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The Peril for Obama in a Government Shutdown

Many Democrats believe a government shutdown is their ticket to the reelection of President Obama and other gains in the 2012 election.

Not so fast.

A shutdown holds great peril for both sides, and Obama is not in the same position as Bill Clinton was going into the 1995-96 standoff, which helped propel Clinton to reelection.

The dangers for both Republicans and Obama are why there is unlikely to be a federal work stoppage, at least in the short run. Obama may very well lose this one, and I’m sure the White House knows it.

A Washington Post poll out today shows potential blame for a shutdown at a dead heat, with 36 percent saying they would blame Republicans and 35 percent saying Obama would be at fault.

But it’s important to note, as the Post does, that just before the 1995 faceoff got underway, a poll showed 46 percent said they would blame House Speaker Newt Gingrich and congressional Republicans while  27 percent who said Clinton would be the cause.

Republicans have learned from the searing experience of 1995-1996, and will not rerun the hubris of Gingrich, who assumed he had all the cards.

And House Speaker John Boehner is not the lightening rod Gingrich was. With his acerbic manner and high profile, Gingrich made the type of inviting target that the low-key Boehner does not.

Americans today are deeply concerned about the deficit, and Obama has spent two years doing nothing about it. What’s more, we’re much closer to the Election Day that brought the Republicans to power. The last shutdown occurred a full year after the GOP sweep of 1994.

It’s true, Obama has a bully pulpit that Republicans leaders don’t in order to spin his version of the fight. But Obama ain’t the same master of the bully pulpit Clinton was.

What’s forgotten is that Republicans nearly won the last shutdown battle. The Post also has a good rundown of the last go-round, showing how Republicans misplayed their hand after an initial victory.

Boehner was a member of the congressional leadership back then, and he has intricate knowledge of what went wrong. He won’t make the same mistakes.

9 thoughts on “The Peril for Obama in a Government Shutdown”

  1. Couldn’t we just do Libya’s shutdown–I am so sick of all this play acting and posturing I could pee-uke! Classy, what?

  2. I watched MSNBC this morning and the 1995 numbers they provided showed that MORE Americans beleived Bill Clinton was to blame for the shutdown; It was shocking as I had *always* been told Gingrich and Republicans were to blame (I am wondering if MSNBC had the numbers backwards). Savanah Guthrie was actually suprised and made mention this morning (Major Garrett, National Journal was on discussing the current numbers with Savanah and Chuck Todd) on The Daily Rundown. Garrett gave a pretty even-handed report on it, slightly tilted toward the Republicans.

    ITEM: Obama is no Clinton. Obama will lose on this one.

    Several reasons:
    1. The WH has been late-on-arrival on the human rights front (Iran, Egypt, Libya) and with foreign policy issues in general;

    2. Obama’s support for the unions, while they trash the State Capitol Building in Madison;

    3. Michelle Obama’s calorie crusade and the Obama’s partying (like its 1996) while Americans are hurting.

    The Republican’s are *experts* at talking points – they will not lose if there is a shutdown.

  3. I think that mimght be wishful thinking, Tom–he seems to sort of float along. It’s maddening. Not skill, not ideas, not eleoquence even, just one vague foot in front of the other while others take the stands that attract the opposition.

      1. Yep! A good long shutdown will give us an idea of what’s in our real future if we continue on the same path of spend, lie, spend, lie, spend, spend, spend…. Oh, almost forgot the party like Motown bit.

        1. The military, FBI, CIA, NSA and other defence agencies are designed to continue functioning during a shutdown. SHUTDOWN the EPA, the Education Agency and other burro-crats … let him starve. They have been on the American teet too long.

  4. Please wait until after I get my tax refund which is due by the 11th. I know, I know, only worried about the middle American me. Ha!

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