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Lacking Troops, U.S. Leaves Key Afghan Valley

U.S. military forces are being withdrawn from the Pech Valley in Afghanistan,

The reason, according to a New York Times article this morning, is that we don’t have enough soldiers on the ground to stay in the valley. At least 103 U.S. troops have lost their lives there and dozens more were injured.

Now we’ll leave the fighting to the Afghans, who won’t be able to handle it, according to sources quoted by the Times.

Remember, President Obama was offered two options for conducting counterinsurgency in Afghanistan – add 80,000 troops, or add 40,000. He chose 30,000.


From the New York Times piece:

The Taliban and other Afghan insurgent groups are all but certain to label the withdrawal a victory in the Pech Valley, where they could point to the Soviet Army’s withdrawal from the same area in 1988. Many Afghans remember that withdrawal as a symbolic moment when the Kremlin’s military campaign began to visibly fall apart.

Within six months, the Soviet-backed Afghan Army of the time ceded the territory to mujahedeen groups, according to Afghan military officials.

The decision to go into the valley was in 2003 under Bush’s watch, so I guess we can blame him.


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7 Responses to Lacking Troops, U.S. Leaves Key Afghan Valley

  1. I disagree

    The key to controlling the valley is *not* real estate or the amount of troops, but the ability to *influence* the enemy while maintaining the offensive. We have tried to fight Afghanistan like WWII with troop concentrations, marshalling points, stepping off / demarcation lines. Then again, the perfumed princes who are in charge simply dont understand that in 20th-21st Century warfare, special forces are the key to victory. You would be suprised just how stupid our high command has been.

    Here is the gay conservative’s key to success in Afghanistan – so Mary, GO BACK into the valley with less men on hunter-killer missions:

    1. Interdict Taliban troop (donkey) trains;
    2. Kill Taliban leaders, LEAVE THE TROOPS ALONE;
    3. “Hearts and minds” with villagers;
    4. Set ambush/infil/exfil in valley against Taliban.
    5. Use the “Castro Technique” by befriending Taliban and then letting them live after we kill squad and platoon leaders.

    The British were successful in Malaya; the U.S. was successful against the Japanese in the South Pacific and a combined British-Indian-American force (under General Stillwell) was successful in Burma against *experienced jungle fighters*. Castro’s techniques in Cuba were very successful against Batista … these are blueprints for success … not the bullshit theories at West Point where our Generals fight this war.

    I reject this news story.

    Lets stop running away, get our troops BACK INTO the valley and fight them on THEIR TERMS: dressed as Taliban, with AK’s, in 5-10 man sections, leaving real estate to the Taliban while we *kill* them during infil/exfil operations.

    What we need is a new commander with a proper strategy, not more troops.

      • Certainly more troops – specifically infantry and special forces – not logistics or administration (what we call “rear echelon motherf—-s or REMFs). REMFs stole the body armor that was sent to the 101st in Iraq (for which they paid in blood) and generally steal the goodies that are sent and keep them “in the rear with the gear.”

        We need a new policy; we need a new commander; we need a General who is not patent-leather but Patton (as Michael Savage has stated). Although I think General Petraus is a very smart men … he’s a military beautycrat, he wears his Class A’s more than battledress.

        We need a hard-charging killer-warrior.

        Just my dieux cents….

  2. ITEM: To *win* this war, you *must* sustain a logical, intense, dedicated offensive against the guerilla’s – you must “out G the G” as COL Hackworth stated years ago when he penned his canon on fighting the Communist Guerilla in Vietnam with S. L. A. (“Slam”) Marshall. Instead of fighting the Taliban, we built forts in the hills (targets), sent out large refueling convoys (targets) and indescriminately bombed small villages killing innocent people, as well as some bad guys (wrong). You must FIGHT THE GUERILLA on his terms to *win.*

    If we can’t fight and win, lets pull out now and cut our losses.

    This is not rocket science.

    ITEM: “THINK Gentlemen. The way to victory is not a herd mentality, but a dedicated, intense key to victory with a proper strategy and then violence of force.” -Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. (1944)