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Obama to Press Corps: Kiss My Ass

Not sure what it means, but this is the actual pool report sent out just a few minutes ago by Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News.

Pool report #2

National Naval Medical Center

The pool caught a brief glimpse of the president’s backside as he boarded Marine One at 2:30pm. We had just pulled up beside the guardhouse at the entrance to Bethesda Naval, next to the landing zone. Two minutes later, the helo passed directly over Press 2 van.

Okay, maybe it means the side of him that includes his back. Or perhaps pool reports are starting to include a little more detail than before.

Not everyone is pleased with this view.

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4 Responses to Obama to Press Corps: Kiss My Ass

  1. Keith, my assumption is that he is stalling the press corps for some reason. Is he going to address the nation today? FOX’s Shep Smith said he may talk to the nation at 5:15 p.m. (EST).

  2. Sounds as if the press is getting a little testy.

    But if he pats them on the head and throws them a bone, they’ll all be back in pre-election worship mode.

    There are so few left who know the difference between being a “reporter” and a mere “repeater.”