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Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal

First Lady Michelle Obama Sunday night stuffed about 2,200 calories worth of dinner into the nation’s governors, hosting a White House bash that pulled few punches on the fattening front despite her profile as the leader of a national crusade to trim the waistlines of the country’s youth.

President Obama is meeting with governors from both Parties at the White House today. Sunday night’s dinner was a kind of welcoming gala. It provided enough calories for an entire day’s worth of eating.

White House plate awaits huge deposit of calories.

What’s worse, several governors clearly are not malnourished and might have done well without dinner altogether.

The meal follows a recent State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao which probably forced him to put away about 2,900 calories. And a Super Bowl party where guests had access to eats totaling 3,600 calories.

Mrs. Obama is leading the “Let’s Move” campaign – which might also be known as the “Do as I say and Not as I Do” campaign – to reduce childhood obesity.

The first lady has not been shy about demonstrating her contention that healthy eating needs to balanced by some old fashioned cheating. She was seen just last weekend in Colorado chowing on a buffalo rib and has been photographed savoring cones and sundaes at ice cream ice cream shops fromĀ  Panama City, Fla. to Marbella, Spain.

Sunday, she served the governors beef instead of chicken, threw in some fattening plaintain chips even though she already had a side of black beans and rice for them, added an unnecessary dollop of honey to the tropical fruit dish, and dropped the coconut sorbet – otherwise not a bad dessert choice – into a “chocolate shell.”


Of course these items generally aren’t on the new school lunch menu Mrs. Obama has crafted, which includes delicacies like steamed broccoli, cauliflower, cooked green beans, and oven baked fish nuggets.

Here’s a rundown of the governors’ menu and my CONSERVATIVE estimations of the calories consumed.

  • Salad of roasted pears with homemade ricotta, walnut crisps, with White House Kitchen Garden greens – 200 calories
  • bread and butter – 150 calories
  • Local black angus beef with blue crab – 550 calories
    – assuming an eight ounce NY Strip steak and crab meat without any kind of fattening sauce.
  • Plantain chips – 200 calories
  • Black beans and rice – 300 calories
  • Two glasses of wine – 200 calories
  • Coconut Sorbet in a chocolate shell – 400 calories;
    served with poached tropical fruits made with White House Honey – 200 calories

Total: 2,200 calories

289 thoughts on “Mrs. Obama Serves Governors a 2,200 Calorie Meal”

  1. The only greens that the WH Kitchen could be picking in February are pine needles and winter grass. Honey? they had enough honey to pour over 200+desserts from the WH bees. Nah. “local BlackAngus beef” are they kidding? where are the cattle ranches in DC?

    In reality, not many people eat a meal like that when dining out. MrsO’s press office will say something like ‘it’s only a once in a while meal and the O’s eat chopped raw vegetables for dinner the rest of the time’.
    MrO does look like he eats the veggies, MrsO not so much.

    1. Actually, most restaurant meals are WORSE than that. Assemble a similar meal from the menus of any of the chain restaurants and steak houses and you could easily have a 4,000-5,000 calorie meal.

      1. That’s not the point Patrick…pay attention, if she feels like she can lecture us on eating, then she should be willing to live that lifestyle. Screw her.

        1. I think her point is to not stuff gallons of Mountain Dew, and red vines down our kids gullets then allow them to percolate in front of the TV for hours on end. It is about parents doing what is responsible not what is simple.

        2. The point, John, is that if you eat healthy nutritionally balanced meals regularly, then it’s OK to splurge once in a while. If you and your family are living on Wendy’s, Dorritos, Pop Tarts and Soda, then it’s NOT OK to reward your self with a happy ending at Friendly’s. But if you have a salad, Meat and Vegetables for dinner and you wash it down with water or a glass of wine, it’s Ok to have a little piece of cake after wards. Stop being an ignorant hateful POS. She’s trying to help people. Not that your Crisco clogged carcass is worth saving.

