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Carney Brings Back the Gaggle

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney will “gaggle” this morning at 10:00 am, before briefing at 3:00 pm.

Good job, Jay.

The gaggle is an off-camera but on the record briefing that was held at the White House every morning until the waning days of the Bush administration, when Dana Perino ditched it.

It features some serious questioning minus the showboating that occurs during the daily briefing. Absent from the gaggle are the many unserious types who show up at the briefing mainly to catch themselves on C-Span .

Though answers can move markets and incite mass anti-American protests, it has an informal feel that sometimes brings more information out of the press secretary than we might otherwise get.

And it gives the press secretary an idea of what’s on people’s minds so he can prepare  answers – hopefully more informative ones – for the briefing.

We’ll see if Jay sticks with it. Gibbs also also at one point revived the gaggle, for about a day.

2 thoughts on “Carney Brings Back the Gaggle”

  1. It will be interesting to see what Carney will provide away from the lecturn. I am suprised Gibbs lasted as long as he did. You would think that Obama, lifted up, praised and worshiped by the media would have put someone more astute in that position in the beginning….

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