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Michelle Obama Goes Skiing in Colorado

First Lady Michelle Obama is on “a private family trip” in Colorado where she is skiing with daughters Sasha and Malia, according to an administration official.

“The First Lady and several close friends are  chaperoning their children on a ski trip,” the official told the press pool reporter who is following President Obama today.

Reports coming out of Colorado say she arrived Friday night and is staying at the Sebastian Hotel on Vail Mountain. Rooms start at $605 per night for a room with two queen beds and head north of $2,000 for multi-bedroom suites.

Here’s a description from the hotel’s website:

For the best in Colorado vacations, stay at The Sebastian – Vail and enjoy Vail’s newest boutiqueslopeside hotel. In the heart of the Vail Village, The Sebastian is welcoming and pulsing with life. There’s Bloom Spa, Frost Bar, Market for nibbles, our visionary Block 16 restaurant. There’s a mountain-view pool, hot tubs and a roaring fire pit. Base Camp offers ski-in ski-out access from Vail’s Vista Bahn lift, just at the foot of Vail Mountain. Our ski valets will help you into warm ski boots and out onto the mountain.

Mrs. Obama has decided to jet out to Vail – instead of visiting slopes closer to Washington DC in Virginia or Pennsylvania – despite already incurring criticism for taking opulent excursions, particularly a trip last summer to Spain. There, she stayed at the country’s swankest hotel and, like this weekend, was traveling without her husband.

Mrs. Obama also raised eyebrows in December when she left earlier than President Obama for their annual vacation in Hawaii, incurring added expenses for taxpayers that likely ran well in excess of $100,000.

The trip to Vail, which almost certainly requires use of a large Air Force jet, would likely be much more expensive for taxpayers than a shorter journey by chopper or motorcade to a resort near Washington. Mrs. Obama will likely pay for a portion of her trip, but many costs of a first lady’s travel are borne by taxpayers.

President Obama today went to serve as the “parent coach” for for Sasha’s basketball team, even though Sasha was not there.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden and his wife are spending the weekend in Key Largo.

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  1. Now the Empress Obma enjoys flying on Air Force jets as much as the Emperor Obama. Sure beats the digs she had in Chicago and the way she used to travel. Thank you voters and taxpayers for doing this.

  2. Now the Empress Obama enjoys flying on Air Force jets as much as the Emperor Obama. Sure beats the digs she had in Chicago and the way she used to travel. Thank you voters and taxpayers for doing this.

  3. You know these people are out of touch with reality. They are thumbing their nose at America and all that goes with being as true American.
    He is an Illegal until proven otherwise and she is a Freeloader Supreme.
    She doesn’t say” LET THEM EAT CAKE”
    She says,” Eat HEALTHY ALL-BRAN and go SH#* in your hat American taypaper.”

  4. The Obamas could rent the fanciest hotel in Vail for centuries and not put a dent in the cost of the foolish military adventures or corruption of the previous administration.

  5. How many vacations do these people get a year?! Everyone of them cost tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Secret Circus protection, local police, staff members, vehicles… enough already. Biden in Key West and the Obama’s (minus His Highness) in Vail.

    Actually… wait…. vacations aren’t so bad… at least that might keep you both out of Washington and keep you from continuing to piss away my money and my children’s future. So.. on second thought, I hear Wake Island is nice this time of year. How about you book a nice 2 year vacation…

  6. Turns out…the Vail Hotel the Obama’s are staying at…use to be called ‘the Vail Plaza Club.’ Owned by a guy called Waldir Prado. It (Waldir & the VPC) went bankrupt. Property was later purchased by some (Mexican?) investors…who later changed the name to the Sabastian Hotel…after their property received a significant ‘update/facelift’.
    If you’re interested in listening to the ski traffic hassles the 1st family is causing on Vail Mountain today…visit the EagleCountyTimes.Com – and scroll down (right side) to their Eagle County Police scanner…they’re monitoring the radio traffic today on Vail Mountain…secret service closing ski runs, cutting in lift lines, lunch on the mountain…you know all the stuff you were looking forward to on your Presidents Day weekend ski trip to Vail.

  7. It’s comforting to read the comments of those who are disgusted by the blatant hypocrisy of our “First Family”. I would hate to feel alone in my resentment of their “Do as I say, Not as I do” attitudes.
    When are they going to put some “skin in the game”…i.e.sacrifice; or, do they intend to drain us dry before leaving office.
    Never mind, their actions speak for themselves. Leeches.