          1. I think that you missed it (the point that is). This thread is about the hypocrisy, not the underlying “good intention”. Anyway, we know where good intentions lead.

            Can we stop with the language, too? When has it ever served civility to spout vulgarity?

          2. JohnyBravo, The real point is as Americans we can eat whatever we want, when we want. And Americans that pay for our own food have the right to chose the food that our children eat as well…period. If the first lady wants to pontificate to anyone about how or what they should eat, it should only be those on government assistance…since they (we) are paying for their meals anyway.

        3. I agree. Don’t you know that they live by the “do as I say, not as I do” rule?

          Dems just want to control others, they certainly don’t believe they have to abide by the rules they set.

      2. Patrick, nice try at sucking up and spin, but that’s just not true at all. Calories are the same no matter where you eat them.

        A 4-5k Calorie meal is something rarely seen in a Resturant anywhere…and unless they have one of those Ginormous 5lb Hall of Blubber contest meals we see on ‘Man Vs Food’ it just ain’t happening.

        The real problem is the do as I say attitude. I personally could care less what she says. The Burst Lady is a heffer with hips like an Ox, and a mouth to match… and just like her husband, does not want us looking behind the Curtain at whats really going on. Can you say Transparency? No, they can’t either.

        1. Go to the web site for Elephant Bar, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Black Angus, Applebee’s, etc. Do it. Look at their menus. Start adding the calories up. You’re ignorant of the facts. Get some of those then open your obnoxious, fat mouth and speak. Enough people eat this food daily to keep these chains in business.

          I happen to loathe the Obama’s. I just think stuff like this is a waste of time.

          Here you go genius:

          Pick a starter, a main, a side, and a dessert then add them up. (There’s one a dessert that is 2690 calories.) Have a look at the Global section as well. Don;t forget a beer or a glas of wine or two. if you get a

      3. why do you think so many calories are BAD? people should be allowed to eat whatever they so choose! and as far as kids are concerned, we have these wonderful life coaches for them, called PARENTS!

    2. The calorie count would have been MUCH worse if she’d taken them to that self-proclaimed restaurant of presidents, Billy Martin’s Tavern.

  2. Steak and beans and rice..doesn’t even sound that yummy to me. Do you ever watch CHOPPED–the show where they give particpating chefs weird ingredients–like pickles, picante, rum, and cotton candy–this rreminds me of that.

    1. Menu does not sound to appitizing to me. What is wrong with “Normal” food. My sister lives in DC area. no gardening in Feb to my historoical memory. I hear she ate “Pickled pumpkin” and arugula salad in Vail. ( yuck, wtf is that!)

      1. Beans and rice probably have more to with the Spanish colonizers and the slave trade. Than say the people on the other side of the Mexico boarder.

  3. Please….. This was a “special”dinner at the White House. It was not what one would consider an everyday meal.
    Choose your battles. This is nitpicking.

    1. Dear, it is not nitpicking…she has gone out of her way to say we are fat, eat poorly, etc…if she wants to preach, she damn well better be ready to live it! You can’t tell others what to do and then not follow that same advice…haha, that’s the definition of a hypocrite.

  4. Since when is a glass of wine 100 cals? And who says these govs can knock it back at lunch! It’s the constituents who have been driven to drink–and we can’t even afford drink!

    1. Sorry, Star but most wines run around 100 calories per 4 oz. serving. Sweet wines like Madeira and Tokay run about 160.
      Your other point is well taken, however.

      1. 4 oz is not much–betcha this was more. And I guess it was din not lunch…but I still think all these counts are low low… A serving of steak is a pack of cards, supposedly…I bet this was larger.

    1. We should…it’s not what they eat, its the preaching and then not following their own advice, just like health care, we all get it, but they don’t have to get it…it’s a double standard and they think they are better or above that…so anybody that is going to tell me something in the hopes that I follow it, better be willing to do it themselves. That is the point

    2. Don,

      Nobody should care what they eat, that’s the point. I think your criticism is better directed at the Chief of the Food Police, Michelle Obama!

