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We Cannot Sit By While Qaddafi Slaughters His People

President Obama, I know you are busy with your Future Enterprisers event today in Cleveland, but I must divert your attention to North Africa.

The revolution in Libya is at the point where things could go either way. If Qaddafi gains the upper hand, he will commit perhaps the worst mass murder of this young century.

This is your test. Bill Clinton passed his in Serbia when he put an end to the genocidal behavior of Slobodan Milosevic. He failed unforgiveably when he allowed Rwandan Hutus to slaughter up to a million Tutsis.

Forget the oil. We wouldn’t intervene just to preserve the oilfields.

No. Qaddafi murdered 189 Americans when he blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. It’s time for justice.

And it’s time to prevent another genocide. Tribes that supported the insurrection, along with the rebels themselves and countless others, will be killed if Qaddafi prevails, because he is bloodthirsty on good days. You must act to prevent this.

You do not need to send in the troops. There are other options before you. You can enforce a no-fly zone over the country to keep his air force from strafing the rebels. You can arm the civilians taking part in the uprising. You can send in supplies and act to try to keep communications open within the country. Just a small gesture that the U.S. is getting involved might be enough to topple Qaddafi.

And you must take the lead in organizing our intrepid European allies – who have far greater leverage due to business they do with the murderer – and get them to say they won’t do business with him if he continues killing people. If you can tear them away from their cappuccinos.

Why is it that you pressured Mubarak, our long time ally, to get out, while for Qaddafi you give us just a statement calling for an end to violence, lumping it in with calls for restraint in two other countries as well?

And this from your spokesman, just a few hours ago.

We offer our condolences to the families of the victims in Libya of this appalling violence.

Well, that’s touching, but if Qaddafi stays in power, the families themselves will be next. What they need is your help, not your pity.

And don’t worry about the Arab street. They will only be impressed by you, at last.

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  1. I am not big on intervening and all this calling things “unacceptable,” but this is getting extreme and civil war could be the result–if there is any leverage we have, we should use it.

  2. Keith, *very well put*.

    A clarion call for human rights in Libya.

    Our hope our President does not remain *silent* while the innocent are slaughtered like cattle.

    • I hate to say it, but liberals are not very good about saving tribal minorities.

      In 1994, Clinton, the U.N. and the liberal Europeans allowed nearly a million Tutsi’s were slaughtered. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, commander of the U.N. force in Kigali *BEGGED* for troops, ammo, troop carriers, more men … but was told by the Marxist, anti-Semitic corrupt-criminal Kofi Anan, “you are to take no action.” State Department cables (now released) showed that Clinton chose to take *no* action, as did France, England, and Belgium (who pulled their troops out after the slaughter of 10 Belgian paratroopers in Kigali).

      Read his book:

      SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
      By Gen. Romeo Dallaire, CD (Ret’d)

      “Africans were considered not human” according to Dellaire, “the powers that be [ U.N., Clinton, etc. ] saw Rwanda has having nothing to trade, give or purchase, therefore they were not worth anything.”

      Liberalism see’s tribal minorities as peasants, not humans.

        • Keith,

          The whole sorry episode could have been averted had the UN GIVEN Gen. Dallaire what he needed. Gen. Dallaire’s book, emails, faxes, cables, everything points to this man having the ability to *STOP* the killing. He says it in his book, he told PBS in the eerie, “Ghosts of Rwanda” that came out in 2005.

          What allowed the slaughter to take place? Liberalism.

          Liberalism rejects “unilateral action” as a necessary deterent; liberalism rejects a military answer as a solution, instead attempting to use “diplomacy”. Though Kofi Anan gave the order, Clinton could have rallied the free world leaders to do something.

          As Dallaire said, “all it would have taken was someone with guts to make a decision.”

  3. I disagree. America should do nothing else than what has been said by MrsClinton. Regardless of the outcome(s), these uprisings are CivilWars and the end game should be determined by the people involved.

    I would rather walk than give up one drop of American blood to guarantee our access to KingOil. The threats of shutting our oil are just that, threats.
    Without oil sales, the MiddleEasternCountries are broke. And hungry.

  4. It seems that Obie intends to ‘float like a butterfly’ all the way to 2012. He wants that Teflon thingy that Regan had. Except Regan knew how to lead and was a patriot. Teflon has to be earned, it is given by the voters to Presidents that have earned their trust, even while behaving imperfectly. Leaders make mistakes, but are forgiven as long as their ‘heart is in the right place.’
    Until I see an x-ray, I am unconvinced that O actually has a heart.

    • Sophie,

      Good point.

      “Float” is probably what Obama has done so far. All he has really done is stick his toe in the water, find out the pool is ice cold and runs around it shrieking like a sophmore cheerleader.

      Good word. Apt description of Obama’s level of interest in American affairs.

  5. Here, here Keith! You might as well double or triple the number of dead from what the state run media is reporting from Libya. We never get the whole picture but the slaughter looks brutal and Qaddafi is completely unstable. Anyone else reminded of Saddam’s sons when they see Qaddafi’s sons?

    • You’re right about his sons, good point. Except these guys get the veneer of respectability, traveling around the world as representatives for their dad. One is even a Young Global Leader” under the World Economic Forum, revoked after he promised “rivers of blood” in Lybia.

      • If I am not mistaken, I beleive Quadaffi’s son’s have been declared (by State Department spokesmen) as “distrubed” [ mentall ill ] as their father. Or, they could be as power-hungry as Q is — no one know’s. Q’s son attended London School of Economics so he is no slouch.

        Q might want to go out on a bang … so Libya is going to be a tough nut to crack by the people (esp when you have no weapons to fight with).

  6. It seems that the White House just rolls the dice on what action to take. There responses and remarks are so disjointed. Maybe instead of dice it’s the foreign policy crazy eight ball. Shake it, look at the bottom for the answer. If you don’t like it do it again.

    • LOL ——————–> love the name!

      Sheesh. I remember that: make sure your tires are inflated! We should be hearing that again from the Vehicle Inspector in Chief, soon no doubt.

  7. The way I am getting this Facebook Revolution stuff that popped up all coordinated in a week is that it’s sunni v shia as usual—and everyplace shia prevails, Iran has a foothold…maybe I am oversimplifying…but basically.