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White House is Quiet Today

No briefings, no presidential activity, no nothing as the place takes a rest on President’s Day, which is kind of appropriate.

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    Barry didn’t just drop the ball,he kicked it right off the court today.
    Yo Barry,Quit thinking about your next vacation and end this sh*t with 1 cruise missile through Gadhafi’s window.Its not like you dont have the address.
    Do your job for once ya jerk.
    This really irks me.
    The Libya diplomats from the U.N. and The U.S. all resigned and are begging,that’s BEGGING you to do something,anything to stop him and you do the usual…NOTHING.There is genocide enveloping the country as I write this and your hiding under your desk again.
    I’m sorry Kieth, but this fool has to go…Both of them.
    sorry for venting,it’s just gross the obvious value he places on human life.
    At this point Ill vote for any opposition now in 12.
    And that’s the saddest thing ever,huh.

    1. Why have briefings? Who gives a damn?


      1. Obama is busy playing midnight basketball while

      2. His wife stuff’s her fat ass in Vail.

      Thats it.

      Thats whats important.

  2. I predicted a number of years ago when I lived in Seattle, that someone, somewhere would organize an underground, leftist “revolt” in this country, that would, in the end, take up arms *against* the United States … especially if a Republican were in power. Michael Moore, the Marxist-Communist f’tard has now released his newest “website” which is designed to marshall impressionable young high school and college students and teachers into a national Sturmabteilung:

    Youth in Revolt

    Moore’s website:

    Young, impressionable minds tend to follow pathetic turds like Moore (worth in excess of $25.5 million) who preach a low-level style “revolt” when “we dont get what we want.” This could very easily turn into an armed revolt in the United States, backed and funded by the *extreme*, anti-Semitic left-wing (Obama voters) who are, for the first time, staring major defeat in the face in 2012. Many on the right have predicted for months that the left will arm itself in revolt (Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, Reagan, Horowitz, Massey, Cain, etc.) Moore’s latest squib on his webite is now dedicated to “student revolt” based upon “whats happened in Egypt” so there is no telling what Moore would say or do if labor gets trounced in Wisconsin, or Obama’s gets his ass beat in 2012.

    ITEM: Wisconsin is ground zero for the Marxist, anti-Semitic groups that are now supporting labor in the daily protests in Madison. David Horowitz’s group has a listing of all the major, pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, Marxist groups in the country many that are in Madison at this moment:

    The Democrats were defeated in one of the most lopsided elections in 2010; there are less blue states (since 2008, according to Rasmussen) and with the demise of labor influence around the country and seminal rise of the Tea Party, the *extreme* leftwing may not take a *MAJOR* defeat in 2012 sitting down.

    Remember that Obama’s friend Bill Ayers (a convicted American terrorist, and currently a Marxist, anti-Semitic college professor in Illinois) is lauded and applauded by the left for “his work” in the 60’s and 70’s. When I lived in Seattle, I talked with several CPUSA, Socialist and Women’s Revolutionary members. You can be assured that these extremists will not take another defeat sitting down. One wild-eyed, enormous “lesbian separatist” I spoke with told me, and I quote: “In the end, we will get what we want, which is revolution. We know how to get what we want, and just how far we need to go. The Palestinians have showed us the way.”

    To be continued….

      1. Star, my apologies. This was a “Marxist Revolutionary” I met in Seattle during the 2003 anti-Iraq War protest marches that took place in the downtown area (having originated in Capital Hill, the gay neighborhood). I should have been a journalist, as I spoke with many protestors that day, the majority of them wearing the Palestinian kaffeiyah (a head scarf, to show solidarity with their movement). This young lady was overweight (hence ‘enormous’), but it was her personality that created her size; she described for me what her ‘movement’ was all about and how ‘revolution will sweep our shores when the time is right.’ She would never walk over the edge and say her group is going to overthrow our nation (with what, hotdogs and hot wings?) but she referenced every dead communist (esp Lenin) and talked about a mishmash of crap about our nation going Red. Good luck with that, I told her. But its typical of the many feminists you will find, especially the hard-core, separatists types.

        1. But you boiled it down (sorry) to eating wings and being fat…that’s all I was saying… I can see that you had serious ideological differences…

          1. Most of the Revolutionary farts I saw in Seattle were all large (mainly the women) except for the younger women who marched under the ISM (International Solidarity Movement), the pro-terrorist, liberal-Marxist, anti-Semitic groups that work closely with FATAH and HAMAS in Gaza and West Bank (they are listed on Horowitz’s website and are now part of the FREE GAZA MOVEMENT). The ISM fruitcakes are *all* thin as a rail … one gentlemen told me its because they are “revolutionary vegan warriors.”

            No slam against the obese … I should have probably made that distinction.

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