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The White House’s West Wing Week

Sure, this is propaganda, but some of the behind the scenes stuff this week is kind of interesting.

Oddly, the video includes Obama’s line from the press conference that “you might put off a vacation” if your family is trying to cut back.

Now, Obama wasn’t suggesting people do this, as some have concluded, only noting it as a possibility. But it is ironic – and to some people a little infuriating – that he said this is something struggling families might have to do, and then just days later Michelle Obama jets out to Vail for a weekend of skiing.

7 Responses to The White House’s West Wing Week

    • I would say that they took most of the article from Keith’s article a day ago after the bro-haha (uh, yes, I do mean “bro” haha) rose up over the trip.

      No doubt the Queen (or the Royal Household) is reading WHD! Way to go Keith! (You may even receive an invitation to the wedding!)

  1. What a depressing and embarassing look into the Prez’s week.
    It shows the Prez as diddling with trivial stuff and speaking in a bored tone to both the major news of the day and to school children.
    Most of the public has never seen a Presser, don’t know who MrGibbs is, and doesn’t know that MrO is visiting classrooms to talk to children or visiting little-known factories.

    • Depressing is probably a good way to describe it. It is as if he simply goes through the motions without any interest … maybe just a tick tock tick … waiting for the day he leaves the WH and joins the other Presidents on the gravy train of paid retirement.

  2. Hmmm…do as I say, not as I do…that doesn’t sound like him. Yes,it’s insulting, but most of the recently de-monied are too burned out to care.


    • I haven’t had a day off in 6 yrs–since the last time I went back to DC, and that was partly business. Let’s face it, the president is an obnoxious, snooty hypocrite and thinks everyone is an idiot…But now what?