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Obama Launches Motown Night at White House

Thought you might want to see how tonight’s Motown celebration is kicking off.

From the pool report:

Pool escorted into East Room at 7:15. As guests were seated, pooler spotted D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, and Stevie Wonder. At 7:30 VPOTUS and Dr. Biden entered, then POTUS, FLOTUS, and daughter Sasha.

POTUS took to the podium.
“Tonight we continue one of my favorite traditions at the White House.”

He said that he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Black History Month than to do celebrate Motown.

“Over the years, this room has hosted some of most talented musicians in the world,” POTUS said.

POTUS talked about the history of Berry Gordy starting Motown in a basement in Detroit.

“He turned new talent into stars,” POTUS said.

“It began with Smokey Robinson, then Diana Ross…Soon the basement was turning out hits faster than Detroit was turning out cars.”

With that, POTUS opened the show: “Let’s take a trip back to that studio in Detroit, and enjoy the sounds of Motown.”

John Legend, Jamie Foxx, Nick Jonas and Seal were introduced. They came out, and sang a melody of Motown songs.

Foxx sang “Get Ready.”

Jonas sang “The Way You Do the Things You Do.”

Seal sang “I Can’t Get Next to You.”

Legend sang “Aint Too Proud to Beg.”

With that, the pool was ushered out.


4 Responses to Obama Launches Motown Night at White House

  1. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Black History Month.”

    I can.

    Tell the story of the thousands of Black Union soldiers that died fighting during the Civil War; tell the story of the 369th Infantry, the highest decorated fighting unit during the First World War …. interestingly as black soldiers they were not allowed to fight alongside white soldiers in the U.S. Army so the entire unit fought under French command and won more decorations that *any* unit during the Great War (1914-18). These were true American heroes ….

    Obama’s hatred of the military (along with that of the Democratic Party, the left, the universities and the labor unions ) simply does not allow him to even THANK the *black* soldiers who not only paid the ultimate price in battle, but brave men who fought for a nation that did not even allow them to drink at the same water fountain or walk on the same sidewalk as a white woman.

    Motown did not pave the way for Obama to become President, the dead bodies of those black soldiers on the battlefields in France did, the same soldiers Obama despises.

    • Exactly, and bringing local school children in this afternoon for a Motown jam is not exactly enlightening. Obama being a pseudo black (raised in an entirely white environment) seems to relish black stereotypical culture. My favorite is when he feigns a black accent. It always comes off sounding slightly southern. I never can believe that he isn’t laughed at by his audience.