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Obama Finally Has a Trade Agenda

In this Dutch news clip which caught comments I had missed, he’s shown offering Hu Jintao ideas for increasing trade between our two nations. Hu visited in January.

6 thoughts on “Obama Finally Has a Trade Agenda”

  1. Wow…sometimes the truth just slips out after a couple glasses of wine. I’m not sure the Chinese could handle the federal deficit (also known as baggage) that comes with our first lady.

  2. So is there a coincidence between this and the Treasury allocating China’s US treasury securities to the UK? Two weeks ago, the Treasury data files showed no real change in China’s position while the UK had doubled down. The latest Obama budget has shown some very creative accounting along with some simple addition errors. But why did someone under report China and over report the UK by over a quarter trillion?

    The news stories don’t say why the reported holdings of the UK were doubled, carrying the underrepresented China securities. I wish I downloaded a copy from two weeks ago when I told you guys.

    Here is the current data:


    Data from 2/19/2011
    Country 12/2010 12/2009
    China, Mainland 891.6 894.8
    Japan 883.6 765.7
    United Kingdom 2/ 541.3 180.3

    Data from 2/28/2011
    Country 12/2010 12/2009
    China, Mainland 1160.1 894.8
    Japan 882.3 765.7
    United Kingdom 2/ 272.1 180.3

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