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Obamas Not Invited to William and Kate’s Wedding

President and Mrs. Obama, along with many other heads of state, are not invited to the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to the British press.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that, as far as leaders of nations go, the British royals have decided only to invite fellow royalty and the leaders of the former British colonies that comprise the Commonwealth.

So in addition to the Obamas, other international leaders who could add lots of bling to the affair, like French President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni, are not on the list.

Most of the 1,900 people invited to the wedding are drawn from the Royal family’s circle of friends and acquaintances, according to the Telegraph.

The approach is a change from the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, when President and Mrs. Reagan were invited. Mrs. Reagan attended.

The Obamas have been invited to Great Britain for a state visit May 24-26.

The trip will give President Obama a chance to try to demonstrate he is resurrecting the “special” Anglo-American relationship, which has deteriorated under his leadership.

His failure to be invited to the wedding, even though he is in the company of other heads of state, will at the very least not diminish the perception of estrangement. The invitation to drop by the next month may in part be designed to erase any notion that lack of a wedding invite is an affront to the Obamas or emblematic of the state of two nations’ current ties.

Obama has failed to develop a close relationship with either of the British prime ministers who have held office during his term. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton worked intimately with Tony Blair, and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had famously high regard for each other, as did George H.W. Bush and John Major.

Obama has also committed a series of faux pas, starting with the move to send to the British Embassy in Washington a bust of Winston Churchill that had stood in the Oval Office during George W. Bush’s presidency. The British had offered to let Obama hold onto it.

Churchill is not just the hero of Britain, but he also had a close relationship with Queen Elizabeth during the early years of her reign.

Obama’s presentation of an iPod to the queen was the subject of much derision, as was his gift to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown of a box set of American movies on DVD that did not work in British DVD players.

During a 2009 visit to Britain, Mrs. Obama, in a gesture of bonhomie, put her hand on the queen’s back, a major breach of royal protocol.

Michelle will surely be keeping her distance in May, while the president likely will avoid gifts that involve electronics.

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  1. The Obama’s are social and diplomatic buffoons. They are an embarassment to the USA and should not be invited Can you emagine what a lousy gift they would give? I hope we do better in 2012.

        1. Interesting you say that.

          But a high-profile Dem donor stated that one of the gifts Obama wanted to give was a super-enlarged cardboard poster of himself and his family, behind the podium the night he won the Presidency.

          As RuPaul said, “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell can you love anyone else!”

          Do I have an Amen????

    1. totally agree – Obama is a embarrassment for the US and a danger to our Republic. He basically hates most of what Britain and the US have historically stood for.

      1. And what would that be? Stealing from the taxpayers, lying to the people so you can start a war for oil that you have no rights to, the list goes on and on and on. Ummmm Where are the jobs by the way? Did Boehner get invited to this ridiculous wedding no one should really care about???

    2. Michelle would probably wear a sweater to the event, as she did when she initially met the queen.
      Tasteless and boorish, the pair of them.

  2. The Royals are inviting people like themselves, sophisticated, socially aware, upper class types who are friends and relatives, their social equals. Who would want a pair of jumped up rubes who don’t know how to give a stylish, suitable gift, or to keep their paws off the body of the Queen? “Here’s a collection of DVD’s with me and my speeches.” is about the tackiest gift ever. Better the Obamas should stay home and learn which fork is used for which food, and how the American President is NOT supposed to bow to others. Constantly seeing Obama’s butt exposed as he bows to all his superiors is apalling and tiresome. Class tells.

    1. No the royals are salty because President Obama didn’t accept that bust. They felt insulted by it and are a nation of whiners if you ask me. Sorry, I definitely don’t consider them classy (the so-called royals at all).

  3. common to the core ….. from community organizer to the WH. It was simply too long a journey for him to handle. It would have been easy to have handled matters correctly. All he had to do was ask someone with knowledge and taste. If you do not know what to do, for God sakes’ just ask. He should be surrounded by experts … opps …. did I make a mistake? His appointments have been most often of comrades, not experts. No wonder he’s looked the fool.

