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Michelle Obama Has Short Ribs for Dinner

Now, who can blame her, right? That’s I exactly what I would order. But I’m not out promoting healthy eating. And somehow I doubt short ribs are on the new healthier school lunch menus Mrs. Obama has crafted for public school children.

The first lady and her two daughters arrived in Vail, Colorado Friday for a short ski vacation. And Saturday night  Mrs. Obama headed straight for the best restaurant on the mountain, Restaurant Kelly Liken, reports the Vail Daily.

Main courses run $30-$40, according the the New York Times – it’s one of those places that doesn’t list prices on the website menu, because, you know, why be tacky and talk about money? – and owner Kelly Liken has appeared on the TV show “Top Chef.”

From the New York Times review of the place – yes, it’s so good the New York Times traveled out to Colorado to review it.

Ms. Liken cooks innovative regional fare, which includes a rich elk carpaccio with mustard aioli, roast Colorado rack of lamb with mushroom bread pudding and locally farmed bass with candied kumquats.

Candied Kumquats. Sounds like the name of a band.

I always can tell a restaurant is expensive when I can’t understand the menu. For example, the Pickled Pumpkin, which Mrs. Obama had for an appetizer – indeed, she had an appetizer – also comes with: Il Mondo Vecchio guanciale, wild arugula, parmigiano-reggiano.

Well that explains it. I wonder if she was concerned about looking stupid and avoided asking what the Hell all that is.

I like how local newspaper, the Vail Daily, played along and suggested Mrs. Obama was in it for the vegetables. “Michelle Obama enjoys fresh veggies at Restaurant Kelly Liken,” says the headline.

From the article:

“She was wonderfully gracious and very much interested in what we’re doing in this valley for our kids’ healthy lunch,” Liken said. “She was amazing and — all I can say is she was interested. It was really refreshing to see how interested she really was and how passionate about our kids’ healthy lunches, as well as the movement to eat local here in the Vail Valley.”

Yahh, well, now that the political correctness is out of the way, let’s dig into this short rib.

And this isn’t your McDonald’s McRib. This is a very upscale rib, pulled, in fact, from a bison, and served along with wilted Tuscan kale, hominy and wild mushroom sauté, braising liquor.

I do like my kale of the Tuscan variety and won’t eat it unless it is wilted, of course.

Mrs. Obama is in fact on a red meat kick. She served “Dry Aged Rib Eye” to Hu Jintao at last month’s State Dinner and offered hamburgers, hot dogs, and other types of chopped up animals at the Superbowl party.

Oh God, just look at this.

Not sure what it is. I grabbed it off Kelly Liken website. Look at the gloriously rare meat, the carmelized fat, and the grease-drenched fries. I’m thinking now of heading out to Vail to go to Restaurant Kelly Liken and maybe get in some skiing. I’ll mortgage the house if I have to.

Here’s a review on the restaurant website from “Helga:”

What a delightful surprise to find your “délicieux” restaurant. Your presentation of the food, the ambiance and the service deserve a grand “Bravo!”

Yeah right – “Helga.”

OK, I’m sure she exists. Only reporters make up quotes.

So Bravo Kelly Liken! And Bravo Mrs. Obama! And thank you for your rib, Monsieur Bison. Ouch!

68 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Has Short Ribs for Dinner”

  1. Actually all those unknown and embellished ingredients in one meal would tear up my innards–but we know the FLOTUS has a strong stomach. I used to review for Travel & Leisure and would drink only ice water the whole next day.

          1. Back in 2006 my partner was sent to Buffalo on business. Being buffalo wing afficianado’s we went to Anchor Bar, where they were developed. Although the service was *horrendous*, the wings were incredible. They did not call them Buffalo wings but just “wings”. And we ate like men possessed.

            PREDICTION: If Obama is re-elected, Michelle Obama will call “hot wings” a “nutritional hate crime” due to its “high trans fat and use by children” and the “link to obesity.” Eating hot wings will become a State Crime. Michelle Obama, c. 2013: “We must stamp out this nutritional holocaust, this monstrosity. Help us protest the hot wing, help us stop the killing.”

