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Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal

First Lady Michelle Obama Sunday night stuffed about 2,200 calories worth of dinner into the nation’s governors, hosting a White House bash that pulled few punches on the fattening front despite her profile as the leader of a national crusade to trim the waistlines of the country’s youth.

President Obama is meeting with governors from both Parties at the White House today. Sunday night’s dinner was a kind of welcoming gala. It provided enough calories for an entire day’s worth of eating.

White House plate awaits huge deposit of calories.

What’s worse, several governors clearly are not malnourished and might have done well without dinner altogether.

The meal follows a recent State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao which probably forced him to put away about 2,900 calories. And a Super Bowl party where guests had access to eats totaling 3,600 calories.

Mrs. Obama is leading the “Let’s Move” campaign – which might also be known as the “Do as I say and Not as I Do” campaign – to reduce childhood obesity.

The first lady has not been shy about demonstrating her contention that healthy eating needs to balanced by some old fashioned cheating. She was seen just last weekend in Colorado chowing on a buffalo rib and has been photographed savoring cones and sundaes at ice cream ice cream shops from  Panama City, Fla. to Marbella, Spain.

Sunday, she served the governors beef instead of chicken, threw in some fattening plaintain chips even though she already had a side of black beans and rice for them, added an unnecessary dollop of honey to the tropical fruit dish, and dropped the coconut sorbet – otherwise not a bad dessert choice – into a “chocolate shell.”


Of course these items generally aren’t on the new school lunch menu Mrs. Obama has crafted, which includes delicacies like steamed broccoli, cauliflower, cooked green beans, and oven baked fish nuggets.

Here’s a rundown of the governors’ menu and my CONSERVATIVE estimations of the calories consumed.

  • Salad of roasted pears with homemade ricotta, walnut crisps, with White House Kitchen Garden greens – 200 calories
  • bread and butter – 150 calories
  • Local black angus beef with blue crab – 550 calories
    – assuming an eight ounce NY Strip steak and crab meat without any kind of fattening sauce.
  • Plantain chips – 200 calories
  • Black beans and rice – 300 calories
  • Two glasses of wine – 200 calories
  • Coconut Sorbet in a chocolate shell – 400 calories;
    served with poached tropical fruits made with White House Honey – 200 calories

Total: 2,200 calories

289 thoughts on “Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal”

  1. Nothing is more embarassing than shamefully righteous claptrap like this article.

    Oh, so you can’t advocate for healthy behaviour without being absolutely perfect? Whole-cloth nonsense, as any dietician will tell you. If you did only half of what the First Lady recommends, your health and lifetsyle will improve, period, end of story. Nobody expects perfection and nobody, and I mean NOBODY other than the self-righteous, like a gotcha-monger like this article’s author.

    Ms. Obama is neither righteous nor absolute in her health messages: she’s no fire-and-brimstone preacher claiming hell for all while cheating on the side. She knows it takes work, and she also knows life is to be enjoyed, including desserts at times. Anyone decrying her message is doing so because, well, she has “Obama” at the end of her name. What total stuff and nonsense, and you guys should all be embarassed. Seriously.

    1. It’s too bad that she can’t back her many words with some healthful foods for these dinners. How hard is it to create them without all the calories and fats? She doesn’t even try.

    2. Claptrap? You missed the obvious. Click the pic before you rant. It silently underscores Reaganomics vs Obamanomics: “First Lady Michelle Obama used the Reagan China for a White House luncheon with former First Lady Nancy Reagan, June 3, 2009.” (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton; Flicker #P060309SA-0483, public domain photo).

  2. Michele’s program only suggests and informs people of better eating habits. She NEVER said “You better eat healthy all the time”. She never said that she eats healthy all the time. She’s just the messenger not the enforcer. What you eat is up to you. She’s just letting some who might not know that they have a choice. It a good prgram and you all know it.

    1. Your ideology is showing. Of course she’s not an ‘enforcer.’ Do you think everyone but you is a dunderhead? Her voice and opinions sadly carry weight. And her actions belie her words. So stop with the Kool-Aid and see the Obamas for what they are.

        1. How about e) “not stupid” enough to care about how you want to characterize those who disagree with you”?

          Here she is serving a dinner to people who go to dinners all the time – politicians. It’s her golden chance to show that someone whose career involves lots of eating out can enjoy himself without packing in enough calories for a day in one meal.

          Let’s face it, tnmcoy … if our National Food Scold was a conservative Republican First Lady who was serving this kind of meal, you’d be enjoying yourself immensely.

