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Obama Starting to Get Serious on Libya

President Obama will make a statement on the situation in Lybia – his first in person and just on Lybia – at 5:15 at the White House.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today the White House is considering sanctions and other options as the regime shoots its citizens. There are many options Obama can and should take to prevent the incipient genocide that is occurring in Libya.

But Carney also said this:

We are not dictating outcomes and we are not telling the people of any country who their leader should be or should not be. That is up for the people of Libya to decide, just as it is up for the people of Egypt to decide.

Well, this raises a question. If the people have decided, and they are being shot for it, are we therefore required to intervene – at least indirectly – to ensure that the people have their say?

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2 Responses to Obama Starting to Get Serious on Libya

  1. Here’s my prediction:

    1. The Libyan Army will walk this week or next, abandoning their posts, barracks and marshalling points. More civilians will be killed in the interim. The U.N. will pass a non-binding resolution.

    2. A civil war will break out, with military units fighting Q’s Russian-trained Special Forces while seeking to gain key points in Benghazi and Tripoli, oil platforms, POI centers and communications.

    3. Q will the be overthrown and either shot by his own guards or commit suicide.

    4. When Libya is technically ‘free’, Obama will step in and claim victory.