    1. When my grandmother called someone COMMON it was the worst thing she could say about someone. I could say a whole lot worse about the 2 moochers living in the White House.

      1. obviously, this is a right-wing blog. who cares what gifts the obamas gave to the queen? this criticism is so ridiculous!!!!! i don’t know the other side about the bust but this whole discusion is a complete bust as far as i’m concerned.

    2. “Ask someone with knowledge and taste”

      Well as long as it doesn’t come from G.W. Jr. And his dad then cool. True idiots

  4. “former British colonies that comprise the Commonwealth.”

    That should be ‘comprised’ and, mercifully, kept in the past tense.

    BTW, the reason for the Obama snub is because of BP…the Brits thought the Amercians were being a bit unfair. Of course, the rest of the world thought the Americans were being more than fair.



      LA LA LA

    2. O sure, it’s only because of BP. It couldn’t be because Obozo returned the bust of Churchill, our greatest ally probably ever, the way you would get rid of mold or trash, or because of the disrespect shown to the Queen, or the insulting gifts to the Queen and the Prime Ministers, not because of his intrinsic hatred of the UK, passed down from his loser absentee father (more like sperm donor). BP may just be one more reason for the UK to diss the Embarrassment-in-Chief, but not the only one.

    3. You are wrong on two counts. The Commonweath comprises former colonies; when they were still colonies, that’s what they were — colonies; so the past tense is correct with respect to their colonial status but not with respect to their Commonwealth status. Also, the word should be “constitute” rather than “comprise.” The whole comprises its parts (the way I used it above), but the parts constitute or compose the whole.

    4. Because of BP? Really? This happened because the British People realize that this dubious duo would take over the focus of the affair and it would all about them, not Kate and Wills. He’d fly in on that cloud he is constantly on and she show up in another WWF belt fist-bumping down the aisle expectin all to bow to them. Plus, I’m sure the happy couple have their very own ipods filled with something other than ‘his’ greatest speeches of his inexperienced, but well-traveled, career.

    1. Forgot about that one – and I read it just last week. Looks like the list just keeps growing………… 2012 can’t get here fast enough – I want the Grown Ups back in charge!

  5. Why should those two maggoty losers be invited? Imelda and Papa Doc Obama would be turds among lilies. They’re an embarrassment, they’re classless, and they have done nothing but insult the UK. Don’t feel too special, they insult us here in the US all the time too.

    1. Dont listen to this fool UK. Majority of Americans love President Obama. Besides people here obviously. It’s about time the Brits got knocked off their high horse. They’re normal people just like anyone else. Maybe a little bit more cash and pull but I’m sure some of that money is dirty. Just like that of our wonderful Congress. :-)

      1. afraid you’re very wrong, the majority of Americans do not love the Obamas, the majority are very embarassed by the Obamas and can’t wait to get rid of them.

      2. Are you completely nuts? The Obozo only has about a 32% approval rating and most of these people are patients in mental hospitals. He will not be around after 2012, if he doesn’t destroy America before then.

    1. The royals did the Obamas a great favor by not inviting them, they spared them further embarrassment and humiliation in front of the whole world. Barry should send William a thank you card.

  6. Thank god they werent invited…Just think how many millions that saved the US taxpayer to fly their hairdressers and chefs and dogsitters over there not to mention just the jetfuel costs alone.

    1. Not to mention the embarrassment…. unfortunately these two parasites represent the United States. And to think that we’ll have to foot their bill as long as they live… nauseating.

      1. the “not proud of America” michelle posse would have cost taxpayers dearly

        Thanks Will and Kat for stiffing the obozos

  7. I don`t blame the Brits for not inviting the Obamas. I am American and we don`t want the Obamas sorry AZZES here either but we are stuck with them till 2012.

  8. What would expect from a slow motion train wreck with absolutely no concept of foreign policy nor manners. This admionistration has been nothing short of a huge embarrasment on the world stage and we are being laughed at by the world. Britain, we apologize for inflicting you with this pariah and his staff.