            Reporter: “Madam First Lady, hot wings are, well a delicacy around the United States. Uh, ma’am your husband had them in 2011 during the Super Bowl–”

            First Lady: “We did not serve hot wings! We served apportioned chicken anatomical meat parts. I thank you all. Let’s Move!” [ departs press conference ].

            Reporter: Turns to fellow journalists, “Sheesh. Ok, guys whose up for Buffalo Wild Wings?”

  2. Could the first lady manage a smile and appear grateful while she’s whopping it on the tax payers’ dime? The pictures released of her scowling on the slopes while she has her ski pass scanned indicate she’s still not proud of our wonderful country even on the pristine slopes of Vail.

    1. You are sadly hilarious. I was scowling in the park the other day because my Spanx are too tight. Scowling or one’s interpretation thereof do not infer that someone is now proud of the country. Get real.

      And I am proud of the first lady. Was I the only one that heard her say several times in previous interviews that she was talking about moderation and still eats bacon and everything else?

  3. If you take away the fancy names, the menu sounds like food that poor people used to eat; pumpkin, greens, short ribs, hominy, wild mushrooms and red meat from wild animals.
    Rich people are so gullible.

  4. I get the feeling that MOO is following a pattern that she established early in her career of being a living inspiration for us all.

    She makes a lot of appearances, bursting into rooms full of kids and worshipping foodies, popping up on tv to show us how to dress in specially tailored $35 off-the-racks, making speeches in her Jackie-Faux little voice, wearing pearl necklaces to calm the whities.

    Then having done all that WORK, she feels that it’s off-stage and HER time and she does exactly what she wants and lives as high as she can manage. The stupid woman has learned YET that the world stage is different from Chicago — people are watching and remembering and they aren’t intimidated by the Moo Scowl.

    As for that photo of meat, I tried to think of what it reminds me of and when I remembered I realized I could not type the words. Let me say that it’s a medical photo of a certain parts that women usually contain in panties. I wonder if the photographer was going for that look?

  5. There has been a rumor that Michelle O has been going to ‘Omar the Tent Maker’ for her clothes. If her butt gets any bigger they will have to widen the door to Air Force One.

  6. Snarkilicious. I thought the adults were merely chaperoning the wee wons on the ski trip? Would the children pick a restaurant like this? Never mind.

    Now that we’re on MO’s restaurant flings, Wolfgang Puck is offering Michelle Obama’s birthday/date night menu today. Lobster, steak and ice cream all in one place. It’s really a bargain. Maybe you could go there tonight, Keith and gives us a report.

  7. While we are snarking, Libya is using warplanes and choppers on the demonstrators–could the pres have sent the fam away bec something might jump off here?

    1. Not that lean, Kitty. I have a bison farm near where I live. They are massive creatures. A cow is svelte next to them.

      What you wrote doesn’t change one iota re MO’s hypocrisy. I hear the WH has fake commenters online. Just sayin’.

    2. Not suprised at all that Michelle is being wined and dined at the expense of the American taxpayer. And even IF she is paying for it … so many Americans are doing without, Mrs. Obama should do without and follow Queen Wilheminia’s example: “What are my people eating today?” And since many Americans are barely eating (esp those families on assistance) she should show some goddamn common decency and stop acting like a Snoop Dog’s wife and start acting like a President’s wife … who understands would the average American family is going through.

      Then again, a large bison will fly out of my ass.

      1. You’re asking for some real empathy from our leaders.
        MrsO lives as a millionaire’s wife, not the FLOTUS who understands the feelings of those who have lost loved ones in our wars, who lost their jobs and homes and future hope.
        If she were such a person, her excesses would be private and not public. She would postpone her lavish vacations, designer outfits and her penchant for public display.

