that ‘the United States is going to invade Libya to take over the oil’ — and we can’t let that happen.

So now, not only are we putting aside U.S. interests while we try to appease Arab opinion – they will despise us no matter what – but we are trying TO PLACATE LUNATICS.

Is she really serious? Do I understand that we can’t take action on Libya because of some fantasy that we are seizing the oil wells? How about if we are accused of seeking world domination for the International Zionist Conspiracy? I guess we should watch the websites for that too.

Nutty Arab bloggers are now driving U.S. foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton in Muslim garbThis is what animates the thinking at the White House and at Foggy Bottom: What will people think? How can we gain the esteem of the Muslim world? How can we get fanatics to understand us better so they will stop saying bad things about us and doing bad things to us?

The Muslim world will not love us. Societies that produce vast mobs that gang rape a Western reporter are not ready to embrace Western ideals. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. Egypt is in all likelihood headed down a bad path.

These are failed societies, and they will for the forseeable future resent successful societies like ours.The only question is whether they will respect us. And the most important question is whether the enemies we have in the Muslim world will fear us.

Our “outreach” and our concern with their perceptions of us is perceived as weakness. And, being closer to a state of nature than we are, on this point they are smarter, and they are right.

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  1. Keith, of all the articles you have written, this is certainly the bravest. No doubt the beltway establishment’s current occupants will not be happy (to say the least) but this article provides inside into why the Obama Administration, to use an old Scottish phrase, “is aw’a w’ th’ fairies.” The next time you venture to the White House, watch your six.

    Our reality in the Middle East should never be based upon the perception of Al Jazeera, HuffPo or DailyKos, yet, in reality, it is. American foreign policy decisions are based upon opinion polls very much like Bill Clinton’s decision to send troops to Somalia in 1993 were based on a dozen opinon polls, TIME news story and wall-to-wall coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN of starving children and crazed, lunatic tribesmen shooting AK47’s at UN aid workers. Convinced “action had to be taken,” without understanding the consequences or with planning, Clinton did, he sent troops, 19 Rangers were killed due to State Department failure to provide armor support (the Pakistani’s pulled our ass out of the fire during “Black Hawk Down”). And, like Vietnam, we pulled out … battered and bruised. America the Paper Tiger. It’s interesting … did Bill Clinton’s token of American support help? Nope. Somalia is worse off today – a literal African holocaust.

    All we can do, all we can *honestly* do is sit back and watch while Obama’s indecision on Libya and other places (and events) take her toll.

  2. When we first saw the photos of our Prez bowing to foreign leaders a gasp of disbelief was heard from coast to coast. The apology tour made us ashamed of our Prez and set hard feelings in the millions of Americans who risked their lives, whose loved ones gave their lives and who saw their money transferred to the very peoples who tried to destroy our country.

    This secretive and circular administration has no experience in foreign affairs.
    Under the leadership of MrsClinton and the direction of MrO,delicate negotiations are conducted with an eye to American political ramifications, not to the greater world stage. They seem to be making decisions based on the political left’s vision of how the world should operate, not on how it really is.
    SecretaryGates now says that Karzai is just misunderstood, that he really doesn’t approve of all the corruption in Afganistan. Really. All Karzai wants if for America to keep pumping money into his country, keep building all the infrastucture so he says what MrGates wants to hear and our StateDepartment leader doesn’t see this.

    • The bowing I simply don’t understand. Photos don’t lie. Obama has prostrated himself to at least a half dozen world leaders, half of them dictators. The liberal MSM were of course silent, but FOX and others covered this … which *shocked* the country no doubt. It’s never been explained by the President and Bill O’Reilly never even asked him. It has to be part of the Apology Tour, I am sure.

  3. Strange, isn’t it, Keith, that the posts on your blog that receive hundreds of comments are the ones in which you detail the royal lifestyle of the Prez and First MIssus? This is an important blog post, but only a few of us have commented.

    But when you pointed out that the Queen of “Let’s Move YOUR *ss” ladled up a fat-fest there were all sorts of people trying to prove that you’re racist.

    It is my suspicion that The One is owned by muslim foreign powers and that The One’s eager bow to the Saudi King was a bow of gratitude. The secret of the ownership is perhaps in the non-existent records of what money was given to his campaign while the monitors for credit cards were turned off. This guy owes someone something, or he is the most stubborn ideological moron ever given power over the lives of others.

  4. Mrs Clintons statement was revealing. It does not surprise me that this might be the way the Obama administration conducts its foreign policy. It is all about PR. And Obama is weak and insignificant.
    There is a lot of handwringing among European leaders too but from other reasons. I may be cynical but I think Europeans fear another big wave of immigrants, mostly Muslims. Libya is very, very close and it is very large and populous. Something needs to be done but what ? The Yugoslavian crisis comes to my mind and then the western reaction was fast and effective. But Libya is not Europe, the concerns are of another kind.

  5. Thank you for having the bravery to write this article. If the US is to survive, we need to have a leader who will defend this country with boldness and bravery. Right now we are being led by an appeaser who puts his own self-interests before his country’s. I share Anonna’s suspicion that our president is either owned or a rigid ideologue. He may be both. I do know that he is leading this country into a downward spiral we may never recover from.

    I discovered your blog from a link on the Drudge Report and have been following it ever since. You are probably the only Washington insider who tells it like it is. Thank you from this person out in flyover country who appreciates your honest and witty reporting.

    • Thanks Susan, those are very kind comments. I started this blog because I wanted to be as direct as possible and get around all the Washington politeness and group think, so I appreciate what you say and I’m glad you’re reading.