As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Today || Schedule for Tuesday, March 1

4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Gates

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

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2 Responses to Obama Today || Schedule for Tuesday, March 1

  1. One of my clients the other day asked me “Why is Obama the way he is?”

    The only way I could answer was by telling him that Obama is a product of the left; the reason the left “is the way it is” is summed up by the 16-ton bronze statue of the mass murderer Vladamir Lenin in Seattle:

    From the Wikipedia article:

    In *any other* American city, a cultural hate crime such as this would not be allowed, but in Liberal-City-USA, it is celebrated, because its “liberal and affirming.” Vladamir Lenin, like Che, is a hero to the Left, to Labor, to activists around the world.

    Lenin was the godfather of modern terrorism and the creator and mastermind behind human extermination, i.e., the gulag system, which helped wipe out nearly 55,000,000 Russians, 1917-1953. Adolf Hitler modeled his system of concentration camps on Lenin’s creation.

    The Lenin Statue in Seattle is the basis for everything liberal: deep down, the Government, when in the hands of the left, is both God and Law. Politics trumps everything. The statue is a foundation, a basis, a thought process that explains the nature of the modern, American liberal: in the end, we win. In the end, those who oppose us will be defeated. In the end, you will not exist. In the end, Lenin’s propositions will usher in a new utopia. Just you wait and see.

    Barack Obama is a product of the American educational gulag, an archipeligo where thought, reason and application are not allowed: academia. Lenin pioneered the creation of a new thought process – total elimination of the opposition, so that there is no opposing viewpoint.

    The Lenin Statue today is celebrated in Seattle by Democrats, Socialist, Communists, anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic terrorist groups of all stripes. The statue is a silent salute to the sole obligation of the left – the complete and total elimination of any opposition to government control.

    Obama is the way he is because of his education and his ability to establish a frame of reference around that system of education and thought that relegates everything (science, religion, life) into politics. As Lenin remains in Seattle, a Father icon to the left, Obama is it’s prodigal son, evangelizing for the Social Justice, the gospel of Egalitarianism.