      2. Actually,Im in the music biz and know Snoop,and him,his wife or kids for that matter wouldnt pull half the stunts this woman gets away with..Oh,yeah…He EARNED the money,he didnt milk the taxpayers…lol

      1. You know, I remember the “old time Democrats” here in Texas. They were Americans, stalwarts, heroes who fought WWII, good people, gracious people. They understood the working man (the way Republicans back then could not). In under 55 years, the Democratic Party has now become the Republican Party of old where it’s “let them eat cake” as the mantra at the White House dinner table. The Dem’s now win congressional seats to come to Washington and get rich, leave, and then grab lobbying jobs. The Obama’s represent this excess to the full. It is pure, unadulterated excess.

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  9. There I go again! I assumed “Helga” was going to be a German or a Swede. Turns out she’s French or Italian.
    Will you be covering the dental visit for her consumption of candied kumquats? The second I read it I got a toothache.

  10. You’re incorrect, I listed all ingredients.

    The link you put up is from “Eating Well” and the recipe assumes a serving of only 5 oz of meat – unlikely – and prepared in the most healthy way, trimmed and so forth. If she wants to set and example for the kids, she shouldn’t be ordering “short ribs.” Most children probably don’t have access to the bison variety.

    And if she’s burning 400 calories an hour skiing I will eat my computer. I will. I assume you are not including the chair lift. Unless she was doing chin ups off the side of it.

    1. You couldn’t come up with a better cliche than “Bush did it.”
      Trolling has gone way downhill. To be a good troll you have to pretend to agree then get your digs in. That way you disarm people.
      There must be a lot of racists in your eyes as Drudge is the number one website on the internet. Painting with a broad brush?

      As far as the restaurant owner goes, she’s just doing her job. She admitted in her Tweets that she is a bigtime Michelle Obama fan. Her credibility is suspect.

      None of what you write changes the charge that MO is a hypocrite with her vacations and outlandish restaurant meals documented many times. Last I looked Laura Bush never told us how to eat.

      1. Hmm, MO just recently said when the Healthy Kids Act was passed that “we can’t leave it up to parent’s”. The latest data on restaurant menu labeling shows that it didn’t change people’s eating habits one iota.

        I always thought that MO hated us when she said “America is a done right mean country” and “for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country”.

        Calling people racists and haters is just a substitute for a good argument.

  11. erizame,

    You can defend Marie Antoiobama all you want, the *facts* remain she is a hypocrite; those of your ilk will defend the Obama’s REGARDLESS of what these prigs do. They could sell there children to the Chinese and you will STILL find a way to justify it. Liberal-Marxists always do. Teddy Kennedy called the *extermination* of 4.5 million Vietnamese (1975-1980) by the Communists, “unfortunate.” Like Chappaquidick Teddy, the Obama’s have no standards, no center, no moral compass from which to draw a dynamic for life, so they turn *everything political*, so that there can be no moral center.

    The Obama’s are simply doing what any African dictator would do: spend the money, drive the nation into the ground and attack anyone who says otherwise as “racist.” Obama is a Marxist, anti-Semitic BIGOT, a vile racist, but you, and others like you will defend his racsim, bigotry, anti-Semitism … so why not his excess?

  12. I put together a quick calorie-count. Michelle threw back about 3,900 calories – IF she ate the dessert. I am wondering if she had the after dinner mint . . .

    1. Poor erizame. She thinks her avatar is a becoming photo of MO. I would have rather seen a photo of a bison. *snark*

      Tom, I redecorate my blog page everytime I do a new video. Check out Jihad Kitty on skis. (click my name)

      1. Going there now. Granny Jan – I only view your website when I am NOT eating or drinking anything, due to my inability to keep anythingdown when I laugh my rearend off. You and Keith need to do a show on FOX.

  13. I love trolls who scour the internet looking for opinions they don’t agree with so that they can vent their distain.
    They always seem to end up calling others names and disparaging anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Accusing someone of “hating” another person doesn’t alter the facts or opinions. Perhaps we “love” MrsO, but we think she dresses poorly, takes advantage of the privileges of the FLOTUS, and is hypocritical in her support of a healthy diet.

