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Obama Suddenly Silent on Civility

If you had any question in your mind, anything like the slightest doubt, that the recently abandoned campaign for “civility” in public life was anything more than an effort to shut conservatives the F up, then please look at Wisconsin.

Because what we have there is some distinctly uncivil behavior.

But it’s OK, of course, because its for a good cause. It’s just union folk fighting for workers’ rights, while the other uncivil stuff was by the Tea Party, a racist, fascist,  and really mean organization led by Eva Braun Sarah Palin.

Helping launch the uncivility was the distinctly uncivil remark by President Barack Obama that by trying to curb public employees’ collective bargaining rights, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was engaged in an “assault” on unions.

An assault?? That’s violent language.

Definition: Assault – to make a sudden, violent attack; Cambridge Dictionary of American English

The suggestion that something is under assault implies the need for a forceful, even violent response. And that’s what Walker is getting.

Protestors are comparing him to Hitler and Hosni Mubarak; they have signs all over the place saying the want to “kill the bill.” One I saw had BLOOD on it.

Excuse me.

Definition: Kill – to cause someone or or something to die; Cambridge Dictionary of American English

That doesn’t sound civil at all!

One sign stating “Reload – Repeal Walker” shows the governor in gun sights. Another suggests the job should have been done earlier: “Scott Walker – The Reason We Need Planned Parenthood.”

The Democratic state senators, having lost the election, have fled the state to keep the legislature from voting on Walker’s budget.

Is that civil?

Walker is described as a “whore” for the libertarian billionaire Koch Brothers, who fund conservative causes and are now on the receiving end of all kinds of vitiriol

Michelle Malkin catalogs many other outrages in her column today.

And yet, nothing – from Obama, the press, Pelosi. Nobody.

Because civility, as I suspected, is just for conservatives.

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19 Responses to Obama Suddenly Silent on Civility

  1. As angry and disappointed as I have been with the Prez’s agenda and his personal attacks on people who think like I do, I have never failed to address him will less than a civil “MrO” or “Prez”. As members of the political party that I have supported for 40years show themselves to be viscious, hateful, greedy and downright dangerous, the spectacle makes me cringe with shame.
    The Prez, who must depend on the donations from these very Unions for his re-election, is caught between the inevitable rock & a hard place. But, as our national leader, he must call out for civility, for reasonable debate and an end to the outrageous imagery used by the Union supporters. As head of the Democrat political party, he must insist that the Democrats who fled their states to avoid their sworn duty return immediately.
    There are legal avenues to address any wrong that the Unions suffer and there is always the ballot box redress.

  2. Today’s progressivism is a loose stool of many things: Marxism-light (running around wearing Che gear and communist paraphenalia), belief in a Government-dominated existance, race-based social commentary based exclusively upon that word that, used by itself, threatens the very tenet of individual freedom: consensus.

    Progressivism is a consensus of groupthink; any other thoughts or ideas outside is verboten. Progressivism is not Communism or Marxism; Obama is not dressed in a Soviet-style ‘palotka’ and jackboots (although those would look good on Michelle), he dresses in a suit and tie. He is a Neo-Marxist, a black David Duke: sharply dressed, prim, articulate, extremely personable. We then find out later he despises Christianity, the State of Israel, Judaism, whites (mainly Southerners), and has a healthy respect for pan-Arab Islam, Black Liberation theology (which is racist, bigoted and anti-Semitic). For those of you who are too damn conservative elite to say it, I will: Mr. Obama is a bigoted, racist, anti-Semite.

    “Civility” was a term that was bandied about after the shooting in Tucson; the liberal MSM first tried to paint Gov. Palin as the assassin (fail), FOX News and O’Reilly (fail) and then later “right wing talk radio” (another fail). President Clinton tried to blame Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing … and was so effective in getting THAT message out that many Americans (my parents included) beleived that Limbaugh had a some connection to that mass murder. The modern “left” is anti-freedom, anti-American and anti-everything that is not in full support of President Obama and his extremism.

    As a gay conservative I have been told that when I came out I had to vote Democrat, join the Human Rights Campaign (an anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-Judaic group of leftist, activist gays), snort coke, have as much sex as I could (with as many men as I could), as a way to “stick it to the man” [ hold my fist up to Republican morality ]. This version of homosexuality is progressive and to remain in the club I would have to ascent to it. Gay men today are indoctrinated in “gay politics” – all of it liberal bullshit – essentially: the family is bad, Christianity and Judaism are evil, whites are the problem, drugs and sex are good, Democrats good, Republicans homophobic; anything outside of drugs, sex and progressivism is homophobic. Progressivism has not only co-opted the GLBT movement but has impressed its own verision of “civility” upon it.

  3. You are exactly right.

    And not just the President, but the media as well.

