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Obama Flies his Trainer Out From Chicago

President Obama is reducing wastelines around the White House but increasing his carbon footprint, choosing to fly a personal trainer to Washington from Chicago every week in order to train the Frist Couple and several White House staffers.

“Buy local” apparently doesn’t extend to exercise gurus. And, I don’t know, seems like getting this trainer halfway across the United States every week must cost even more than John Edwards’ famous $400 haircut.

The New York Times wrote a glowing story about how this guy is keeping “the very fit president” and his aides in shape.

Can anyone imagine the uproar in the press if Bush or Cheney were flying a personal trainer in to work them out? But Obama is a Man of the People.

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog. The details tell a lot about a person. And this… the things Obama gets away with !
    Since living in the US during the eighties I have a deep interest in USpolitics. Reagan made the US admired and/or respected all over the globe. George W Bush was treated highly unfair by the media. Obama on the contrary is given a free ride whatever he does or says. But over here I think there is dawning awareness about his weakness. He makes the US look like a “paper-tiger”.

  2. Michelle Antoinette and King Barry never fail to offend. They are grifters and grabbers.

    MoochMO has spent so much money that I think it’s time to abolish the Office of the First Lady. It was meant to be an assist to the FLOTUS, not a readymade vehicle for spendning money, money, money.

  3. They have to use him because they can’t trust anyone else with their gluteus maximus secrets. They know only those crazy right wingers will care about the carbon credits used by the President for such a friviilous endeavor.

    No one gets near this President who hasn’t drunk the kool-aid.

    • Granny Jan: Great point. No one gets close to President Obama who has not drunk the kool-aid; you must be a dedicated Socialist, with ties to Labor, veganism, the TIDES Foundation, the APOLLO Foundation, or some wacky left-wing group to even make it into the inner sanctum.

  4. As a personal trainer living in Texas … I can assure you that the taxpayer is paying out the rear for his services, not to mention the flight costs, meals, hotel, etc. I could understand the $1,500 hotel room costs in Spain (the Obama’s wanted to splurge and they did), but this is the most *insane* use of taxpayer dollars ever, even if its not a million dollars – it is the abuse of taxpayer money that is the issue, not the amount.

    I checked Cornell McClellan’s website (Naturally Fit), but its down; there is only a site, with interestingly, no comments. His bio on the White House website:

    … has the usually ticket-punch leftist memberships – “Roots for Peace”, vegan lifestyle board member, Fit to Serve Service Award, African American Trainer’s Association membership. All necessary left-wing requirements to become the President’s trainer.

    Here is an interesting article from

    Although I agree with Mr. Clellan’s exercise and nutritional guidelines in the New York and Chicago Times articles … the media COMPLETELY missed the point: this is an abuse of taxpayer money!

  5. The O’s are newbe millionaires and they want to eat, live, dress and vacation like millionaires. If they were private citizens it wouldn’t matter how they spent their money. But, they’re not.
    As the POTUS, leading and governing over a country that is suffering from massive unemployment, financial disasters and a bleak future, it would be wise for MrO and his family to show some fiscal restraint in how they spend their money and ours
    The people are watching and we’re not impressed..

  6. This is such a Marie Antoinette moment…’let them eat…ahh, protein bars!’

    From the Times story one can read between the lines, that the US Taxpayer is INDEED paying for this largesse (no commentary intended upon hip/thigh size). Because face it, if the Obamas’ WERE paying, the Times headline would have breathlessly read ‘Obama Employs Chicago Independent Contract and Spurs Airline and Hotel Industry!’

    • Stay away from protein bars folks! There is no such thing as a “meal replacement”! Eat real food! Then, again I could be arrested by the Calorie Crusader Thought Police….

      • Whap whap–here come the black helos for sure! I once had a source tell me–we don’t eat nutrients–we eat FOOD. There is something in the incorporation into a food that makes the whole more than the sum of the vitamins.

        • Star, correct.

          I eat my eggs raw with two glasses of milk each morning, the same way my father ate them for nearly 55 years. I eat only organic eggs (as truthful as the advertising may be) so that nothing is cooked, changed or altered. An immediate infusion of pure protein into the body.

          As for other food … I have no clue as to what I am eating.

          Like the poster of the chicken that appeared years ago: “Please find the nugget on this bird.”

  7. Are there any words left for the way these two have complete disregard for the American public during our times of financial crisis?

  8. This story gives a good example of the problem we have with Obama. The bottom line is Obama is an extravagant big spender while the country is hurting. It is galling to see the Obamas think of themselves as big people where the rules do not apply to them as they do to the “little people”. The Press gives him a pass. Those who criticize him come across as picking on him. Obama and his supporters personalize things if they are criticized. Somehow we need to discuss the issues of what he is doing (or not doing) and not let the Press and his supporters twist it around and make us the villains.

    To me the first two years of his Administration were wasted. He should have worked on an energy plan and jobs creation instead of shoving Obamacare down our throats which the majority of people did not want.

  9. I am not 100% sure on the “very fit president” part. We never see a medical report–and he apparently eats a lot of rich food every day–not just on occasion. He is kinda spindly and his face looks haggard. .

    • To be honest, I am ready for a FAT PRESIDENT. Bring on the Jumbo Jackal from Jersey! Ho-Ho’s and honey buns at the innaugural! McDonald’s happy meals for the kids! Rush Limbaugh will light the First Presidential Cigar! Abolish the President’s Commission on Health and Fitness!

      Revolt! Revolt!

      ( Could someone pass the BBQ sauce for my McNuggets, please? Ah,thanks- )