      1. Mrs. Obama, like her husband, is triggered (by DNA) to do what liberal-Marxists have done for the past century: take away freedom, call those out who disagree and create “by consensus”, a fraudulent, straw man argument for everything they do. Mrs. Obama may be pretty and witty, but she is a dedicated Marxist, like her husband. Except in her case, “the children” are the fascade in the assault on free enterprise (in her case, restaurants, schools and food wholesalers).

      2. Hmm, maybe not so nice. From a law associate at Sidley Austin:
        On a personal note, Michele was simply the most angry, arrogant and caustic young person I have ever met in my life. She simply would not engage with her fellow associates and apparently viewed herself as superior to them. I personally observed that she would only engage with partners, most notably senior partners. Never a friendly smile or good morning for staff or fellow associates as she walked past them day after day after day. I remember one particular instance where a group of associates and I were chatting at a firm cocktail party and I noted how no one seemed to know Michele but were constantly gossiping about her. The gang just commented about how arrogant and unfriendly she was and never around. I commented that maybe she was just uncomfortable as a Southside girl being around all of these elitist, snobby white folks at a silk stocking firm. So I walked over to her when she was getting hors d’oeuvres and introduced myself as a friendly overture. She gave me a dirty look, literally threw her head back and turned her back on me and walked back over the a group of senior partners gathered around Eden Martin! As if you say how dare you approach me you filthy little underling. I went back to my group of associates friends feeling embarrassed and they just chuckled and said “told ya’.” So, Michele was not the sweet or kind person the media would like us to believe. She was an elitist and only was interested in those who could advance her personal interest, not ordinary folks. To this day, that episode was the rudest I have ever been treated by anyone, and there are lot of rude lawyers out there.
        This has the ring of truth. I remembered it from a couple of years ago:

        1. This sort of reflects how she plays now. Keith says she’s nice. O’Reilly says she’s nice to him at the Chrstimas party…but I think a woman would suss it out better. No offense, Keith. I lived in DC for 35 yrs, I know the upwardly mobile woman mindset and attitude set. Before I moved to AZ and became a real Walmart-going, broke, desperate American, I was upwardly mobile.

          1. PS Even more than the rank dishonesty of blabbing about fat kids and trying to make them eat spinach, I resent her for letting herself be depicted as Super Mom, when her own mother does a lot of the mothering. A lot of us Moms did not have a built-in child care system.

  14. Oh…so you think her meal was in line with what she, as Queen of the Food Police wants the serfs to eat? Right. That meal was high in calories and fat and I’ll play the Amazing Kreskin and tell you she threw down a few voka’s and more glasses of wine to maker her caloric intake for that meal about 4,000. Don’t forget desert…she didn’t.

    And from the looks of The International Fit Fashion Icons arse…she does this on a daily basis.

    Keep defending this creep. She and her husband have pretty much turned us all off. The American people are waking up to what frauds these two are.

    Excuse me now, I’m going to prepare my carrot for dinner.

    1. Michelle NEVER told us how to eat. She always always includes a caveat that everybody should maintain balance and moderation and enjoy treats and high calories foods in moderation as part of a general exercise and healthy eating program.

      That is just plain flatout wrong. This is my last post countering this commenter. She never says “we” can eat high calorie foods–we would only do that if we followed her example. I am not a hater. I do think this couple was foisted on us and are total hypocrites, from what we can even find out about them.

        1. WOW. Just read this.

          I am *not* suprised … and Keith, good job. The left in this country makes *everything racial* when the arguement is lost.

          Since I have been on this site, I have NEVER read anything racist … infact, the only posters who have made the issue of race have been the internecine leftwingers who swing in and lay racial landmines.

          Good on ya’ Keith.

  15. Please, any proof of her burning off 400 kcals an hour would make me A believer. Is she hooked up? Nurse is waiting, (tapping foot, patiently tapping foot)

  16. Did Erizame trudge from Drudge? She needs to lurk awhile to get “us.” We operate from facts–laced with humor and attitude–not from ideology. SRDEM and I actually used to vote the Dem ticket.

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