  8. This is how the other half lives. Vail & the Keys – sounds nice…I wonder if they feel the pinch of the recession? My guess is a big fat no.

  9. It breaks my heart to see my son-in-law working himself into an early grave, trying to earn a living, and facing more and more taxes to pay for the easy-job lifestyle of government employees, including worthless teachers. And now we have to stomach ANOTHER vacation for this worthless piece of shall-remain-unsaid current occupant of OUR WH. Why oh why were the American voters so stupid in 2008? McLame was a sorry choice, too, but nothing could have been as bad as what these Obominables have put us through.

  10. I hope they are enjoying my money. Seriously, they must have no idea how red hot mad their spending of our hard earned money makes taxpayers. Disgusting.

  11. So this is the 19th or 20th Vacation the Odd Obamarx are doing again. I think each onrr=e has been well over a million dollars. I think thidss might get it over to the Union clan. “OBAMA DON”T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME”……
    Michelle and The Mr is joining in. You know, I’m starting to believe until this Presidency; Obama had never been anywhere because he and the Mrs Never had the money. He’s not a lawyer type, nor is he interested in anything other than what the family brings to him to examine. This is not a great intellect.

  12. Ha! You tools are too funny. 13″ of fresh powder in the past two days. The best part will be seeing your reaction after he gets re-elected. See you on the slopes!

    1. Sorry, fool.

      In 2012, the Democratic Party will not be stupid enough to put this turd back up for re-election; he is in the process of destroying the Democratic Party (and the U.S. by extension). Texas Democrats are already rallying to have Obama *REMOVED* from the ticket. This will certainy spread.

      Liberal-Marxists eat their young.

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  14. So glad to see our First Family understands the hardships ordinary Americans are experiencing. We are all asked to make a sacrifice for our country. Maybe their sacrifice was to go without a chef, hairdresser, valet, social secretary, etc…….

  15. No matter what Michelle Obama does, wears or says; there will always be some level of criticism. She’s on a vacation with her children for Christ Sake….need it be so micro-analyzed? Must she only expose her children to the slopes nearby? Is it a crime to want them to enjoy or experience other slopes? Please give her a break….she isn’t doing anything anyother first family hasn’t done already.

      1. When I wanted my children to learn to ski, I took them to the closest ski slopes near me. I drove them myself, and I paid for their lift tickets and instruction myself. If Marie Antionette Obama wanted the kids to learn to ski, she should have driven them to a hill near D.C. I’m sick of my tax money being spent on all their lavish trips. I would LOVE to take my family (who already know how to ski) to Vail, sadly, I don’t have the money after half of my income being confiscated in taxes.

    1. When you are the wife of the President, you have a certain obligation to the people of this country ( especially in hard times) to at least use some discretion and not flaunt luxuries in the faces of those who are unemployed, underemployed and/are having hard times. Didn’t her husband preach just the other day that ‘you may not be able to take that vacation…..’?

      I think her daughters will do just fine if they do not take a ski vacation to tony Vail. Are we supposed to be happy that she didn’t go to St. Moritz?

      Her actions speak loud and clear. She has NO feelings for the everyday American. 3 years ago, no one even knew who she was. Now, she is an expert on nutrition, food additives and pediatric medicine—-all the while, trying to tell us what to do regarding every aspect of our lives. The American people have had enough of the preaching, bossiness and meddling. 2012 can’t get here fast enough!

  16. Now do you understand why Michelle said that for the first time she was proud to be an American? She is proud to have the American public pay the bills for her grand lifestyle. It’s really Obamas money. It’s free. Out of touch with reality. You bet. There will be a free ticket back to Chicago in 2012. Compliments of all of us.

  17. These people make me sick. My transportation business in the Vail Valley mostly caters to the high end corporate outing. That segment was down 60% for two years after the Obama administration and the media declared war on the corporate event industry. My employees are taxpayers too and trust me that any money they earn has a high economic velocity. That didn’t stop Biden from buying out the top 2 floors or the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek last winter to visit his daughter (the one who likes the nose candy) who has a house in Bachelor Gulch (google to see how much that real estate goes for) or MOO from going to a resort where she won’t even get off the bunny hill. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

  18. Sheila,

    You folks that are “Outraged!!!!!!” all the time will really require medical help later in life. Thank God our President has seen to it that you will get the finest in medical attention.