  9. What an embarrassment to America this President is.

    England is our greatest Ally. Our soldiers sacrificed their lives to save Britain, France and all of Europe and North Africa from the Nazis.




  10. No doubt Obama’s “gifts” to Gordon Brown were a national embarrassment for which I feel even now we should apologize, but it seems like if many world leaders were not invited then certainly the Obamas would not be. It should save us any further embarrassment anyway.

    1. I suspect if GHWB or GWB or Reagan were in the White House, they WOULD have been invited. Can’t prove it obviously, but I’m damn sure just the same.

      Actually, I think Clinton would have been invited as well. Didn’t like his politics one bit, buy I can’t deny he’s a very likeable guy…

  11. Oh, Lord! What embarrassment will the Obamas shame us with this time around! Thank God they weren’t invited to the wedding! Michelle would probably wear another horrible dress, bad color, waiste too high coupled with a short sleeve, too tight, non-matching sweater; again.

    1. LOL, you’re a funny one Gary!

      Actually, the royal family could have invited Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush AND B’rack 0bama, the caption of their group photo could have been “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, and *EVIL*.


  12. Good. The millions that would have been spent for the Obamas to attend the wedding can now be donated to local food banks that are desperate for donations needed to serve meals to the poor and elderly.

    1. Sure it does. The 0bama’s are world class racists and only a fool would pretend otherwise. They’re reaping what they’ve sowed for decades. The most divisive and polarizing political figure in U.S. history, not to mention the most incompetent and inexperienced. Even Jimmy Carter had more experience than 0bama-lama-ding-dong, and we all remember how the Carter train wreck turned out, right?

      1. Hey Bruce….
        Nice try at dictating people’s speech….but fascist attitudes like yours are the ones that have difficulty finding a place…..

      2. But Nico. . Jessie Jack#ss Jackson wanted to cut off oblama’s royal jewels when oblamo was running for office… . dontcha know Jessie the mouth was cought on hot mike saying so? Course that was before the dems told the blacks who they were to vote for. Most Americans are happy for William and Kate and not offended at all that oblama is not invited. . in fact, they are rather enjoying his discomfort. . . .Hopefully in 1212 we will have voted this “man?” out of office and have real man who can repar our relations with our friends.

          1. Thank you for not inviting President Obama, he has acted in a manner unbecoming and shamed all Americans with his improper behavior and deserves to be excluded.

          2. Speak for yourself. I’m very proud of my President. The Brits need to get over themselves because all this sounds like they’re upset because their rear ends weren’t kissed. So what if he didn’t want the bust. It all stemmed from that. Very, very elementary British.

          3. Sorry guy but their is nothing to be proud of with this president for what has he done . left the borders open for poverty to come in , bailed out a car company and says we the people own it and like a real fool singned
            into law a health care bill that he never even read and now we see what is in it . hes a racist fool and hated America you fool and if you doen see it you better keep watching for he is now trying to destroy the dollar and you are proud of this ass .

          4. Who are you to bad-mouth the Brits. Do you know anything about them? Do you know even one Brit? Where did you develop your worldly view of the Brits? It is clear you are uneducated, are unable to read, know nothing of history, nor these people. You classless loser, get lost.

          5. THE BUST WAS NOT HIS… Shut up until you know the facts. Number one, it was a gift from Britian to the American People, presented to President Bush on behalf of the people. It was not a gift to shitforbrains. Who does he think he is returning a gift to to America? I could care less what his issue is with Britian and some incident that occurred in Africa where he is from back in the early 1900s. Who cares. I am an American. Prime Minister Churchill was a great man, as history has proven. No one will remember Obama for anything other than an megalomanic LOSER.

    2. Agreed… this (illegitimate) presidency has been ENTIRELY about race. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either brain-dead or willfully ignorant.

      1. Not so much racist as they are Un-American!!! A total disgrace for our country! We need to pray that our country survives this administration.