  3. The Obamas are such hypocrites! She talks about healthy eating yet she is a terrible example (lobster, ice cream, ribs) and that’s only what she does in public! She does not appear as though she eats healthy yet she wants to mandate that we do. He talks about ‘feeling our pain’ regarding the economy, yet never misses a chance to vacation, fly around on AF One campaigning, or host a gala on our dime. They certainly appear to think they’re royalty and forget they work for US. Obama is taking full advantage of all perks of the Office although he’s proven he’s not qualified for the job.

  4. At least they saved a little money by not serving Kobe beef.

    Ding-ding there is a recession currently happening, have to love the ruling class!

  5. When you eat properly most of the time, you can splurge once in a while.

    Having Rush Limbaugh calling the first lady fat is like hearing a lecture on fidelity from New Gingrich, or having GWB say he was a bigger war hero than John Kerry.

    1. What a charmer you are, soothsayer. 1st Bush never said that he was any kind of hero-Kerry did however. Gingrich made human mistakes (we never get HIS side of the issue however, do we?) at least he didn’t LIE to the American people then force the FBI to prove the lie!!! Remember the blue dress from a “Lewinski in the WHITE HOUSE?!

  6. ..”do as I say, NOT as I do campaign”…You mean hypocrite! I agree. But what do you expect from someone who is on vacation every 19 days while her countrymen suffer the worst economy in a century?

  7. She’s much like her husband with her ‘do as I say and not as I do’ attitude. A pox on both of them until we can vote their butts out of the White House.

  8. The hypocrisy just never ends. This is why her “let’s groove” campaign will be an abysmal failure….just like her husbands presidency!

  9. Who cares? The menu sounds delicious and if I were a governor attending a meal at the white house I would expect a similar menu. Here’s a thought – stop casting stones at others and mind your own business! The whole debate about food choices misses the point. Worry about yourself! It’s not the government’s job or anyone else’s to tell anyone how to eat! That’s about the most personal decision we can make for ourselves. If we can’t even handle that decision for ourselves (including the first lady) – our society is finished!

  10. This is so stupid! Nitpicking the first lady for the dinners menu? Someone doesn’t have much to do. Who cares what she serves? I think that the first lady’s initiative is an excellent one and I don’t think that nitpicking what she serves at the Whitehouse is going to change that or make people think less of what she is trying to accomplish regarding her program. I think that it is stupid for anyone to nitpick anyone else this way., Next, I expect to see the nitpickers suching thier thumbs and twisting thier hair in the sand fighting with the other children on the playground! Since when are we so dumbed down in this country that we have to actually spend or waste our time nitpicking a first lady? The dinner sounds lovely, they used alot of the homegrown vegi’s and the menu was appropriate. End of gossip and nuseance nitpicking.

    1. Is it? Do you think the left would hold back 30 seconds if there were a whiff of Republican hypocrisy? Don’t bet anything you can’t afford to lose.

  11. J.V. - Newport Beach, cA

    One can chose a “diet” to either (A) maintain ones weight, (B) to lose weight, or (C) to gain weight. Obviously & visually, the First Lady has chosen C.

  12. I doubt there are any white house greens, with all this freezing weather.. or are we paying the heating bill for a green house? and angus Beef must come from the BS we get daily from Mrs Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

  13. Michelle should worry about herself and leave the kids and us alone. Same thing for anyone that wants to be the food police for others. Mind your own business.

  14. The meal was within her Move criteria, it was so unappetizing that people didn’t eat most of it, so they probably only took in a few hundred calories (and that was from the wine).

  15. I’ll grant you that 2200 calories in one meal is ridiculous, but you are also assuming people eat every single thing on the menu, and cleaned their plates. And considering your estimates above don’t show anything over 550 calories, I say she served pretty low calorie foods. If overweight politicians over-indulged and ate 2200 calories that’s their choice, not Michelle Obama forcing them to.

  16. Making one’s diet healthier in general doesn’t mean that every meal you consume has to be dietetic. If you eat a healthy diet the majority of the time, a special occasion, like a state dinner, isn’t a big deal.

    I’m sure if they served carrot sticks and celery you’d be complaining about that, about how they’re cheaping out on serving governors.

    Bottom line is there’s literally nothing that the Obamas can do to please the vicious, vapid racists on the right. They should start trolling you guys, just to see how stupid your reactionary hatred can get.

