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Mayor Rahm

Rahm Emanuel will become the next mayor of Chicago, his chief opponent having conceded amid projections Rahm will receive more than 50 percent of the vote in a multicandidate contest, avoiding a runoff.

Rahm, in his victory statement, said he wants “to be mayor of all Chicagoans, including you assholes who didn’t vote for me.”

5 thoughts on “Mayor Rahm”

  1. He will fit right in with the rest of the gangsta’s!

    Im sorry bro,Barry is showing his true self today…
    He wants to say he is like Reagan,so just like Reagan he should put a cruise missile onto quacky’s compound, just like we did in the 80,s only this time end this chaos.
    But no we dont get a “present”.
    We get the sound of silence.
    What is to become of us

  2. Now if I were MayorEmanuel my first order would be for the HousingPolice to declare my home (now being rented by that miserable jerk who wouldn’t leave) as “unfit for human habitation” and throw the jerk, his family and belongings out on the snowy sidewalk.
    Wonderful town, Chicago.

  3. So much for eligibility requirements!

    In Chicago, the law is what a bunch of fatcats in a back room say it is-

    Rahm is so crooked he needs a team of personal valets to screw his pants on in the morning

  4. I just read that Rahm won 50 precincts out of 60 (I believe thats the number). The people have spoken.

    MEMO TO CHICAGOANS: You just voted to continue (corrupt) Chicago Machine Politics with a former White House staffer who shares the same extremist views as our President. When your city goes bankrupt, *its your fault.* And next year, next winter when the city has no money for law enforcement or fire protection – your screwed. You brought it on yourself.

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