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France Takes the Lead on Aiding Libyan Rebels

What? France? Leading the world on military matters?

Generally, France takes the lead on the preparation of appetizers and desserts. But it look like, in terms of providing actual, tangible assistance to the Libyan rebels – as opposed to assembling flatulent declarations out of the UN, which is where the United States is taking the lead – France is showing the way.

From the Wall Street Journal:

In Paris, Prime Minister François Fillon said Monday that France was sending two planes with humanitarian aid to Benghazi, the opposition stronghold in eastern Libya. The planes would leave “in a few hours” for Benghazi with doctors, nurses, medicines and medical equipment.

And France isn’t even the former colonial power there. Italy is.

Monsieur Sarkozy, mes félicitations!

UPDATE: White House officials this morning suggested Secretary of State Clinton later today will discuss humanitarian aid by the United States to the Libyan rebels.

3 thoughts on “France Takes the Lead on Aiding Libyan Rebels”

  1. There must have been some un-reported disaster in Libya that destroyed the existing hospitals and killed a substantial number of medical practioners that is prompting the French to respond in this way.

  2. Although I agree with SRDEM on this (the French simply don’t jump up and provide humanitarian aid; for heaven’s sakes they funded the Hutu’s with weapons in Rwanda and pulled out at the last minute, like the Belgians), it may be that Sarkozy wants to stretch France’s legs diplomatically (instead of being bent over) and see what comes of French support to the Third World.

    The French have both naval and land forces that are uniquely equipped for such a mission: Legion Etrangere (Foreign Legion) is on 12-hour standby on Corsica (homebase for 2e Regiment Etrangere Parachutiste – Legion paratroopers) and there is a naval taskforce that can move at anytime from any Med-based French port. If there was a nation that could provide instant humanitarian aid to the Libyans the French would be geographically qualified. As to ‘why’ they would do it is another story.

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