    Lt. Dan

  19. Here they go again. While the Obama’s frolicked with the rich and famous at Martha’s Vineyard, and continue on their serial vacation jaunts: our economy tanks; Iran builds nukes; our Southern border goes unsecure; the American people suffer under repeated displays of arrogant contempt for their expressed will; and, the Muslims build a Cordova Victory mosque over Ground Zero; but, whatever you do don’t let these comparatively insignificant items interfere with the Obama’s vacation plans. The White House vacation schedulers deserve tremendous credit for being able to sequence the Obama’s never ending serial vacations with no overlap. With Obama on AF1, Michelle on AF2, and their dog on a follow-on aircraft, eliminating scheduling conflicts must require a bank of super-computers. Can anyone in-good-faith justify Michelle’s hyper-extravagant overseas jaunts to exotic destinations with dozens of hanger-ons, all at taxpayer expense. Anyone who can condone Michelle’s flagrant abuse of the taxpayer’s, thus far, good graces is in grave need of a Kool-Aid detox. We can only pray that the Obama in-your-face “joyride” on the taxpayer dime and the concurrent American “nightmare” will end with soon to be initiated impeachment proceedings. Greg Neubeck

    1. Another good post Greg. How I hope and pray your remark about an impending impeachment is true. We should all be so lucky to have this happen asap, rather than endure two more years of these elitist living frauds.

  20. Do these people EVER stop vacationing and rubbing their wealth and privilege in the faces of those who are suffering because they have no jobs, prices are going up, value of their homes have gone down? Couldn’t they wait until better times for their constant vacations and galas? Had a Republican president done the same thing with the situation as it is not, the lamestream media would be outraged.

  21. Maybe they could cough up some of their vacation money for NPR since all my liberal friends seem to be doing is whining over the cuts…

  22. Doing what she does best…… life at its best on taxpayers money. Probably eating snow too……”o” calories!!!!!!!

  23. The Obama’s are typical socialist elites… Spread the wealth, do without… and give it to us… so they can live it up. Honestly, I have never seen this nation so disgusted as with this administration and first family.

  24. Where are pictures of Michelle shushing down the slopes? If she’s going to blow our tax money we should at least be able to see her work off our financed fancy dinners.

  25. Are we really paying for Mrs. Obama’s hotel rooms? Please break down the vacation expenses paid by the American People. What did the American People pay when Mrs. Kennedy and her sister were guests of Mr. Onassis? Did Onassis pay the secret service bill? The Ford family also went to Vail. What expenses did we cover for them? How much did it cost us to keep protection at Kennebunkport? Did the Clintons take vacations? The George Ws? If the Obamas are taking advantage of us, let’s correct it. If we need reform on Presidential family vacation expenses to be paid by the American People, let’s do it.

    1. According to the General Accounting Office, shortly after bill and hill left office, they reported that hillary took chelsea on a spring vacation the 2nd yr thru the 7th yr of bills term. All 6 were world tour type vacations. Don’t you folks remember the sickly pictures of hillary and chelsea standing in front of the Taj Mahal ? The GAO said the cost to taxpayers was in excess of 40 million dollars.

  26. I’m all for family fun and think that the Obama’s deserve a break but now, after so many fancy vacations, I think Michelle is using us at this point. Just saying.

  27. And just who is paying for these vacations?! It is so nice to know the President’s family and the VP’s family are sharing in the sacrifices that the rest of America has been forced to swallow in the name of cutting expenses.

  28. Although I can’t stand her, and I’m pissed that since in office, her and hubby have taken more vacations than I have in a lifetime, I’m glad she came out to Vail for the weekend to spend our money. Fortunately I won’t be there this weekend, and I only feel sorry for the folks who spent good money for a family vacation to have it ruined by the extra security that trips like this entail.

  29. After 2 years, it’s time we say “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” Michelle & and Mr. Pres. – sorry Michelle, but you’re a user – you act like an entitled victim and like you’re on welfare – the peoples welfare – what kind of role model are you for your daughters? You have become “Mooch-elle” and it’s sad – so sad – you could have made a difference but you choose differently. I believed in you. You are the establishment. Sad. I’m disappointed.

  30. Let them eat cake! Michelle Antoinette is at it again. How many vacations does she need. I have to save for a year, if I am lucky, for a vacation. It can’t be that she is overworked. After all she just want’t us to eat vegetables and not Kobi beef. I am tired of paying for them.

    1. Yep, but you’re having to pay for your own, Jackie. Wouldn’t you take more if we were paying for you? Don’t lie now. Tell the truth. the Obama’s never lie, do they?

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