  5. The Obama Foodorama blog said that the menu met Michelle O’s Let’s Move requirements. According to her the Obamas can do no wrong and everyone who attacks them are ignorant racists.

    I actually think the calorie count was on the low side, but the fat content must have been humongous. Maybe they were trying to finish off Gov Christie even though he complimented Michelle O’s Let’s Move.

  6. sounds like a good meal
    Is that like I remember in Russia under the Soviet Union where all Communist Government leadership were entitled to fine dining and the workers stood in line for government bread?

  7. It sounds like “the peoples house” is being turned into a very expensive soul food restaurant with “the nation of fools” picking up the tab. The Marxist-in-Chief and his fat-assed wife are living proof that perhaps the American people should not be trusted with something so powerful as the vote.

  8. Let’s see: the governors’ are adults. They could have cut the steak in half (or just eaten the black beans and rice–great fiber), ate only half of the bread without butter, skipped the wine and drank 2 glasses of water, eaten the salad, and skipped dessert.

    525 calories. That’s a decent, healthy meal.

    It is all about choices.

    1. Yes they are all adults. However, if the first lady wants to make fighting obesity as her signature cause then she needs to demonstrate that she takes her cause seriously through action. Why wouldn’t the WH serve a low cal fish dish with an exotic salad, brown or wild rice and fruit (with no honey or sugar) as a desert?

    2. Good point. Let’s leave Mc Donalds alone and allow parents and adults to make the choice what and how much to eat. And put the damn toy back in the Happy Meal.

  9. I am so happy you are here to report what the first lady tells us one day & then show us what she is doing the next day. Thanks!!

    Last year Obama told families not to go on vacations to save money and then he sends his family for a ski vacation to Colorado.

    Don’t Americans get it? Again, thanks!!

      1. Sorry also forgot to tell us where to go on vacation… Damn I forgot we are not supposed to go on vacation. But another round of golf is ok for the prez, 42+ and counting

  10. Hey, Mrs. Obama —– Are you just out of touch with the rest of the country? Do you not see how foolish you appear to those you have placed in judgement for offering and/or consuming “unhealthy” foods and portions? Your flaunting of the White House “guidelines” betrays and displays your ignorance and gluttony. You have brought nothing but shame and disgust to the White House as the first (in line) lady. Time and time again you have proven to be nothing but a true HIPPO crite.

  11. Michelle Obama as well as her husband can kiss my backside….while she was porking out, I did yard work all day Saturday, rode my bicycle 40 miles Sunday and did a speed ride of 16 miles this morning. Oh yeah, I also ate way healthier…Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, turkey salad for lunch, with only snacks of turkey salad on crackers for dinner…so, the day she does what I do to keep healthy is the day I will listen to the BS that comes out of her mouth. And, I am suppose to care enough to help pay for health care for the people who live and eat like that? NO WAY, I would rather leave this country and live in a foreign land!

    1. I love internet tycoon/super heroes like you. Reality is SOOOOO much more boring. I bet you burned your pimply tongue on the TeeVee dinner your morbidly obese mother waddled down to your basement lair.

  12. She should have just made a menu and dinner based off of and using what she is trying to push for the school lunch menu’s. Any parents out there that do not know what it is check into it.

  13. It’s clear that no one is paying attention to what Michelle says, except for “journalists” who need to continue collecting a paycheck, so ya gotta find something snarky to say! I don’t even like Michelle Obama, in fact I can’t STAND her. But can’t we go after her for something else? I mean, really. Are we going to make a big deal and call her a hypocrite for eating like this on special occassions? I mean, everyone I know on a diet will eat healthy and save the junk for vacations or when they are hosting dinner, because not everyone they know is on a diet. Of all the things we could chase after her for (How about her Princeton Thesis, or the fact that she “gave up” her license to practice law), food would be the very last thing on my list.