    3. Bruce D- I am assuming that you take your last initial too seriously. While I am sure the “D” stands for Democrat, try not to let it cloud what we all know to be true about “The One”. Every article, newscast, pundit show etc. heralded O as the first “black” President to be elected. If you opposed O, it was suggested that your opposition was based on race not his leftist domestic policies which have been an unmitigated failure. (Just ask Bill and Hillary were tarred and feathered as racists after the South Carolina primary). With respect to his foreign policies, funny how he has kept on Bush’s Sec. of Defense and Gen. Petraeus. When he does venture away from Bush’s policies (hey, did O close Gitmo yet?), he botches it. i.e. failing to condemn Iran in 2009 for crushing the Green movement but throwing Mubarek overboard. 2012 can’t come soon enough. Can we all say President Chris Christie? Has a smoother ring to it. Finally, isn’t it odd how Bush released his grades at Harvard and Yale but we are still waiting to see where O ranked in class?

      1. O God NO! NOT the obama clone Chris Christie! We don’t need another anti-gun, pro cap and trade, pro-abortion president!
        Christie is a RINO. (republican in name only). Look into his record, and you will see, he could run with Kucinich and still look more leftist than his partner!
        NO to Christie. The fact that he is against government unions shows how liberal progressive anti-Americans can sometimes manage to get one thing right in their career.
        Ron Reale

      2. Unfortunately, Christe has stated unequivocally that he is not going to run for president in 2012. Too bad, he would have made a great president.

    4. I agree.

      Obama’s statement “they cling to guns and religion” is not only anti-Christian, anti-white, but his statements on Israel and Judaism are anti-Semitic.

      Good point “Bruce D”. Well done sir.

    5. You are a moron!! No one has made any racist statements here. Anytime Nobama is criticized you libturd have a fit and call it racism. This mantra is wearing thin and the people are now onto those low class Chicago creeps.

    6. What racist statement? I am so sick of losers trying to call the RACE CARD when it is not relevant. You are no longer relevant, period.

  13. Oh, heck. I was hoping the O’s would have been invited to the RoyalBash.
    The gifts were already being wrapped for shipment to England:
    A thoughtful gift of jewelry made from plant debris found on the WH lawn and a case of MrsO’s world famous WHBeeHoneyBeer from her OWN beehives would be appropriate. The O’s thought the Royals would also enjoy gifts of a classic film of the AmericanRevolution for their enjoyment and LawrenceOfArabia.

    But, not being invited to the WeddingOfTheYear isn’t all bad, the O’s will be travelling all over the world in the next few months.

  14. Well BO, how do you like that? Looks like YOUR chickens have come home to roost. Luckily, like most corporations, even with incompetent leadership, the underlings refuse to let the body, as a whole, fail despite the leaderships “best” efforts.

  15. Obama has failed to stay close to our allies and has done everything in his power to show his disdain towards them. So why in the world would they be invited? Thank the lucky stars they did not get an invite to the wedding. It will save not only our taxpayers money for the trip over, but will save us the embarassment of their distasteful exhibit of “no class, as they did once before with the Queen.

  16. In place of the 0bama’s, perhaps actor John Goodman could be invited and asked to reprise his role from the movie “King Ralph”, even his over-the-top performance would be classier and more respectful than the Pretenda from Kenya and his gargantuan spouse.

  17. Why would the most powerful man from the most powerful country want to waste time at a meaningless affair. The reason why the Obamas did not get invited is because this is the only time the Royals get to feel empowered.

    The other reason is because they are black.

    1. Send your invoice for “services rendered” to “Obama for America” c/o the Democratic Nat’l Committee, Washington D.C.

      And do see about having your head surgically extracted from your colon.

    2. “not invited because they are Black” Really? I don’t think so. This wedding will not be an all-white affair. The Obamas have been very dismissive of England since taking office- their anglophobia is showing. In his book, Obama writes about not feeling comfortable in England. His grandfather was a servant to the English in Kenya, and Obama deeply resents the colonial past .

