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White House Announces Sanctions Against Libya


Now that the Americans we wanted out of Libya are out, President Obama is getting serious with Muammar Qaddafi.

Or is he? Obama is placing unilateral and multilateral sanctions on Qaddafi, and – oh no – SUSPENDING THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL.

Which begs the question:


Can someone please tell me why a tyrant running for his life is going to care about sanctions? It’s like informing someone having their last meal before the electric chair that their credit cards have been cut off.

Why are we not doing something more direct, given the fast moving situation, like military aid to the rebels or establishing a no-fly zone so Qaddafi can’t bomb his own people?

Hopefully, we are, but we’re not hearing about it.

Here are some excerpts of what White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said we’re doing:

We have decided to move forward with unilateral sanctions, which we are in the process of finalizing, coordinated sanctions with our European allies, and multilateral efforts to hold the Libyan government accountable through the United Nations.

Additionally, the United States has suspended the very limited military cooperation it had with Libya. The U.S. military began to cautiously reengage with Libya, as you know, in 2009 following Libya’s decision to halt its weapons of mass destruction programs and compensate victims of terrorism.

Prior to the recent unrest and sales — prior to the recent unrest, sales of spare military parts were pending. They have been frozen.

The United Nations Human Rights Council held an emergency session today in Geneva, where it adopted by consensus a resolution that condemned the gross and systematic human rights abuses now being committed by the government of Libya, established an international commission of inquiry to investigate these abuses, and recommended accountability measures for those responsible and also recommended that the U.N. General Assembly suspend Libya’s membership on the council.

In addition, as the president announced earlier this week, Secretary Clinton will travel to Geneva on Monday to speak at the Human Rights Council and to discuss with her international counterparts further measures on Libya as well as events in the broader Middle East.

On Monday, the president will meet with U.N. security — U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Washington . . . He will also discuss the range of activities that U.N. agencies and the international community can undertake to address the significant humanitarian needs created by this crisis.

Finally, the United States is utilizing the full extent of its intelligence capabilities to monitor the Gadhafi regime’s actions, and we are particularly vigilant for evidence of further violence or atrocities committed against the Libyan people.

9 thoughts on “White House Announces Sanctions Against Libya”

    1. Somebody had to say it first and Ol’Newt is the perfect choice. When MrO declared that the MarriageLaw was “unconstitutional”, he crossed a well defined line as he tried to slip the judicial robe accorded to the SupremeCourt over his own shoulders.

      1. Dr. Larry Silver (Law prof., UCLA) stated on Huffington Post that if Obama does not defend DOMA, the next Republican President will not defend Obamacare, precipitating a constitutional crisis. The good professor was then promptly attacked by the liberal-Marxists for stating an opposing opinion.

        Gingrich’s assessment is correct: Had a President Palin placed *any* liberal sacred cow on the chopping block, impeachment would have gone around the internet like a free electron.

        Mr. Obama is beginning to resemble Richard Nixon; he see’s his Presidency as ascendent and above the rule of law. If he does not step back and re-assess (and find new advisors), this scenario could become real.

  1. There’s something about or in Libya that we aren’t aware of, something that the WhiteHouse is tip-toeing around. MrKaddafi might be more powerful than we think and might just quell this uprising or there is a connection between Libya and the US that shouldn’t come to light.

    Then again, it could just be MrO dilly-dallying about something important as he is wont to do.

  2. “Unilateral sanctions and a consensus resolution…”

    The U.N. did the same thing during the 1971 Pakistan crisis (1,350,000 slaughtered), the 1975-79 Cambodian Genocide (2,500,000 exterminated) and later during the Rwandan Genocide (950,000 slaughtered). There have been numerous U.N. resolutions and sanctions since 1948 and if you take Southeast Asian and Africa and add up the amount of human beings *slaughtered like cattle*, more human beings (by percentage, by country, according to have been killed while the U.N. has been in session than any time period in history, approximately 102,000,000 if you include Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” (1949-70) and the North Vietnamese extermination of Vietnamese Catholics, anglo-French, French POWs and tribal minorities, (1940-59).

    Schultz, Scarborough, Maddow, O’Donnel, Cooper, Ratigan, Spitzer and other liberals have called on Obama to step up and (a.) call for Q’s ouster and (b.) make a more forceful push to extricate Americans (and allies) from Libya. When its left to the most left-wing on the airwaves calling for human rights in the Middle East, something is wrong. I am sure, the White House (this weekend) will readjust its position and come out with a stronger statement.

    1. They’ll be busy this weekend; they have another party scheduled for Sunday. And then there’s the coaching duties, basketball playing and other things that are on the weekend schedule.

  3. Someone had to do it….
    Henry Schuler, former US diplomat, tells Al Jazeera that the Obama administration “inherited a terrible situation created by the Bush administration in letting Gaddafi off the hook in 2004”.

    Wheres the no fly zone?
    China better man up if it wants to sit at the big boy table,cause they are extremely irresponsible with this, the DPRK and Iran.Bad enough with Barry fumblin the ball…oh,and dont want to loose the power they have too,I forgot..

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