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Obama: Mitt Romney, My Health Reform Brother

President Obama today gleefully pointed out the chink in former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s armor – his state health reform plan – using it to strengthen the chink in Obama’s armor – the federal health reform law.

I agree with Mitt Romney, who recently said he’s proud of what he accomplished on health care in Massachusetts and supports giving states the power to determine their own health care solutions.  He’s right.

Romney, perhaps at this point the GOP presidential primary frontrunner, indeed recently sent word that he is “proud” of his health care plan, while trying to differentiate his state program from the “one-size-fits-all” Obamacare. But Romney’s prescription for universal coverage in his state reminds enough people of Obama’s plan that he’s going to have trouble living it down.

And Obama, who spoke today at the White House to the nation’s governors, is making clear he’s ready to blur any differences and hold hands with Romney in health reform brotherhood, while Romney responds with the political equivalent of, “Yick, get away!”

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10 Responses to Obama: Mitt Romney, My Health Reform Brother

    • Totally agree.

      Obama is going to lay landmines for the Republicans …. and why shouldn’t he? Romney and Gingrich are RINO’s who beleive their issue doesn’t stink; Obama will probably make short of them on their flipflops and past votes.

      THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: If you want to be Governor of Massachusetts, you cannot run as a conservative Republican for President.

  1. Are we ignoring the political nightmare health care will be for Obama in 2012?!

    2012 is the year we get the Socialist(s) out of the White House! No more mass murderer Mao ornaments on the White House Christmas tree after 2012. No more Socialist health care programs (in contrast to Romney’s free market approach.) No more union bosses as number one visitors to the White House whose call to action is the final line of The Communist Manifesto: “Workers of the world unite!”

    If the two bills really are the same, and Obama is not simply being disingenuous in his compliments, why was Romney’s bill about 80 pages and Obama’s about 2,800?

    How similar can the two bills be, REALLY? Even if the 80 pages are a carbon copy, the Obamacrats have stuffed an extra 2,720 pages of taxation and redistribution of wealth somewhere in there…

    I’m sure Romney will face attacks from both the left and right, but I think America is smart enough to figure out the difference between a free market Republican who promises to repeal ObamaCare and a Socialist President who pretends to emulate RomneyCare, yet never actually solicited his advice.

    Meanwhile, can so-called Christians like Huckabee ignore the obvious massive differences between ObamaCare and RomneyCare for personal/political gain while still staying Christians? Don’t the Ten Commandments include a provision against bearing false witness?

    We obviously don’t hold Obama to such high moral codes, however… (As either Romney or Huckabee.) Lying and misleading for personal/political gain should not affect him or reflect poorly on the country he is voraciously “leading” into obscurity and debt. Should they, Mr. President?

    In 2012 I will vote for the candidate who represents hope for the jobs of America, and the children and grandchildren who will need them, Mitt Romney.

  2. States Right which is afforded under the Constitution. No where in the Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to force people to buy a product. People need to read the Constitution. 18 Enumerated Powers is all the power the Federal Government has. Read it and learn. It is the Law of the land.

  3. Myth has no one to blame but himself. He should have admitted the fallacy of RomneyCare’s success…and ‘used’ the failure to whack-a-mole ObamaCare. He didn’t. He won’t. He’s done for 2012…