As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Labor Chief at the White House 2-3 Times a Week

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka visits the White House two to three times a week and is on the phone with someone at the White House or in the administration daily, he says.

That’s pretty sweet access.

The video was originally posted on The Blaze, which also added in old footage about Obama not having spoken privately to a half dozen of his Cabinet members. A H/T to Mayrant&rave, where I first saw this posted.

8 Responses to Labor Chief at the White House 2-3 Times a Week

  1. It’s just business as usual in the O WhiteHouse. Access, favors, influence and special deals are for the special friends and nothing for the rest of us.
    While we struggle with chronic unemployment, inflation, bankruptcies and foreclosures the O’s, their special friends, and rest of the world try to figure out how to take more and more from us.
    The President is concerned about the states making “assults” on the public sector unions but doesn’t say a word about the taxpayer who must foot the bill when it comes due. The taxpayer sees organized outsiders who demand that they give, give and shut up. Democrat lawmakers flee their home state and the MSM calls them ‘brave heros’ .

  2. What’s the phrase “It’s not illegal unless you get caught”? Maybe it’s time to start keeping an ongoing list of all the blatant abuses of power. Just sayin’…

  3. Trumpka reminds me of Sepp Deitrich, that fat, mustache’d National Socialist goon (who used to beat up Spartacists in the streets of Munich in the 1920’s) but who is now a General in charge of several SS and Wehrmacht divisions on the Western Front; a thug who made it.

    Trumpka will always be a union thug —

  4. AZ is trying to abolish Medicaid–so is Florida…is that really what we need to do? Are doctors really going to have to check for a green card before stitching up a wound or splinting a leg? Come on–this is so stupid it’s growing fur. Honestly, if this is Republican thinking, I am not a Repub either!

    • Absolutely.

      EVERY hospital should check, especially hospitals that offer free care.

      TRUE STORY: Houston’s Ben Taub hospital (which is free) is the first place an illegal alien from Mexico comes after crossing the border. Since you cannot check immigration or state residency status, *hundreds of thousands* of illegals march into the emergency room where its clogged up with pinpricks, headaches and various non-emergency cases. HOWEVER, you cannot turn them away. A friend of mine ( a doctor ) who used to work in trauma told me that the wives will walk in, look around and then bring in their entire family and DEMAN THEY BE TREATED for free. The illegals know you can’t ask for residency … when you do, they say, in perfect English, “We will call the ACLU.”