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President Obama, Libya is Asking, Where Are You?

There’s new stuff for Qadaffi: Sanctions. Ejection from the UN Human Rights Council. The threat of a trial for crimes against humanity.

But when are we going to do something that will actually help the Libyan rebels?

Some of what’s happening seems designed to make the West feel good, not to get Qadaffi. Wouldn’t the threat of a trial in the West make Qadaffi want to fight even harder?

From al Jazeera:

Hana Elgallal, a legal and human rights expert in Benghazi, said some in Libya will be disappointed that the UN did not impose a no-fly zone.

“I’m one person who was hoping that we’d get that,” she told Al Jazeera.

“We will not be able to move and help Tripoli because of the fear that he will use his planes. But whatever we get now we will look at it positively and consider it a victory and success.

“Hopefully things will escalate in our benefit soon to defuse the massacres in Tripoli.”

A battle for Tripoli is about to be waged, with Qadaffi’s force given control of the air. Why not declare a no fly zone?

I guess we’ll do it after they slaughter some people from the air, in which case we will of course then be able to revive those killed and bring them back to life.

Ask yourself, Mr. President, what would Winston Churchill do now?

Oh, but you sent his bust back to the British. Forgot.

6 Responses to President Obama, Libya is Asking, Where Are You?

  1. If Kaddafi leaves his country, what’s in it for us? Better relations with Who? better lives for the Libyan people? a safer, peaceful MiddleEast or will the freedom and democracy that the Administration promotes bring a Muslim theocracy into power that wants to destroy America and “kill every Jew”?

    The will of the people that sounds so right might just be that they wish to live under the strict Sharia law that squashes individuals freedoms, kills all infidels and keeps females as house pets. For all his nuttiness and cruelty, Kaddafi is content to keep what passes for peace in his part of the MiddleEast.

    Where are the strident cries for removal of the Chinese dictators, the NorthKorean ruling family that is starving their people, and a direct military attack on Somalia for all of the atrocities, just to name a few outrages.
    American democracy is not the answer for all the world: we are exceptional and more advanced than most countries.

    • All good points, srdem. My feeling though is that this thing has started, and if Qadaffi prevails there will be a mass murder, and we need to prevent it. And we’ll have an enemy there as well should he survive.

      • Keith,

        I read another Nile Gardiner article this weekend in which he calls the Muslim Brotherhood the “Godfather of Terrorism”, the organization having spawned both Al Queda and Islamic Jihad. During the Second World War, MB sided with the Nazi’s and had connections with the Grand Mufti of Jersalem, who visited Hitler in 1942. The tenet of the article was how Sharia Law seem to the be the foundation for Islamic support of terrorism.

        The seminal debate on the future of the Middle East is obvious, but the 800-pound gorilla in the room that the media has yet to address is Sharia Law. The media needs to do one of its hatchet jobs on Sharia Law: what is it, where did it come from? Why does it reject religious tolerance, personal freedom?

      • So long as the preventing does not involve scrambling our military, sending our guys in to train up and stand up govts and armies and police forces, and sending pallets of hundreds for walking around money–our whole democracy kit… Notice our last one–Iraq–is also rioting.

  2. WWWCD?

    Winnie would have sent an RN squadron, steaming at breakneck speed, toward Benghazi (remember the British took, lost, retook, lost and retook Benghazi three times, the last time under General Bernard Montgomery in 1943), put ashore a battalion of Royal Marines, declared the coast open, found Q, had him executed, installed a new government and set sail for jolly old England just in time for tea.

    Obama would have been fighting indigestion in the second course of a five course meal of lobster, arugala-charred salad, prime rib and butterscotch Ladyfinger suprise before moving away from the dinner table to watch the Oscar’s [ hey, thats a tough meal, cut the man some slack ].