As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Today || Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9:35 am || Departs the White House
11:00 am || Arrives Cleveland
11:35 am || Delivers remarks at the opening session of the Winning the Future Forum on Small Business
12:05 pm || Attends breakout sessions
1:55 pm || Delivers remarks at closing session of forum
4:35 pm || Arrives White House
4:45 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Gates

All times Eastern

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9 Responses to Obama Today || Tuesday, February 22, 2011

  1. Another trip to Ohio. Some Ohioian might be thinking of getting a Restraining Order on MrO citing his 453 trips there in the last 2 years as proof of stalking.

  2. 5:00 pm II Walk to West Wing.
    5:15 pm II Chase small rodent down hallway.
    5:30 pm II Sneak into White House kitchen. Make peanut-butter and jelly, banana, chocolate-sprinkle sandwich, washed down with Coca-Cola. Station Secret Service outside to watch for FLOTUS. Give part of sandwich to Secret Service agent (agent appreciative).
    6:00 pm II Pick-up basketball game with Bob Gates, Pee Wee Herman and Queen Latifah.

  3. I’m in Columbus, Ohio…Obama’s minions are here protesting the governor’s attempt to reign in public employee unions. There are busses from SEIU, Democrat headquarters, teacher unions etc…for the “grass roots” event. Like any strong man, Obama wants to stay close to the action to make sure everyone is following orders.