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Obama News || Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fresh evidence from this New York Times report, “Midlevel Taliban Admit to a Rift with Top Leaders”, that adding more troops to battles helps win wars. During internal discussions of the “Afghan surge” in late 2009, President Obama was given a choice of adding 80,000 or 40,000 troops for conducting ¬†a counterinsurgency. He chose 30,000. Let’s hope it’s enough.

POLITICO has a piece out today, describing¬†“How a Government Shutdown Could Happen” when the government runs out of money March 4 and another “continuing resolution” must be passed. There’s not going to be a government shutdown, believe me, but this piece gives a good state of play on where the two sides are at.

Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is going to be mayor of Chicago, the only question is when, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama has a new shopper-in-chief, according to the Washington Post, which also has a look at her constantly changing staff.

And an unreleased new book by a former aide to Sarah Palin, a copy of which was obtained by the Anchorage Daily News, portrays Palin as petty and obsessed with her image, and charges she broke election law during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign. The Palin camp is saying it’s the typical work of a disgruntled employee, but it relies on thousands of Palin emails.

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  1. I think that Libya guy. however we spell him today, thinks adding force is a great idea, too. Just sayin’.

    Why was I looking at that woman with no shoes sitting on the floor?

    1. The bare-footed woman on the floor is DesireeRogers, MrsO’s first SocialSecretary who was thrown under the bus because the Salahi’s crashed the first StateDinner.

  2. This “unreleased new book” about Palin is actually a draft manuscript has been shopped for a publisher for 18 months to no avail. It was co-written by Jeanne Devon (one of the gang of political shahid that have been assaulting the Palin family these past two years with false charges.) They recently gave the draft to Joe McGinniss (the author that rented the house next to Palin) but, he leaked it to the press. He’s got his own book to come out..guess he didn’t want competition for book sales.

    1. Back story! Thanks…My heart sort of sank. I like Sarah and admire many things about her but a couple of yrs explaining and defending her? Makes me weary to think of it.

      1. I just consider her well-vetted! Imagine getting behind another that turns out to be John Edwards! Seriously, anyone we run will be put thru the hate grinder…

        1. The press will do anything can to discredit Palin. The left hates Palin for several reason:

          1. She is a strong female archetype.
          2. She is a former Governor.
          3. She is very conservative.
          4. She is a tea partier.
          5. She speaks clearly about her life, religious beleifs.
          6. She did not abort her child.

          Several lesbian groups were VERY ANGRY that Palin did not have Trig (I think that is the name of her youngest) aborted and said so on CNN during the election.

  3. Nice round up. I was particularly interested in MO’s fashions. My family was in retail and I can get it for you wholesale was the cry. Considering that the markup is 200 to 400% that’s no small thing.

    Some subversives put these customer images of MO on the new book about her fashion “Everyday Icon” on Amazon. It wasn’t me ;-)
    Another Granny Jan?

    1. You know I have NO problem with ANY First Lady’s choice of dress (unless it is unkept and comprimising of standards) OR her state of physical fitness, whether she is in shape, obese or even morbidly obese.

      I remember the left attacking Laura Bush for being (a.) a Christian, (b.) pro-Israel, (c.) pro-Zionist, (d.) a former librarian and (e.) married to George W. Bush.

  4. Good thing Obamas out doing pre election politics today in Ohio… Not like the Iranian Navy entering the Med.,or Libya engulfed in genocide is as important as that vote…
    Israel wants to build houses too,Barry while condemn that one…
    How sad.
    Worse part is you cant turn it off,it just gets worse and worse and worse.

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