    From the jump, reports of incivility have poured out of Wisconsin – pictures and videos of people doing far worse than anything ever actually done or said by a Tea Party protesters, but the media (aside from Fox News) has been SILENT. One male Wisconsin protesters actually hit female non-union protester – any coveage? None. Democrat talking about “sometimes you need to get bloody?” Zero. Rather, the media has spent all their Wisconsin coverage painting the protesters in a noble light – a bunch of hard working middle class people just demostnrating the right to fairness from those hateful, hateful elite conservatives.

    Well gee shucks, how can we bag on that?

    The only thing that has grown more than my interest in politics in the last few years is my fascination with the left media bias. It’s really quite mind blowing how bad it is. Oh, wait – can I even say mind-blowing, or is that uncivil?

    • Speaking of media bias, I am actually watching “Media Malpractice” right now (ya know, easy viewing for a lazy Saturday after spending 2 hours getting our taxes done and finding out how REALLY patriotic I am), and it is actually giving me a headache to re-watch stuff from the years leading up to the 2008 election, and the election season itself. I might need a drink and nap after this.

    • It’s amazing, truly. If the Tea Part was doing this stuff, people would be calling for an emergency session of Congress to discuss civility. And the press would be writing stories about “American Gone Savage” and “Why are We Trying to Destroy Each Other?” and so forth.

  4. Yeah, I saw some pretty skeevy signs at those rallies, too…Out here at Univ of AZ, they started an Institute of Civil Discourse–my thought was, oh man, I wonder how much govt money THIS will get. Right now we are cancelling medical care, transplants, throwing sick people into the streets or under the bus, but this is someone’s great idea.

    • The background to today’s “rallies” [ reminiscient of Nurnberg, c. 1933 ] in New York and D.C. and those in Wisconsin are based on a good dozen Socialist and Marxist organizations across the United States, Canada and UK.

      Not only are these people prone to violence they leave areas filthy with trash, cigarette butts, alchol and drug paraphenalia. For 12 days the Socialists crapped up the state capitol … and Gov. Walker didn’t say a DAMN thing about it. The aftermath of Glenn Beck’s rally (spotlessly clean) and the aftermath of an Ash-and-Trash rally (filthy) are easy to see … but the liberal MSM will not report it.

  5. Obama says whatever will disarm the opposition for the moment or give his supporters a cudgel with which to beat the opponents into silence.

    And I am confident that I have described the truth in a civil manner.

    • Try that here in Texas …

      Unlike Madison, Wisconsin where you can smoke dope on the streets, in the state capitol building, rave all night with bongo’s, throw your cigarette and marijuana butts on the ground and have sex in the restrooms (and the police wont do a DAMN thing about it) we won’t tolerate that down here.

      I’m just sayin’ …

      (pass the BBQ sauce honey!)

  6. I was just watching HUCKABEE. He had on the the President of the National Black Church Initiative and National Association of Hispanic Pastors … both large, conservative, religious groups that … GET READY FOR IT … voted for President Obama in ’08. Both organizations are now very upset that traditional marriage will not be upheld by Obama’s Justice Department. The hispanic pastor made a very good point at the end of the program: “We are voting our values in 2012.” It seems the more President Obama “comes out” (and shows us what he stands for) the more his ‘coalition’ begins to fray.

    • It was confusing at first when they first started the discussion but then it became apparent that during the campaign, MrO was all about man/woman marriage and they feel betrayed now.
      All I could think was …that’s it? that’s what changed your mind?…
      There aren’t enough character spaces to list what was promised during the campaign and what happened or what is actually is going on now.
      I guess we all have individual tipping points.

      • I don’t even want to hear what a president thinks of marriage–get to work! Or don’t–maybe it’s better when he does little.
        Speaking of civility and the short-lived notice of same…I answered a Craigs ad for a writer and when I would not talk on the phone after my business hours, was treated to a long abusive email about what an utter bitch I was, how everyone probably hated me, etc.. Now Craigs–that is your democracy!

  7. I thought this story of Puget Sound Anarchists attacking Seattle Police tonight, appropriate for this article on civility:

    I lived in Seattle for three years; it has the greatest concentration of left-wing, anarcho-Marxist thugs, bigots, and anti-Semites anywhere in the country. These were the same criminals that attacked law enforcement during the GTO riots in the 90’s, they attacked again duirng the 2003 anti-war “peace rally” in downtown Seattle; each year they take part in “actions” (criminal activity) in and around King County using various home-made weapons. Seattle City Council, Seattle Police and King County Sheriff’s Office are all *cowed* by the power these anarcho-criminals can call upon at a moments notice due to the left-wing, liberal-Marxist Democrats that sustain a majority on city council and within law enforcement in the state. In Seattle, the Communists run everything….

    I wonder if these fruitcakes could be the future American Al Queda?

    President Obama needs to stand up and if he truly beleives in *civility*, he will take on the anti-Semitic bigots on the left and call for the prosecution of these thugs. (He wont of course, but it was worth a try).

    For civility to truly reign in this country, the President must say something, and he must call upon those on the left (who are bigoted, racist, anti-Semites) to reign in the rioting, anarcho-criminals.

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