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Video of Last Night’s Motown Performance

Here’s a link to a BBC Video of some outtakes from last night’s White House Motown tribute, at which many of the stars were ardent Obama backers.

You’ll see performer Jamie Foxx altering the lyrics of one of the Temptations song “Get Ready” to say, “We won the election, the White House baby, is so much fun.

15 thoughts on “Video of Last Night’s Motown Performance”

    1. Good point.

      Instead of entrenching himself at the Pentagon, taking uptodate news reports of the situation on the ground in ‘Libia’, Mr. Obama chose to shake his booty at the “Praise Me” concert at the White House. Even if Mr. Obama IS giving up to date reports … he should hold off on partying until *every* American is accounted for.

      C O M P L E T E L Y out of touch with reality.

  1. Is he serious .. taking an iconic song of the temptations and making it a chant.. about the fun of the white house! Yeah I am having fun, lost my job, house , family is finding it difficult to live.. fun? We could solve alot of hunger in this country if the movie stars gave away all their excess…

    1. Actually I have no problem with Obama shaking his ass at this event. The problem was he shook it while Americans are still trapped in Libya and while, well, the entire world is going to hell. He could have made a short appearance, made a short speech about having to go to the Pentagon, shook hands all ’round and then departed. Had he done so, he would have received high marks from both the left and right.

      ITEM: The problem with President Obama continues to be his advisors. It’s time for Plouffe to go and bring in David Gergen.

  2. It’s pay back time, you mean America!!!!! The world is on fire, who cares, as long as the Obamas are having fun and stuffing their faces with free food, thanks to the taxpayers of mean America.

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