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Poll: Trump Fairs Well Against Obama

The One still comes out ahead of most potential Republican rivals in a new series of polled matchups, but The Donald is only two points behind him, losing 43-41 percent if the race were held today.

The polls, conducted by Newsweek and The Daily Beast, have President Obama tied with Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who is still deciding whether to run for president or keep his show on Fox News.

Obama is two points against Mitt Romney, who would lose 49-47 percent, and he swamps Sarah Palin by 51-40 percent.

None of the potential GOP challengers has announced yet, though Romney is widely held to be running. Trump is flirting with the idea and recently appeared before the annual CPAC Conference of conservatives, where several other potential candidates strutted their stuff.

7 Responses to Poll: Trump Fairs Well Against Obama

  1. Though Trump is not a social conservative, his fiscal views are what are needed today (we can talk about his girlfriends later); in a heads up debate I think Trump would ‘trump’ Obama, only because Trump is a New Yorker, he’s shrewd, smart and his one-liners are homespun. He is a gadzillionaire, but we need a red-blooded, go-for-the-throat businessman in the White House to zero down on the deficit, balance trade with China and restore American confidence in the country.

  2. The Donald and I have several things in common; we both do poorly in casinos and neither wants to give up our lives to be the POTUS.
    MrsPalin and The Donald are both playing with us and won’t be legitimate candidates for the OvalOffice.
    The 2012 Republican primary will resemble a pack of snarling dogs, but when the winner emerges the pollsters can do their thing.

    • * Huckabee is already picking a fight with Romney …
      * Romney must defend Romneycare …
      * Palin’s negatives will be center stage …
      * Gingrich lives inside the beltway and can’t connect with the mainstream, only the Republican elite.
      * Pawlenty is too soft-spoken, too professorial.
      * Paul’s comments and views on Israel are anti-Zionist and border on anti-Semitism (read support comments on Huffington Post and you’ll see).
      * Barbour is now a reconstructed Southerner … and borderline liberal.
      * Paul Ryan, though he has a great body (wow), he’s a Boehner protege and therefore elite and out of touch with mainstream America. He reminds me too much of “Potsie” from Happy Days.
      * Rick Perry. Perry is a closet liberal. He tried to push the big highway from Mexico to Kansas through before Texans said NO and we put a stop to it. Perry then *BLAM* overnight, becomes a conservative. He’s a fruitcake.

      …. and John Bolton.

      Now THERE is your candidate. Porn-star mustache (he kinda looks like a scattered version of John Holmes), dedicated conservative, with impressive foreign credentials and knows that to work within the U.N., you have to play hardball. Although he could not excite the crowd at CPAC … Bolton could wipe the floor with Obama on a debate.

  3. Trump has the gift of gab and is able to get loans to bail out his businesses that have failed. Another person mentioned that Trump was too big to fail is why at times he was bailed out. He ain’t that great of a business man and I would hate to see him as a GOP candidate. He has never held office and we need experience with leadership or, though it may be hard to fathom, we could be worse off than what we have in office now. He is a great showman and opportunist for himself but not what we need as a Prez. Drop the thought of Trump is what I would like to hear more of in the news.