  14. As a member of the Conservative movement, this is a non-story, how many calories in the food they eat, who really cares. I know she is on this health food kick for kids but does anyone take her seriously once she’s 100 yards away from them, probably not. Hey Michelle, when you throw a party or a dinner, make it a meal your guests will remember. You’re representing more than just your culture or family, you’re representing the American Way.

  15. Kind of hypocritical isn’t it given her high profile campaign about obesity? Just another example of politicians (and I consider her a politico) talking out of both sides of her mouth.

  16. Acutally El Presidente is not a socialist or communist. He’s worse. He’s an ANTI-COLONIALIST. This is why, in case you hadn’t noticed, he is hellbent on destroying what was once the greatest country in the world.

  17. All the problems in this country and the writer is reporting on what the First Lady is serving for dinner.

    What is worse is all the people that follow what he is reporting.

    You all blame elected officials for what is happening in this country but truth be told Americans are becoming pathetic in their concerns. Deal with the real problems of today and stop all the petty nonsense if you want anything to get better.

    1. An ill-behaved child does not belong In a business setting. That’s what makes the responsive blogging so appropriate — no, so requisite.

  18. The soil in the White House Garden was contaminated with sludge during the Clinton Admin. I didn’t think any food grown there was edible, not toxic.

    1. There wactually was something wrong with the dirt there–I heard they cannot eat veggies from that garden. I used to joke that it was a Superfund Site. I guess the honey is OK–and they make some ale or beer or something–or someone does…wonder if they have a still.

      1. lighten up honey (pun intended) I’m no boy with high school figure myself. You have to be subjective, not objective…when reading and posting…..

  19. Seems Mrs. Obama is “living large” while BOTH in the Whitehouse AND on any of her vacations. While the Elitist eats like Royalty, she says the Peons should cut back on the calories. It’s like the Cheicheskews(sp) who lived like a king and queen, while their people starved. Eventually the people rose up, and stormed their castle, put them on trial, and they were eventually
    hung. It’s the Obama double standards of living large(party on Fri. again
    at the Whitehouse(while the rest of America is struggling) while SHE preaches for everyone else to cut back, and HE does the same thing.
    Why doesn’t Obama CUT the budgets for all the politicos in the Sen. & House, AND their FREE college for their children, their perks(traveling like Pelosi, etal) and FREE health coverage-there’s plenty to cut with these politicos-AND the parties at the Whitehouse AND vacations. Hypocrits for sure, the Obamas.

  20. Obama’s campaign is focused on childhood obesity. Not adult party menu’s. She is actually in very good physical shape, if she eats ribs or ice cream she certainly deserves it as an “old fashioned cheat”. Must be a slow news day at the White House.

    1. yeah, good physical shape if you consider a pear shape to be healthy. I find her behavior completely insulting, it’s like being at a stop light with a home less guy standing there with a sign and all that, and you pour out a soda or water or something in front of them because it “just wasn’t quite cold enough”. I’ve watched these 2 for 3 years now, it’s been 3 years and they’ve done nothing, nada, zero, zilch, other than take extravagant trips and host huge parties at the white house. (I’m not counting healthcare as anything, it wasn’t voted in, it was rammed down my throat, perhaps Wisconsin should take a lesson from that and just pass the bill already, give them a taste of their own medicine…at the expense of stooping as low as they did) They hosted a motown celebration but invited sheryl crow, and people still think this guy is the first black president? pffft, he’s a joke and his wife’s an embarassment.

    2. If Moochelle’s campaign is focused on childhood obesity, then why is she strong-arming the National Restaurant Association to serve smaller portions of food to everyone? It is none of her business what a restaurant serves its customers. In addition, I am responsible for choosing what my children eat, not her. She can just take that big fat derriere of her’s and butt out.

  21. If she weren’t the national food scold, I would care less if she ate an entire pie with ice cream three times a day.

    I like how the excuse is always that it’s a “special event.” Then she lectures restauranteurs about what they should serve – although many of us see dining in a restaurant as a “special event.”

    Love the big about the White House greens from the February garden. This is one couple than can really sling a lot of bull along with the hash fries.

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