    1. LOL! I love people who can’t defend someone like Obama with their words so they have to say “You’re a racist because you dont want YOUR tax money spent to give people who dont WORK health insurance” or “You’re a racist because you think spending 400k on a night out in New York is extravagant” I’m not racist because I dislike Obama, I’m just anti-libtard

  17. Again with the White House honey? How many hundreds of hives did they have? SueBee’s operation should be so prolific…

    I guess Michelle Antoinette OweBama’s mantra is “let them eat cake…topped with honey!”

  18. Every single time we hear from ME-Chelle, it’s what she wants us to eat or what she wants to take away from us. Every time we see her eating it’s the exact opposite of what she’s been saying. Every. Single. Time.

  19. Are you people even reading this article?

    Local black angus beef with blue crab – 550 calories
    – assuming an eight ounce NY Strip steak and crab meat without any kind of fattening sauce.

    I dont eat lobster or crab, but I’ve never seen anyone eat it without drawn butter! also, steak by itself is just meat, i guarantee they put some sort of sauce on the steak to add. So with the butter and whatever steak sauce add another 400-500 calories.

    In honor of black history month, i think they should have served fried chicken with red beans and rice, watermelon, kool-aid(is there any other flavor but GRAPE), and more watermelon for desert.

  20. ME-Chelle and her food police have no interest in healthy choices. Nothing the Obamas do is without political gain. So what’s she up to here?
    Create a crisis – Obesity!
    Now, government must step in to combat the crisis. Healthy choices!
    Now, force the people to do what government says. Pass a safe foods bill!
    Now, bring all aspects of food production under government control. For our own good!
    Now, all food workers from growing to serving your food are government workers.
    Then they can be unionized under SEIU and voila! A portion of every paycheck and food sale goes to the DNC.

  21. “This is NBC Nightly News, and I’m Brian Williams. President Sarah Palin raised more than a few eyebrows today when she devised a menu that claims the menu she served on a snowy day in February recently came from – you guessed it, her White House Kitchen Garden.”

    “Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!”

    Cut to Tina Fey in hunting jacket, high-powered rifle in hands, beer-drinking husband at side.

    Husband: Where ya goin’ honey? (Swills beer.)
    Tina as Sarah: I’m going to the North 40 to shoot us some of them thar local Angus beef fer our dinner!
    (Endless “wit” ensues.”)
    Tina: “I can see the North 40 in my backyard!”

    (commercial break)

    Tina appears in a snowsuit.
    Husband: Where ya goin’ honey? (Burps)
    Tina: I’m going to pick me some bibb lettuce from the garden so’s I can have some “White House Kitchen Greens” fer our dinner guests tonight.

    (commercial break)

    Tina appears in bee-hat.
    Husband: Where ya goin’ honey? (Farts.)
    Tina: Why, I’m going to git us some of our White House honey, Honey.

    (commercial break)

    Tina: (slobbering at restaurant table over a two-foot plate of spare ribs, looks up at camera with sauce and beef bits over her face) Hi. I’m Sarah Palin, and I’m here to tell you about healthful eating.

    Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah … The left is just rolling in the aisles, they can’t stop, it is SO FUNNY … Whoopi Goldberg, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, every leftie alive is crowing, can anyone be such a JERK as this woman?

    Hey, wait? It’s MICHELLE we’re talking about? So, her party menu is supposed to be news???

  22. Michelle Obama doesn’t want us eating beef anyway anymore. We can eat cake but she’s getting used to caviar as they make it at Marbella in Spain. The Sebastian Hotel in Vail does a nice job with the Filet Mignon though. She’s come a long way since she stiffed little Dontae Adams at the University of Chicago Medical Center and tripled her salary for the savings of not letting people who couldn’t pay their bills be admitted.

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    Acorn Chuck says don’t worry about the voters we only need 51
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    He wants Acorn at the table they think 13 year old hookers are cool

  23. That meal doesn’t even sound like it “goes together” you know?? Not what
    I would expect from the White House….

    I have noticed several of these sort of “cobbled together” strange pairing ingredient menus coming out of there lately…..

    As for Moochele’s double standard….. she is an elitist, and elitists tell the MASSES what to do. They don’t have to abide by those same rules themselves.

    I do think Sasha and Malia are cute and sweet looking young ladies, though, and I wish them well

  24. It’s usually the person with the biggest BUTT that does all the “nutrition” talk.

    Look no further than Ms. Obama, the First Hypocrite.

  25. White House Greens? Local Buffalo? JOKE?
    Do as I say, Not as I do.
    Funny how the first lady likes to amp up her profile both metaphorically and physically!
    Jokes on your waistline Michelle.

  26. Yes, but a little known fact is that she made them eat standing up and do jumping jacks between courses, thus lowering the calorie count by 500.

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