      Check out who he has given state dinners for at the White House so far- Mexico, India, China. He is not exactly knocking himself out to acknowledge and honor our ties to Britannia. ..or any European nation.

      1. Obama deeply resents the colonial past huh? Take a moment. Just exactly why should President Obama NOT resent the colonial past of EVIL done to his black forefathers. That crap is still going on!

        How RIGHT-wing most of you all are. Let’s get little King Georgey w. Bush back on his hillbilly throne then. That way, the ‘numb skull’ can (to quote the DRY DRUNK HIMSELF) do “like all the gynocologists across this country do–‘spread all the love . . .’ mumble %#@% jumble eternal mind farts that came out of THAT idiot’s mouth . . .Yeh—Y’all need to get President Palin in there . .OR better yet, President Romney. This is really gonna be fun to watch.

        1. Hey Yips: The Pesident of the US is supposed to be a class act. The President is paid to represent the People of America. He has no business running around the globe trying to settle old, “personal” scores like some trashy thug on OUR NICKEL. Last I heard, what used to be called a servant is called a personal assistant today. I could care less. That was another country. And since we cannot turn the clock back 100 years, it is irrelevant. If he likes that country so much, he can get the hell out of America and go there. He took this TEMP job to represent us, NOT HIMSELF. He is ungracious, lacks class, certainly has never grown up — and is simply not up to America’s standards.

      2. ‘Obama deeply resents the colonial past. . .’ huh? Now let’s rest our bigotry for just a moment and try to concentrate. Just exactly why should President Obama NOT resent the colonial past of EVIL done to his black forefathers. That crap is still going on!

        Yeh—Y’all need to get President Palin in there real fast all right. . .OR better still, President Romney! Y’all got such great choices. lol. This is really gonna be fun to watch. LOL!

    3. Apparently you haven’t kept up with all of the mistakes and misadventures of Obama. There is one heck of a lot more to hate the man for than your weak suggestion of racism.
      Americans do not want Obama in office or to represent us abroad because he is incompetent, over his head, socialistic, arrogant, a hater of the first order and bent on destroying America.
      Racism? Get over yourself.

      1. President Obama incompetent? Pick up ANY newspaper and read. Major companies are reporting record profits, nationwide unemployment is down, consumer spending is up. The race card has not expired and will not as long as filthy, racists pigs like yourself keep it alive. It is obvious from your nasty comments that you and posters like you are racist idiots. Where was all the name calling and disrespect when Bush was openly lieing to the American public, robbing the reserve while distracting taxpayers with an unnecessary war and literally destroying this country? Where was all the venomous attacks when Bush turned a $200B dollar suplus into an $11T dollar debt, leaving roughly $400-$500 billion to fund the rest of 2009 and forcing Pres Obama to call for an immediate supplement to fund the illegal wars started by he and his cronnies (which cost another $1T dollars). President Obama has kept more promises than he has broken. Silly Americans like yourself, are so blinded by their hate, they would cut off their nose to spite their face rather than give Pres Obama credit for his accomplishments. The ONLY reason you and the uppity English do not like the Obamas is because they are black.

        1. Hey filthy racist pig, yourself. You are totally incompetent or cannot understand basic economics. Have you ever taken Econ 101? It shows. Everything in your first sentence is 100% false.

    4. The race card has been long played out and is no longer taken seriously by anyone except by kool-aid drinking libturds like you and the professional race baiters. Besides, the Obommunist is half-white.

    5. O-Bow-Mao is black? I do know his grandmother who took him in and raised him after his slut mother and muslim father abandoned him was a “typical white woman”.

    6. Good enough reason for me!! The grifter Obama’s are an embarrassment to our country. Classless, clueless, trash polluting our White House and our government with their disgusting public behavior. They make me want to puke.

  18. When it comes to the Obamas only one word comes to mind: CRASS.
    This pair does not have a clue. We got exactly what we saw before the election. A South Chicago punk attorney and his woman both tied to the Baily machine. This is one of most established and greatest criminal enterprises in the world. Al Capone’s heirs are just not a part of the British Royalty’s world.
    Good manners, appropriate gifts and which silverware to use is a “foreign language”. No pun intended.

    1. Lee, great post.

      Obama’s political education started at Harvard where he befriended Marxist professors and most of the racist left that were Alinskyites; later he drank deeply of Chicago machine politics where he excelled. There is no reason for the leopard to change its spots. Obama will always be a corrupt, racist, bigoted, shill.

  19. Honestly, Obama and his wife are an embarrassment to America. It’s obviously all about them, forget protocol. Everyone is supposed to bow and scrape to them. They have a hard time seeing beyond their position and the power they have. Unfortunately, they have chosen to ignore the responsibility that goes along with the position. Now, the rest of us just have to wait out the rest of his term. It can’t come too soon.

  20. Not only did Obama give the Queen an iPod, it was pre-loaded with many of his speeches! How megalomaniacal is that?! A national embarrassment really. The most inexperienced, unqualified president ever, surrounded by equally inept and no real life experience aides…what did we expect. Unfortunately, we all loved the idea of Obama, we just elected the wrong guy to fulfill that ideal and image. Few will admit it it though, but I will!

  21. The Obamas have little “class”, as even the most ignorant of us know that it is a no no to lay hands on the Queen without her permission. Of course, this must have been told to them, but they chose to ignor it. I would not invite them, and their huge entourage, to my sons wedding either. They should stay at home and watch the occasion on TV, if they are interested, which I doubt.

  22. Neither of the Obamas have any class whatsoever but what would you expect of a guy who lets his own brother live in a tin shack while he spends America into oblivion?

  23. Interesting how the OBama gang are so on top of protocol when it comes to the Middle East and the Muslim culture but can’t be bothered when it comes to the British. Really dumb for a President who is allegedly so smart!

  24. These people are so embarrassing to the USA. Dear Leader goes everywhere and apologizes to everybody, then they laugh at him, like they did in Egypt and elsewhere. Jimmy Carters’ second term indeed. Now we find out well he didn’t really mean balance the budget. He meant crippling the USA economy with more and more entitlements. Glad to have the Tea Party and like minded Republicans call his bluff and pull his plug.

  25. If Obama has such a desire to bow and say sorry this would be the time
    and place. What a crass and tacky display on the first visit and the return of the Churchill statue was beyond contempt. These two are so far out of their league when it comes to protocol it isn’t funny. No class no style and they
    should not have been given an invitation it would have been all about them and the hideous hat Michelle would have worn.

    1. Re: “the return of the Churchill statue was beyond contempt”

      Not enough publicity on that to date … hidden by the mainstream media.
      It epitomizes his total lack of class. Couldn’t he just have left it hidden in White House storage until the next president? … No, he had to insult one of our greatest allies. Outrageous diplomatic faux pas (another one, that is)

  26. Obama does not desire any close personal relationship w/ the UK because he sees them as his fathers oppressors. I would probably feel the same were I born in Kenya. He is trying to fool the US voters that he is all of the sudden a moderate, but only until after the 2012 election, and then it’s back to f*#king up the country again w/ a failed liberal/socialist/progressive ideology. Same w/ his “reconciliation” tour of the UK in May. The leopard has not changed his spots.

  27. I and my wife Diana, have been happily wed since April 29th 1978, 33 years. I hope Andrew and Kate are so blessed as we have been.
    God save the Queen!
    Ken Ballard
    Harrisburg, Oregon

  28. The current occupant of the office of the President is such an embarrassment to America, but lucky for him, not the old boy networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times. How can anyone who knew that Barack Hussein Obama stated that he had visited 57 states, so far, while campaigning for office for the President of the USA? That alone would have been sufficient to disqualify any Republican running for office, as it should be for any Democrat. Shame on the media for protecting him as it has been all down hill since for him.

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